Critical homestand underway

During the Theo Epstein regime, which started in 2003, this is probably the first time that a homestand that opened on May 3 was considered critical. But there’s no overstating how important these games are for the Red Sox right now, who entered the night trailing the Rays by seven games in the American League East.

If circumstances were different right now, the focus of tonight would be on how the Red Sox are playing the Angels for the first time since being knocked out in three straight in last year’s Division Series. That, and the fact that John Lackey is seeing his former team for the first time. But the Red Sox have no time for subplots right now. Their sole focus is winning, and getting out of this funk.

General manager Theo Epstein called out the team a bit in a great piece by the Boston Herald’s John Tomase.

“Things haven’t really changed,” Epstein told the Herald. “We talked about this last week. We’re still playing bad baseball. Unintelligent, undisciplined, uninspired baseball. It’s got to change. It either changes itself or we have to do something to change it.”

Manager Terry Francona thinks players have been trying too hard to change things, resulting in over-aggressive mistakes.

“And I agree it appears at times — we’ve run ourselves out of some innings. We’ve thrown to the wrong bases,” Francona said. “We’ve made some physical errors. I agree with that. The reasoning behind it varies sometimes. I think, when things aren’t going the way you want them to, guys try to do more than they’re capable of, as opposed to spending their energy doing what they are capable of.”

Injuries haven’t helped, particularly playing without ignigtor Jacoby Ellsbury since April 12.

“Oh sure, he gives our team a different look,” Francona said. “He’s that guy that can change the game. All the concerns we’ve had with [Carl] Crawford or whoever, he does the same thing to other teams, sure. Now saying that, I think that we’re lucky we have Marco [Scutaro]. He’s a guy, we hit him first and we don’t have to wake up every morning and say, ok, he’s going to hit leadoff. He can do that just fine.”

Meanwhile, I’m sure everyone would like to extend their best wishes to 2004 folk hero Dave Roberts, who is being treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“I expect Davey can outrun anything,” Francona said. “He’s got a lot of people here pulling for him. I think he probably feels that everywhere. Everywhere he’s been, I would think he’s got people pulling for him.”


Responding to Phil’s post fromthe last thread.. Phil that’s a great idea.. I am the guilty party for judging others.. I will make a genuine goal to be what Iam .. a REDSOX fan. I am here to support the Sox. Thanks for the wake up call.
Clay having a little trouble here now, but looking decent over all.

Sorry.. I forgot to post this:
I wish Dave Roberts and all of his loved ones the best and will say prayers for his remission and his journey back to good health!!!

Fight it Dave!!! We love you!

The Sox have been playing bad baseball except for the Toronto sweep. The players were making mental and physical errors and the manager at time forgot to pull the right trigger. I think these things will and can change. The team was killed by the miscues. As I said the Sox weren’t really beaten that horribly. They lost the games that could have been won.
I was critical of Hall and he went deep tonight. Some of us ready to chase Ortiz out of town and he hit 2 HRs the following night. JD finally has found his stroke. The Angels had a slow start last year and they went on to ALCS. Who knows! Go Sox.

Ellen- I don’t think there is a more dedicated Sox fan than you are. My comment was not, in any way, meant for you but to everyone that’s part of this blog. The Sox blew the game wide open today. Now that their spirits are let’s hope that their confidence parallel’s their spirit. Let’s keep it going. GO SOX!!!

Good luck, Dave Roberts. Hodgekins is tough, but if they catch it in time, it can be beaten. My dad had it, and he was able to get through it.

You’s mornings like these where its just so much fun to watch the recaps on QuickPitch!!!!

I will apologize if my little doses of negativity have brought anybody down with me, but I do think we have every right (and reason) to be down about this team at this point, and write about it on this blog, which is for Sox fans to communicate their joy, or lack thereof.

Sure they might, and hopefully will turn it around but I won’t pretend like I’ve enjoyed the majority of the Sox games thus far. When you spend the offseason trying to brace for a defense oriented team that has lost several games, including a few well pitched games, due to errors by our new defensive wizards, it is easy to be discouraged, as I’m sure the Sox are.

All that being said, I will be watching tonight and praying for our guys to keep up this groove they started last night and I’ll be reminding Lester that April is over! Let’s go Red Sox.

We should not be apologetic to one other in this blog. Fans tend to be negative at time when the team was doing poorly. That?s what fans are. We all wish our beloved Red Sox to be successful and they will. I don?t think V-Mart and JD will continue to be hitting 230, 240. Ells and Cameron will hopefully return to the lineup soon. Let?s treat April as the extended ST for Lester and Beckett. The Sox rotation is solid and NY and TB are not running away from the division yet. Anything can and will happen. There were a lot of positives came out of last night?s game, offense, Beltre, pitching (minus Schoneweiss), etc. Go Sox!

I said before the season the Red Sox would finish in 3rd place ( 87-90 wins ) That is my opinion and that is what this blog is all about for people to write their opinion. If that opinion is on the negative side, it’s on the negative side. If another person writes nothing but positive stuff all the time, again that is their opinion. I don’t think anyone on here should tell another person what to write or what not to write. This Red Sox team has some dead weight on it and if you don’t see it, continue to look the other way. Ooops…I just wrote something negative. LOL!!

Brian.. thats not the type of negativity I was talking about.. It was the “The RedSox SUCK” that I was referring to.. If you can stand for that then you have more of a stomach for crap like that than I do…..

I just came really close to writing something that would have me banned from this blog.. So I think I’ll just take my positivity and go home.. Oops I am at home.. sure feels like a bus terminal though!!

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