A sign of a day gone bad

Outfielder Jonathan Van Every came on to pitch the ninth inning for the Red Sox on Saturday. In other words, the day went exactly as the Red Sox didn’t want it to. It was a fairly close game through six, as New York led 6-3. But the Yankees got two in the seventh and four in the eighth to make it a romp in motion.

On came Van Every for the ninth, and he served up a titanic home run to Mark Teixeira. It was the third homer of the day for Teixeira, who had just two on the season when the game started.

The last thing the Red Sox wanted to do this series is lose more ground to a division rival. But they’ve dropped two, and hoped to avoid a sweep Sunday night when Jon Lester takes the mound.


the sox are becoming the oakland raiders of MLB.🙂 man are they hideous. thank u theo.

the sox are becoming the oakland raiders of MLB.🙂 man are they hideous. thank u theo.

What Rivalry?

I dont understand why the media hypes this as a rivalry The Yankees are far superior ballclub?? Someone please explain?

I live in Florida so I don’t get much Red Sox news but, they have heard of Teixeira havn’t they? You should try to figure out how to pitch to this guy without having him hit home runs. You know he was batting about .200 before he met the Red Sox staff. Maybe they should get The Sporting News or something to figure out who the good players are.

Theo.Get rid of Shoenweis NOW. I dont care how. Even if you have to shoot him

well lets summarize. NY’s #4 starter looks better than boston’s “ace”. boston’s 2 best position players are pedroia and youk. neither of them would start for NY. and to top it off TB is probably better than NY. okay. i think i’ll just focus on next year. should be a nice battle with toronto for 3rd. you folks have a nice summer.

wssoxfan…..when you wrote this I thought you were signing off for the summer….what happened?


Just wondering..Where did the summer go? LOL!!

First things first, Rondo and the Celtics stepped it up today after Friday’s disaster. It’s time for the Red Sox to get it cranking tonight against the Yankees. Lester should go deep in this game tonight but will the Boston bats get it cranking against Burnett? Burnett got pounded at Fenway last year, I am hoping that trend will continue tonight. Boston has gone down rather easily in this series, showing no fight at all. I thought Beckett quit on that mound on Friday night. This Red Sox team has showed no passion! Boston’s pitching has gotten smoked in this series, the Yankees are very comfortable in the box! Lester is the “ace” of this staff, time to show it and avoid the sweep! It would be nice if Boston could get an early lead, playing from behind against N.Y. will not get the job done.

Lester just struck out Jeter. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) if the Red Sox don’t win this one, it is going to be a very long season for us fans.

One-two-three on 8 pitches. Good start to things. Hope it continues. Papi starting 6th tonite.

Pedroia going with a new look, I assume he’s trying to change the Red Sox luck. Whatever it takes.

Nasty, nasty curve by Burnett.

Gabe Kapler making the last out in two perfect games, I assume nobody has ever done that.

Lester and Burnett look very sharp.

The scouting report on Ortiz, just throw him strikes he’ll get himself out.

Gardner is a ballplayer. He’ll battle you at the plate, even though he plays for N.Y. I like those kind of players.

Is there a worse broadcast crew than ESPN?

Nice, Pedey!

OKAY Papi!!!

THis would be a good time for a wild pitch!

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