Saturday night special — Ortiz goes deep

Just when things seemed to be getting to a low point again for David Ortiz — he didn’t look good in any of his at-bats on Friday night — the big man started tonight’s game by  belting a homer just over the wall in right in his first at-bat. The key for Ortiz will be trying to keep some momentum with one at-bat to the next.

For all the attention on Ortiz’s slump, the Red Sox really need Victor Martinez to get his bat going. The No. 3 hitter in Boston’s lineup, Martinez his hitting .238 with one homer and five RBIs.

Jeremy Hermida is out for tonight’s game with a sore left quad, so Darnell McDonald is starting in left and Jonathan Van Every is in center.

Things started in rocky fashion for Daisuke Matsuzaka. A walk, a throwing error on an attempted pickoff , and then an RBI single. But in typical Dice-K fashion, he settled down and got through the rest of the first unscathed.


Pull DiceK while the game is still tied. He doesn’ deserve to be pitching.

ellen. find me summin to b happy about, they absolutrle f-in suk n every phase of thr gsme.. agree?

two steps forward, three steps back. I said a couple of weeks ago that this year’s version of the Sox look alot like the Jays of the past few years. Every time the Jays come close to the .500 mark, they drop 5 or 6 in a row and go back into a deep deep hole. Sox are gonna be tickling .500 all year long. Hope I’m wrong, but I fear I’m right.

I have never liked Wakefield out of the bullpen. Ever since Aaron Boone.

i ve been a sox fan for 35+ years. this is the first time i ve ever been embarresed to admit that. win or lose they are hideous.

i ve been a sox fan for 35+ years. this is the first time i ve ever been embarresed to admit that. win or lose they are hideous.

I’ve been a sox fan since the Yastrzemski era. They had some pretty bad teams after 1967 and before 1975. I think I was less embarrassed back then, but then again I was just a stupid kid.

It was also embarrassing in the early 90s when they seemed to make the playoffs every year, only to get bounced 3-straight by Oakland and Eckersley. Now it’s the Yankees and Rivera. The more things change, the more they remain the same, huh?

I almost don’t want them to come back in this game, because if they do I’m afraid the bullpen will blow the lead anyway.

The misery ends for yet another night. Same time tomorrow?

Dice-K being his first game back from DL stayed tooooo looooooong in the game. Wake after Dice-K? I’ll say it with eggs in my face. Uncle Tito mismanaged this game. Sorry.
The Red Sox are in a sorry state of form and mind. When pitching is there, there is no offense. When there is offense, the bullpen will mess it up.

12 to 9? That’s not too bad. Really, they were in it until the end, a late field goal could have tied it and sent it to extras. If a couple breaks had gone their way, or if they had scored 4 more runs they would have won it! And don’t forget, they are playing on the road, and it takes a while to get the feel for winning those close ones away from home. Look on the bright side,,,, Beltre didn’t make an error. Ortiz hit a couple HR’s. Van Every is back!! things are looking up!

All of us have been acting like entitled spoiled brats. We got a taste of the Good Life and now that the RedSox are struggling to get to .500, people are now “embarrassed” to be RedSox fans.
RedSox fans need to just ride the tide and be patient. True RedSox fans will be. Yes, they are more than deficient in many areas. Yes, they are not the RedSox of 2004 or 2007. But they are THE BOSTON RED SOX, THE TEAM THAT I WILL ALWAYS BE VERY PROUD TO BE A FAN OF.
And as Arnie pointed out, a couple of things that came out last night game that were positive notes. Papi looked good on those 2 blasts. VanEvery looks ready to to contribute. We should be getting Ellsbury back soon. Scutaro is getting on base alot, Beltre as well the past few games. If he can curb his errors that would be great.

I have to admit, at the start of the 5th, I was smiling because I thought Dice-K was finally going to prove me right. One hit through 4? He looked pretty good, yeah he threw a lot of pitches but it was his first start back you know? Weird how quickly and dramatically it fell apart.

That is what I’m embarrassed about… As for the rest, Ellen I am with you, I will never really be embarrassed to be a Red Sox fan, I mean over the last few years people still admit their Mets fans!

It is just real tough losing a series to a team that as recently as last season couldn’t buy a win from you you know? I just hope Beckett can turn things around. I knew this wouldn’t be an easy season but I was not expecting all of this, especially from you guys on this blog! I’m too young to give up.

STILL a Sox fan!

Embarrassed to be a Red Sox fan? Why? We’ve been a great franchise this past decade–we should be PROUD of that!
If I were P & Cs, I would be embarrassed that we cannot throw baserunners out, and would work to correct it. As a fan, I have concerns about the team. Embarrassed? NO WAY!

