One step forward, two steps back

In somewhat of a recurring theme, just when it seemed Daisuke Matsuzaka might be gaining some momentum, he stumbled.

His last start was one of the best of his career. In that one, Dice gave up three hits and a run over seven innings, walking none and striking out nine.

How does he follow that up? By giving up five runs in the first inning tonight against the Yankees. He has settled down nicely the last couple of innings, but Matsuzaka has to learn how to avoid that one big inning that always seems to haunt him if he’s going to be the guy the Red Sox need him to be.

The righty has been living on the edge quite a bit, but that came back to haunt him tonight as his 0-for-24 stretch with the bases loaded — which dated all the way back to Sept. 8, 2007 — ended with A-Rod’s two-run single in the first.


This Red Sox team continues to play thru the motions, they look lifeless.

Starting pitching, starting pitching, that is KILLING the Red Sox in 2010. T.B. can’t hit the side of a barn but they have a outstanding rotation. The Rays starters go deep into the game and that is why they are at the top of the division and why they’ll be battling N.Y. all season long for the division.

If ( their is that word “if” again ) they could ever get solid starts from Lackey AND Beckett perhaps they could make a run. Of course a BIG IF…..

I should write more negative stuff about the Red Sox, as soon as I hit submit…Drew goes deep! LOL!!

Who are these guys wearing Red Sox uniform’s??? Showing some life against a good team, impressive!

You know somethin ain’t right when you are getting beaten by Javier Vazquez and Marcus Thames… SIGH!

And the Rays won. Crap.

Saturday’s as well as last night’s losses were heartbreakers. It would have been a dramatic come from behind win and Pap imploded. Yankees lineup wasn’t their best last night.
The Sox are in a situation where one night there was offense and no pitching, one night there was pitching and no offens or one night there was pitching and offense and the manager went to sleep in the dugout. Sad, sad, sad.

Uncle Tito has his share of blame and criticism, rightfully or wrongfully. What about our pitching coach who is considered to be the greatest the Sox ever have. Has he anything to do with the pitching meltdown? What has he done to the home grown pitchers like DC and Pap? I hope Pap’s last night’s imposition was due to his health.

Papelbon looked as if he was feeling ill last night. No emotion, nothing on his pitches. He seemed to have no fight in him.
Outside of the pitching in the first and ninth innings it was a great game by the Sox.

bottom line is good teams find ways to win, BAD teams find ways to lose. this team doesn’t have that many 9 run efforts in them especially on the road and yet even though they were facing probably the hottest pitcher in the league they found a new way to lose. pap blows his 1st save. sunday they are facing a AAA pitcher they rest 3 starters and score 1 run and lose. the main concern for me really is this just a flawed team and i may be wrong but i don’t see any way for the theo & co to fix the mess they created. there isn’t an impact bat on the market. unless you consider lance berkman “impact”. gonzo aint goin anywhere. the NL west is terrible and SD will be competitive most if not all year. however their biggest problem is what was SUPPOSED to be their biggest strength, starting pitching, is easily their largest issue and with that all they can do is wait and hope. their simply are no moves to be made. wake is no more consistent than dice-k. the only tradeable 1 is buch and he’s been the most consistent so why would you? oh well IF IF IF! ultimately it boils down to IF they had a better team they would win more games. after the next 7 days i’m really, seriously, starting to wonder if they will even be able to finish 3rd.

I agree a bad team would find a way to lose a winnable game. Saturday?s loss was the mishandled bullpen from the night before. Sunday?s game was due to the inexplicable desire to rest regular players as if we were in the dog days of August. Last night the Sox finally had Hughes figured out. But the usually reliable Pap surrendered a walk off HR to Thames. A walk off to Tex, to A-Rod is one thing, but to Thames? Who the %^^& is Thames?

well the good news is they are already last in the AL in ERA ( 27th out of 30 in MLB ) so they really have nowhere to go but up in that regard.

