Finale in Bronx

Tough one last night, obviously. There are no other nominations for toughest loss of the year. That one took the proverbial cake, only because what was about to become Boston’s best win of the year became the toughest loss. Jonathan Papelbon had never had a game like that in his career where he gave up two home runs in one relief outing.

Frustrating losses create overall disenchantment, and that has been evident. For instance, Mike Lowell feels out of place on the 2010 Red Sox. Now that David Ortiz is hitting, he doesn’t feel as if he has a role. In fact, Lowell even wondered if he is a hindrance to the current setup of the roster.

“I think it’s a little unfortunate, but I think somewhat it’s painfully evident I don’t really have a role on the team,” Lowell said. I think I had a temporary role but I think that was more to the fact that we had young outfielders because of the injuries to Jacoby and Cam and David got off to a slow start. David’s swinging the bat a lot better, which I’m actually happy for. I actually think he’s still a big presence in our lineup. I don’t really care what the numbers say. He’s that guy that you still fear that he doesn’t have to make really good contact and he can still hit the ball out of the park.

“As a friend and as a teammate, you don’t like to see those guys struggle. You just don’t. Obviously I think there’s a catch how it affects me. When Jacoby and Cam come back, I just don’t really know what my role is. With those two in the lineup I don’t know who would I hit for. When I hit I get pinch-run for. I don’t play defense. I think sometimes you feel like the team might be better off if you’re not it. I just eat up a roster spot, I really do. I don’t know. If anything it’s a good feeling that I’ve had so many teammates come up to me and they say they sympathize with my situation. I think I’ve truly agonized over it. But it’s not good or bad, it’s just reality. It’s just reality. I don’t know what else to do.”

Then there is the matter of Daisuke Matsuzaka and Victor Martinez seemingly having some communication issues during Monday’s game.

“Again, I think it was frustration showing. My point to both of them was, OK, if we’re frustrated, how do we make it better? It’s easy to show frustration but how do you make it better? That’s what we’ll try to do.”,” Francona said.

What could cure all these issues? Maybe a good old 10 or 12-game winning streak


deja vu all over again. scutaro bobbles a ball 99% of ML SS’s could have caught bare handed and poof. what should have been 3 and out turns into 2 runs. again bad teams find ways to give away runs/games. i think i’ll send theo a websters with “run prevention” hi-lited.

Well I’m not going to rant about how embarrassed I am of the present situation, and I mean present, but seriously? I was at the sox game when Lackey pitched a 7 inning, 2 hit, 1 run effort against the Halos and in all my years as a sox fan, I have never seen or heard such a dead crowd at Fenway. It seems as if their is a black cloud hanging over the Sox. What I want to know is when is the brass going to take responsibility for the way things have turned out so far? I mean c’mon, I feel like we were all set up for failure this season. On the other hand if it’s that simple to just say it’s the pitching, what gives? I can see one or two guys in the rotation having an off season but not three or four! Again, what gives?

Oh and by the way, I am soooooo over the Dice man. Yet another Boras scam!

Well I’m not going to rant about how embarrassed I am of the present situation, and I mean present, but seriously? I was at the sox game when Lackey pitched a 7 inning, 2 hit, 1 run effort against the Halos and in all my years as a sox fan, I have never seen or heard such a dead crowd at Fenway. It seems as if their is a black cloud hanging over the Sox. What I want to know is when is the brass going to take responsibility for the way things have turned out so far? I mean c’mon, I feel like we were all set up for failure this season. On the other hand if it’s that simple to just say it’s the pitching, what gives? I can see one or two guys in the rotation having an off season but not three or four! Again, what gives?

Oh and by the way, I am soooooo over the Dice man. Yet another Boras scam!

it’s kinda like golf. you mite shoot even par once out every 10 rounds. that don’t make you a scratch golfer. at some point you just have to acknowledge you are what you are. you play like this for 5 or 10 games you can just chalk it up to a bad stretch. you do it for basically 40 games and you just have to accept the fact that you are just a bad baseball team.

