Game 2 Red Sox-Angels

The 20-hit attack of Monday night was nice. Now the Red Sox will see if they can use it as a springboard.

Healthy bodies could be on the way soon, as Jacoby Ellsbury (hairline fracture left ribs) and Mike Cameron (lower abdomen strain) both appear close to Minor League rehab assignments.

Wednesday will be a festive night at Fenway. Nomar Garciaparra, who retired back in March, wil be honored during a pre-game ceremony. And it is Cinco de Mayo, which make it all the more special for Garciaparra, who is of Mexican descent. The big story Wednesday will be John Lackey pitching against his former team for the first time. Lackey went out of his way to say there would be no extra incentive or added motivation. Do you believe him?

And one final note: It was sad to hear of Ernie Harwell’s passing tonight. I only met him a couple of times, but he was a wonderful man, as well as one of the greatest broadcasters of all-time. Best known for his work with the Detroit Tigers, Harwell was 92. He was simply a legend.


Brian.. thats not the type of negativity I was talking about.. It was the “The RedSox SUCK” that I was referring to.. If you can stand for that then you have more of a stomach for crap like that than I do…..
By ellenc on May 4, 2010 9:19 PM
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I just came really close to writing something that would have me banned from this blog.. So I think I’ll just take my positivity and go home.. Oops I am at home.. sure feels like a bus terminal though!!
By ellenc on May 4, 2010 9:21 PM

Uncle Tito pinch ran for V-Mart and not for Tek the same 8th inning the other night. Herminda bailed out Ortiz. If the Sox didn’t score in the 8th, I would have a lot of negatives to say about Ortiz and uncle Tito.
Lester has finally matured to be the ace of the staff.

Great win for the Sox.
I think it might be time for Papi to call it a career in Boston.He’s not showing any sign of coming out of his slump, despite those 2 homers. Let someone else have a go at DH.

If Dice-K can do minor league rehab assignments (not sure it has done any good) — but if he can do it at a 100 mil price tag, then Ortiz can do it too. Ortiz should go do a minor league rehab stint until he can hit for at least .300 in the minor leagues.

either that or he could try borrowing Jason Giambi’s stash or thong or both!!!

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