OK Sox fans. It’s really early in the season to have to do this, but, let’s put the season into some kind of perspective, shall we?
Let us imagine you have a dear friend who is going through a rough patch in life; doing things that make her/his life very difficult. You can plainly see how much the person is suffering, so do you say you are embarrassed to be the person’s friend? Or do you rally your support and try to be there as a positive influence?
I, for one, am going to be there in a positive way.
So I am going to start off with this bit of sage advice: Win the games you morons!! John Henry is paying you a jillion dollars a year to play a kid’s game. The least you can do is win a few!!!
There, positive vibes all the way!!
GO GO GO SOX SOX SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one thing that, If I were ronkelly, I wiykd be embarrassed about, would be not knowing how to spell e m b a r r ***** !!

The one thing that, If I were ronkelly, Iwould be embarrassed about, would be not knowing how to spell e m b a r r ***** !!

I never thought I would write this today….The Red Sox need a win today to avoid the sweep. My oh my. Beckett needs to go deep into this game today and show everyone what he’s about. It’s time for Beckett to get it cranking and get this Red Sox team back on track because the Angels hit Fenway for (4) games this week before the Yankees invade Fenway next weekend. In other words…some good teams are coming to Boston!

this is just a bad baseout team. period. they will have to play good to fininish .500. wow. second highest payroll in the ML’s. theo should be proud.

Surprised that Tito did not pinch-run for Tek as soon as he walked.

It’s official–the Red Sox have hit rock bottom!

They will bounce back.. I STILL BELIEVE!!

Swept by the TB or the NY is one thing. But swept by the Oreos?
I know it’s not fair to blame the manager for the loss. Why uncle stayed sooo long with Dice-K and Wake? Why uncle didn’t pinch run for Tek who was thrown out at the plate on a two out hit. Hey Uncle it’s 8th inning and the game was tied.

its early but god this a f-in horrible baseball team. theo epsrien should resign tonite. i know i would if i were as bad at my job as he is. its almost funny how bad they r.,

its early but god this a f-in horrible baseball team. theo epsrien should resign tonite. i know i would if i were as bad at my job as he is. its almost funny how bad they r.,

Look on the bright side: you know we are always sad when the season ends??? And sometimes it seems too short? Not this year, folks. This is going to be one long-*** season and we’ll be ready for it to end. There’s always a silver lining! Of course,,, this one is surrounded by a humongous cloud, …….


I’m checking out. Some people take their sports teams a bit too seriously. This is leisure. It’s not life and death.

Have fun everyone.


You should have written “sister” and not brother. LOL!! It’s sad to say but to some people, this is “life and death”. I’m not sure why anyone would get upset— last time I checked we were adults and not children. I hope you come on here again and don’t get insulted. I enjoy reading what you write, you have made me laugh many times. We all have opinions about the Red Sox and that is the beauty of this blog. I have read many, many, many posts on here and some I agree with and their have been many other’s I totally DISAGREE with but as I said before…it’s just an opinion about the baseball team we all enjoy watching, even when they play lousy!

It will be very interesting to see how this Red Sox team responds over the next week or so. When the Red Sox take the field at home tomorrow night, how will the Fenway faithful respond to this team??? Will we hear some boos when they take the field???

It’s a shame that the two well pitched games by Lackey and Beckett went for naught. A right move here and there and just one key hit would win the games. I still think it’s early. But….

RedSox do not have the fire-power to catch up. Season is already over unless TB and/or the Yanks mysteriously tank for month like we have.

A run prevention strategy has no room for error. It by definition means you have to play near perfectly to succeed. And so far its been far from that. Our once recent reliable “power” universally has not showed up (Ortiz, V-Mart, Drew, Lowell — well maybe Drew is heating up and Lowell hasn’t had enough chances). So no power. And our reliable good hitters have always been streaky (Youk, Pedey, Els) — one is out, the other two are still streaky. Beltre has the best average on our team — but no HRs.

To paraphrase Mary Chapin Carpenter, everything we do (this year) we will have to do the hard way. I think its too late already.

My bad.. My stupid blondage.. Rkelly.. it wasnt you who I should have addressed that to, it was
WSSOXFAN.. I’m truly sorry.

and Thanks for the bus drive BSOXBRI!!!

Well…for those of you who have given up already this should be an easy season for you. I just don’t understand why you try to bring the folks who still give a crap down with you. If you are the captain of the “woe is me” ship or the Sox “suck” ship than be a good captain and go down with your ship. I am taking a life boat and watching the Sox because I enjoy watching the Sox. it’s not as pretty as years past but that’s life. Like a lot of you…I have liked the Sox since 1965 and they have a history just like the stock market. That team in 1967 had hardly anyone on it except Yaz and Lonborg. Yaz put that team on his shoulders and carried them to the WS. Don’t think we have a plauer this year that’s going to do that. The pitching could still carry this team….who knows. We have been spoiled this past decade and it is showing big time. I remember the days before 2004 and I am standing by this team. Chances are a lot of you guys are right…this team may not make the play-offs. So what. Crap happens and it finally happened to this team. The broken record crap of the whining is getting old. Just my 2 cents… GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS….if you are embarrassed to be a Sox fan go buy some TB or NY gear…chances are with your attitude no one will notice the difference.