It’s time for the Red Sox to make a decision on Mike Lowell. Personally I think Lowell should demand a trade. Sitting and watching on the bench doesn’t do him any good. It’s been an ugly situation since the winter. I think Lowell has had enough, time for him to be shipped elsewhere. Obviously Boston will have to eat most if not all of the remaining salary but they have done that with other trade’s over the years.

Last night’s loss was a tough one. When Gardner reached, I knew Boston was toast and this just in…so didn’t the Yankees. Papelbon had nothing on his ball. His fastball looked flat! My guess is Papelbon is traded in late July. I think he could end up in Philly.

isnt it funny how guys always seem to be “hurt” when they’re going really bad? man. i’ve said it before but i’ll say it again. it’s like watching a minor league team play a major league team. NY is just clearly better in every phase of the game. funny thing is i don’t see how the sox can get any better any time soon. they are basically locked in to this pitching staff for the next 3 years and they don’t really have anywhere to put an impact position player unless they move youk to 3rd or move/trade ells or cameron.

Watching the Celtics tonight, a team that plays with an attitude! If the Celtics win tonight….Bring on the Lakers because Phoenix has ZERO chance against the Lakers! The Suns don’t guard anyone, I think I could go on the court and put 20 on the Suns. lol…..

Don’t understand Tito giving Martinez the go ahead on a 3-0 count with Joba having control problems. Also, if Papi was running at the crack of the bat instead of giving a home-run trot he may have been safe at second. Bad baseball. Let’s hope the Sox can pull it out!!!!

It’s always a GREAT thing when Chamberlain ( most over-rated athlete in pro sports ) gets smoked!

The beauty of baseball, you get another chance 24 hrs. later. Watching Papelbon over the years, this is exactly what he wanted! Papelbon wants to be on that mound when the game is on the line.

Once again another bad start for a Red Sox pitcher. Beckett hasn’t pitched in 10 days or so because of a back issue. He leaves tonight because of a back issue. This medical staff on the Red Sox has to be questioned this year! They have made alot of poor decisions and it’s only mid May. Perhaps “Doc” Rivers should play Dr. when the Celtics season ends.

maybe i should use the major/minor league comparison for every team they play. it seems to inspire them.🙂 IF they were to come back and win this game though they can thank girardi. why he let joba the hut pitch that enitre inning is a mystery. a welcome gift however. of course if scutaro makes that play to turn 2 they are probably up 1 right now. still a good comeback regardless though. they looked like they had mentally checked out for most of this game.

Let’s hold them Paps—NO WALKS!!!!

Here we go— blowing another game. Playing like MINOR Leaguers.

Well, we finally won one. Hmmm…Progress!!

Props to Delcarmen. He kept the Red Sox in the game. The Red Sox need a blowout win tomorrow night against the Twins. Perhaps this win in N.Y. can get some momentum! Nobody can call these Red Sox quitters. They showed alot of heart/desire tonight with this win. They could have easily packed their bags after trailing late in this game.

Greg: You must be VERY pleased like I am at the come from behind win. It would be nice if it was a mini sweep. The Yankees had the taste of the bp meltdown. Mariano had two consecutive bad outings.
Wssoxfan: We should also thank Giraldi for playing Hermida so short in the LF. Not to take anything away from Jeremy, the ball was well hit but was catchable and should be caught if the LF played at normal depth.
Brian: Beckett has been inconsistent to put it nicely since 2007 is obviously due to his chronic back issue. I think the Sox should end the experiment with Beck and put him on DL and surgery if necessary to cure the back problem once and for all or it will be a long four years for the fans and for Becket himself.
The Sox are again back to 500 again. Can it be the launching pad for the blastoff? The talents are there. The way the Rays are playing and I agree with Giraldi who said Rays is a complete team -pitching, speed, power, and defense, the division is a dream but wc is not out of the realm of possibility. Uncle Tito should call Uncle Joe and find out how to put a 9 game winning streak together. Go Sox.