We seem to have established that the Sox this year are an above average team that is under-performing. But why?? I noticed last night that they looked lethargic for the first few innings. Then they woke up. Are they not sleeping well? Is their food giving them indigestion? Are they constipated? Maybe they just need a little fun to loosen them up?
Probably all of the above………………So I over-nighted them a case of psyllium seed husk, 2 cases of Alka-Seltzer, some melatonin for good sleep, a couple cases of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups to cheer them up and I hired Robert Ervine to be their personal chef(since his restaurants in St. Pete are on hold–he needs the work). We should see results in 48 hours.

The bats woke up because Hughes had an off night. He threw a lot of pitches. At the time the score was 6-1, Hughes threw almost same number of pitches as Dice-K did.
There are too many teams to catch, NY, Toronto, Minn and Det. Playing 500 ball won’t get anywhere even in AL Central.

I just have one simple question. Can’t Pap throw any other pitch besides a fastball? That is the only pitch he throws anymore. And if a batter knows that is all he is going to throw, of course they are going to be able to hit it. Especially when it is only in the low 90’s………

OK Andy, thanks. I’ll email the team and have them send the stuff back.
The game last night was like a Greek tragedy gone horribly wrong. Where was Walt Disney for the storybook ending when we needed him? Scrappy underdog beats schoolyard bully………….

Hey Arnie,
I’m beginning to wonder about you. Happy pills, now Disney Land/World, is it that mile high atmosphere or an extra ingredient?

Bob, you’re just now beginning to wonder about me???? I swear, it’s not the lack of oxygen or self-medication; I call ’em like I see ’em. Maybe I see things through a different lens.

But I have this idea for a converted cement truck filled with Quaker Oats that can go wherever the team goes, so our guys will have regular wholesome food. Say,,,,, did you all know that the picture of the old Quaker on the oat container is actually Ben Franklin’s wife? Touched up a little, of course…..

Both the Yankees and the Red Sox fans were on emotional roller coaster all night last night. The Yankees had the last laugh.
agenv66: That’s exactly what I was alluding to in my earlier post. If the pitching coach saw a pitcher who threw nothing but….., what would you do as a pitching coach?

Some of Papelbon’s best saves have been fastball after fastball. It’s the velocity, movement and location that makes his fastball hard to hit when he’s on. Last night he had no velocity, no movement and poor location. THAT was the problem. That’s why I think he was feeling ill last night; he just didn’t seem right. His body language said it.
But what are you going to do? In pro sports you go out there, feeling poorly or not,,,,well, except if you’re JD Eastwood, of course.

We saw the down sides of the last three games. But we failed to see the positives came out the games, notably JD, Ortiz, and Youk all have batting averages above 350 in May and hopefully V-Mary will continue with his hitting. It can change when Ellsbury and Cameron return to the lineup as far as defense is concerned. People have reservation about Cameron. I don?t expect too much from Cam but he can?t be worse than Hermida, Hall, and/or McDonald. Afterall, there is a difference between a guy who makes $7MM+ and $2MM.

That last pitch was only 93 and in a bad location. I think I asked Garry to confirm that most pitchers can only get the ball where they want 50% of the time but I don’t think he replied. Pap did touch 96 on one pitch. If that last one had been also it could have ended differently.

I can’t wait until we get our outfield back again. While McDonald has contributed offensively in a few games his defense leaves a lot to be desired. That ball in the first inning should have been caught. When Ells is ready Tito should put him in where he belongs-CF. If not, Theo should be considering replacing Tito. Having Cameron put in CF and moving Ells to LF was a major blunder. Several games were lost by this decision. Let’s hope the Sox can take it tonight. GO SOX!!!

man i know i’m probably in the minority but i was really hoping this would get rained out. i mean if they go out and lay an egg again tonite ( after last nites debacle ) and then have to go to philly and TB. after 2 with minny at home of course. wow. i hope they are able to win otherwise come next thursday lookin at the standings mite be REALLY painful. not that it aint already but just sayin. eventually this inconsistency ( and losing ) is going to take a mental toll. it has to.

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