My how the mighty have fallen. Time to rebuild in the AL East. If the Orioles are any indication of how long that will take, then we will see the Sox in the playoffs again in another 15 years or so. Better hope that realignment BS goes through.

Can I get in your boat Craig??? Seems that there are people who just want to give up, well I’m not now or have I ever been that type!!! I’m with you, especially regarding the “spoiled” part. Some are acting as entitled as some other fans that we discuss regularly. IDOBELIEVE!!

Amen Ellen…I am so glad Greg set us up a place where we can stay sane!!!!!!

It was a tough weekend and it does seem that the team is a drift at the moment. I’m hoping that this extended home stand – while YES against some very tough teams – might just be what the doctor ordered. Yesterday I watched the game at an event for Boston Sports Bloggers. It was great meeting and talking Boston sports with so many others! Tonight in Boston besides the Red Sox game we have the BRUINS!!! It is great to see Boston be a hockey town again!!!!


ellen. too much vodka and a bad round of golf soured my mood and ability to spell obviously. drunk blogging is almost as dangerous as drunk dialing apparently.🙂

This is from a post in the Boston Herald which might explain some of the Sox issues.

A clear divide is opening between the veterans of the team?s World Series and playoff runs and the new players who were acquired to bolster the club this winter. Marco Scutaro seems like the only truly assimilated player of the bunch. It?s not hard to read between the lines.

?A lot of guys that have been here, we?re not used to this,? Pedroia said. ?We?ll grind it out, but we?ve got to find a way to start winning some games.?

Twice in the series, the Red Sox had runners thrown out trying to steal third. Both times they went on their own. The first was Adrian Beltre in the opener. The second was Scutaro yesterday.

Francona can only do so much. The players need to step up and police themselves. ?There?s no accountability,? fumed one clubhouse source.

The Red Sox are a dysfunctional mess. Victor Martinez can?t hit to save his life. Beltre keeps making poor plays defensively and has become a free-swinging singles hitter. Mike Lowell is struggling to find a groove while playing sporadically.

Article is here:

I was just about to write (yet another) apology, when I read Craig’s comment. I was thinking I probably sounded pretty entitled myself, but I didn’t mean it that way.

I just think it is going to be very very tough to recover this year because of the strength of the Yanks and TB, although both are more likely if they falter, to do so with pitching over offense. But I should have taken more care to not sound like whining or complaining.

Imagine how the players must feel, what if they gave up this early? I for one sometimes tend to be a negative optimist. I see how the high the mountain is too climb, and say, oh no — that mountain is really high — but immediately I think, but I/we can sill climb it.

I am a glass full guy before the season started. Now I am still a glass half full guy. The Sox weren?t really beaten badly. They just lost the games that could and should have won. The Sox could have split the series with the TB. The players were responsible for their own dumb moves. Uncle Tito should also be partially accountable for the Oreos series. I can understand uncle stayed a little long with Dice-K as a starter. But there was no reason to stay with a reliever after he had given up 4-5 runs before yanking him. What did uncle have to say about not pinch running for Tek in the 8th, a go ahead run that was thrown out at the plate.

you’re all correct of couse. i mean hell i said they were a 3rd place team this year so i really shouldn’t complain. oh well new week new attitude. it is just a game.

New Day… New start for the blog.
Hi everyone!!! I hope you had/have a great day!!!

To the more “veteran” members of the blog:
Has anyone heard from D Benjamin?? or does anyone have his email address.

DGN…at least when you put something on here you explain yourself…there’s some others on here who just say the Sox suck and leave…like hit and run terrorists! Trust me…my tirade was not meant for you….Ellen, there is room in the lifeboat for you….you’ll have to squeeze in between Arnie, Jules and Greg and accept the way Garry drives as I am quire sure they will be on board…I know I have missed a few others who will stick with the team through thick and thin…there’s room for all….New week…new hope…is Yaz retired for good????? We may need him soon!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!! Dben…where are you at??????? He must have gotten lost on the golf course!!!!

Did you all hear about Dave Roberts??

He is being treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He is going to talk about it later this afternoon California time/evening our time

Prayers and best wishes to him…

I’ve been on this blog for a while now. I would suggest that we should stick to passing judgement on specific plays, management decisions- both on and off the field (I do my share)and limit criticizing the team as a whole. Sure these last few games have been disappointing, aggravating etc. but they do not compare with the disappointments of years ago, e.g., the days of Ted Williams (I’m dating myself) etc. where despite their tremendous hitting team and slim pitching e.g., Parnell and Kinder, they were unable to win a WS. How about the Buckner and Dent as well as the Boone days?? Can any games be more aggravating? We have to live through these last few weeks and go on from where we are today. Let’s hope the Sox bounce back. Let’s try to avoid criticiing one another. We all have the same goal. Let’s satart a new winning streak that carries us through the Evil Empire. GO SOX!!!

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