Hey all. Sorry for the lack of blog entries the last few days. I wasn’t on the trip to Detroit. But I am on the Amtrak right now, ready to get back into action.

The Red Sox need some sort of jolt. Every time they establish just a bit of momentum, they take a step back. Saturday night’s game was a perfect example, with a 6-1 lead and unable to close it out. And then another tough loss followed on Sunday.

Healthy bodies are coming. Mike Cameron should play Tuesday; Jacoby Ellsbury starts his rehab today.In the meantime, the Red Sox cannot afford to fall back any further in the standings. Seven and a half games is a sizable deficit before Memorial Day.

We have two strong pitching matchups for this series. Tonight, it’s Dice-K vs. Phil Hughes. Matsuzaka’s last start was one of the best he’s had during his time with the Red Sox. If he can duplicate that, perhaps he will become a serious weapon for this rotation.

And tomorrow, it’s Josh Beckett against CC Sabathia for the second time this season. Naturally, it turned into a slugfest on Opening Night. I don’t expect either ace to allow that to happen this time. All eyes will be on Beckett, as he has been highly inconsistent thus far this year.


It’s a new week….Go Sox!!!!

On paper the Red Sox do not have a chance against Hughes and CC. We don?t know which Dice-K and Beckett will show up. But again who knows. Who would have known that Mariana Riviera would walk in a run and surrender a grand slammie yesterday? I hope the Sox hitters have Hughes figured out second time around.
DGN: I agree with your assessment of uncle?s in-game management consideration or lack thereof. On night uncle makes a brilliant move and the following night goes into mental lapse. Too many instances to mention here. But uncle is such a likable guy, one can?t ?hate? him for very long, a uncle Charlie type of guy. Go Sox.

Thank you Dr Brownie for the notes of optimism. We need it. The operative word here is “duplicate.” If Dice-K can duplicate, maybe our offense can follow some of their own examples from the first two Detroit games and the Angels sweep. But Beckett, Beckett, Beckett. What the heck do we do if he can’t pull it together?


WSSoxFan–absolutely. “If” will be the story of this team this year. Our level of optimism or pessimism about the team centers on how well we think our “ifs” will come to pass (and how many of them!).
Lester did not help his cause with the runs he surrendered in the 7th, but the ‘pen still had the lead, and could (SHOULD!) have held it. The offense had a couple chances that also got away. But no, Lester is not immune to fault for surrendering the runs he did.
Pap has pleasantly surprised me this year, not getting himself into as many jams as he has in years past. IF he keeps it up…😉
(let alone how many chances he’ll have, IF the BP doesn’t cough up a lead before he gets the ball!) Hmmm…;)

anyone else find it amazing how many times you start to discuss any aspect of this team and it’s preceeded by the word if? if ortiz hits. if beckett and lackey pitch better. etc. etc. there just isn’t one phase or player they can really count on right now. no starting pitcher has stepped up as a consistent shut down guy. most people blame the pen for saturdays debacle but lester really let that game get away in the 7th IMO. all the starters have been eratic at best. buch has probably been the most consistent oddly enough. the pen has been inconsistent except for manny and pap. defense ??? better lately i guess. offensively there just isn’t anyone in this lineup who pitchers really fear or who is capable of carrying the team for awhile. youk and pedroia are good solid major league hitters but they are not mauer, morneau, tex, a-rod, longoria types. the next few weeks will be really interesting. there is probably a better than 50/50 chance that by mid next week they will be 10(+) games back of 1-2. i don’t think theo has ever been in this/that situation before. the one year they missed the playoffs since this regime arrived i’m pretty sure they were somewhat in contention until the last 6 weeks or so.

One more “if”: IF we split the New York series, I will be VERY pleased! GO SOX!

Greg: I will be very pleased as well IF we spilit with the Yankees.
The Sox are less fearsome because there is no legit power hitter unless Papi comes back and come back fast. JD, Youk and V-Mart have potent warning tract power but short of consistent HR power. So many times we see they drive the balls which die at the warning tract and little beyond. Other than Bard and Pap who else can you count on in a close game. I hope uncle Tito learns the lesson and uses Bard more wisely.

i forgot bard. he has been fairly consistent as well.

In tonight’s lineup, uncle Tito does the wise move by batting V-Mart 5th instead of 3rd. JD is batting 3rd and V-Mart is sandwiched betwen Youk and Papi. Go Sox.

Francona,i don’t hear anyone critisizeing excuse the spelling,about his way of managing,remember he has always had pretty good teams to manage i always felt that they won alot in spite of him.After yesterdays game even Eck seemed dumbfounded,he mentioned the fact that franc did;nt have his best team on the fieldIt would have been great to win two out of three going into new york.Pedy wanted to play and could have and if he had that much confidence in Lackey not to give him some people who just may be able to give him some run support then we are already finished.Ilike Franco as a good man but i am not crazy about his managing.

I just checked Papi’s stats for his last 10 games. To me he’s still a force at the Stadium!

QStickDenny, Francona gets plenty of criticism on here from various quarters. Stick around, and you’ll notice it. (Right, DGN?) Where has Judge been lately?
I hope Papi does continue to heat up, Bob. He has been getting warmed up nicely–I hope he keeps it up!

as for tito. yesterday was actually kinda the perfect storm in terms of the way he goes about things IMO. you’re a .500 team. 8 games out. facing a guy who 30 minutes ago was on a plane from triple A and you rest 3 starters. he’s always seemingly managing for 4-6 weeks from now instead of doing everything possible to win the next game. i can see it if you are relatively even with your sompetition BUT.

maybe i’m maturing, nah that’s not it, but the funny thing is i don’t even get mad at this point. you watch them and it’s like watching a single A team play a ML team. at some point theo & co. are going to have to realize this isn’t simply a matter of playing bad baseball. this is a BAD baseball team and sadly ells, and especially cameron, are not going to change that when they get back.

Well, gotta hand it to Pap. He did not just cough up the lead–he BLEW it up!

greg. and in this case “blow” is not merely a figure of speech. wow. that was painful to watch. feel bad for em. i thought they were gonna make me eat some serious crow. for one nite anyway but once again they just find ways to lose. just the opposite of what good teams do.

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