great win. like i said they looked like they had mentally packed their bags in that game for most of it. at the end of the day though they are still a .500 team right and a wise man once said you are what your record says you are. bottom line is the next 8 games are huge for this team. oh, and can somebody give nick green a call? i think his SS job might be available again soon. scutaro, wtf?

bosox. personally i was a lil surprised that lowell would be whining about his “role”. i thought he was above that. i mean they’re paying him 12MM to basically pinch hit right now. sounds like a pretty good gig to me. collect your check and keep your mouth shut. to your point though i think they probably would trade him but somebody has to want him. lets face he’s not exactly a high value talent at this point. dude can barely move. is it more of a slap in the face to keep him as a bench player or DFA/release him? because those are pretty much the options.

I think that even though the Sox lost on Monday night and almost gave up the ghost last night the big picture point is:
Both games, down a ton, scramble back, didnt give up, got the split.
As for Mike Lowell, I am not surprised at all that he is frustrated with his lack of playing and his wanting to be a contributing factor to a team. Some wouldnt understand why he is “whining” about having such a “good gig”. Some people actually LIKE the career that they have chosen and want to do the job that they have been contracted to do, not just sit and “collect a check”.
The writing, I fear, is on the wall though. Either Mikey or his agents, the Levinsons will be asking for a trade or an outright release soon. If the man wants to play and someone needs him, he should be treated with the respect and class that he has shown throughout his entire career, and the request should be honored. It’s clear that his options will be severely limited, probably to a DH role. That obviously means an A.L. team. If I were the Sox, I would be EXTREMELY careful as to where that would be. Could come back to bite them in the A^S^S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Lowell is a class act. He admitted that there is pretty much no place for him on the Sox right now. He gives his all when he is called on which is less and less every day and will be less than that in the future. There are a lot of teams in the AL who could use him right now…not just his bat but his quiet leadership and determination every day. Ellen is right…there are folks on welfare…some need it… some don’t…who are happy to sit and collect a check while not putting an effort forward. I can’t see Mike Lowell on welfare. He deserves to play and I think he has paid his pennance and shut up long enough. Some team will pick him up and as Ellen says….watch out when they do. Go Sox.

mike is a class act and whining was the wrong word choice but i think my point was valid. somebody has to want him in order trade him. they tried with texas and he failed the physical. he’s missed close to 100 games the past 2 years due to health issues so i can’t really blame the FO for making contingency plans for this year. even now as was pointed out he’s really a DH at best so that limits trading options even more. why release him and pay his salary for someone else when at some point you may need him/his bat? after this year they will have paid him 36MM over the last 3 years. if they want to pay him to play as needed rather than every day i think he’s been well compensated for that. i appreciate the fact he wants to play and “earn” his keep but that’s not his role on this team right now. like i said i have a lot of respect for him and think he can help this team in some areas/spots but i doubt he’s gonna offer to let them keep the remainder of his salary for this year in exchange for his release so he can go get another job with another team so if you have to pay him why not keep him as insurance? unless you get an offer from somebody that makes sense for all parties. that’s just the buisness side of it.

FWIW the job he’s “contracted” to do is what ever the team paying his salary says it is ( see carlos zambrano ). if it’s play every day so be it. if it’s play as required same thing. i doubt there is a player in the game who is guaranteed X amount of playing time based on past performance or being a good guy and a class act, which he is, but this isn’t little league. you keep score and you don’t make buisness decisions based on people’s feelings or desires. you do what gives your team the best chance to be successful. i wish the best for mike i really do. whether it’s in boston or somewhere else but at the end of the day he’s contractually obligated thru this year to the sox it’s their choice what his role is.

Beckett is on DL and they brought Joe Nelson. Unless I misread it, JD is leading off and Hall is at SS and Scutaro is out of the lineup today.

WSSoxFan, you are very correct about what the business side of things is. If the team sees it in their best interest to trade Lowell (let alone anyone else), they will do it. I am a little surprised that we have not heard more about Mike demanding or requesting a trade (whether he has or not). I like the fact, as a Sox fan, that we have Lowell available to play for us. I hope he does get those opportunities.
Lowell is trying to walk a fine line, and he will not sugar-coat an answer–he will answer the question the way he sees it. He should be disappointed that he was not asked to DH in Papi’s spot. If he gets asked that question, he will say so–whether is sounds like “whining” or not. He is simply speaking honestly about a question he is asked. He also recognizes that he is taking up a roster spot that a younger guy in AAA (if not another role player) could use right now, and he doesn’t want to play at someone else’s expense–be it Papi, or that guy in AAA. I do think he wants to play for someone else, if he can get the playing time, even as a DH. Business-side, that may indeed not be realistic. He also knew that his thumb injury did not help his cause in hopes of playing time, or a trade. So, he is in limbo. Happily, Papi is starting to catch fire, and hopefully he can keep it going! If he does have another dry stretch, Lowell can step in, and hopefully pick up the slack. GO SOX!

I agree that Mikey is a class act and should get whatever he prefers whether it’s continuing his role-albeit limited- with the Sox or be traded to a team that he would rather play with on a full time basis. However, I guess he realizes that it is a very long season and unexpected injuries, slumps etc do occur and he may be in line for a more substantial role wih the Sox. While it is frutrating to him I hope that he chooses to remain with the Sox. As far as last nights game is concerned I am glad we pulled it out. As I mentioned previously, Papi has to learn to run- like all players should- from the crack of the bat. If the ball clears the wall then he can go into his HR trot. His bonehead play could have cost the Sox the game. Additionally, I hope that when Ells is ready he goes back to CF where he belongs. Let Tito decide how he wants to rotate in LFand RF.

Andy, I am indeed very pleased with the split of the series, esp. after the way we lost Game 1. Glad we hung on in Game 2! GO SOX!

greg. yeah like i said “whining” was a poor choice of words. i know mikey is a straight shooter. i’m sure he’s not trying to be a distraction with the way they’ve been playing. i would wager that he has let it be known he’d like to go elsewhere and play more but the fact is he’s not an everyday position player at this point and his options are limited pretty much to the AL and then probably only a few teams and those teams are not gonna give the sox anything of value for him. i’m sure there are a few teams that would love to have him but i’m not sure there are any that really want him if you know what i mean. he’s kinda like wakefield for the sox. he’s not their best option but he’s a good secuity blanket if they need him so IMO it would be crazy to just release him because he’s unhappy with the situation. what if beltre or youk get a lil knick like beckett? at least you know what you have with him. with an inexperienced AAA guy, not so much. it is what it is. nobody’s fault. age and injuries catch up with most of em eventually.

Sox management always drive me a bit batty — too me, it seems like they often do what they don’t need to do, and then don’t do what they need to. Like letting Cabrera go, picking up Renteria, letting A-Gonz go multiple times, aquiring Gagne when the bullpen was strong (until he arrived).

Now the Lowell situation is just another instance of that pattern. Noting against Beltre, and he is doing a good job (we will see about clutch hits) — but they didn’t need to do this? How long is his contract? Just one year, correct? This move makes no sense to me unless you intend to sign him and have him be our 3rd baseman for several years. To sign him for one year, just creates a logjam and pushes out one of your most clutch players, who you know would be much better this year than last.

On the other side, not doing thing — they refused to fix their bullpen — which is still probably going to cost us more than any other factor this year.

I don’t get — its easy to criticize, and we don’t know how difficult it is to make deals, so there are probably many variables in all these cases, that we don’t know — but it sure seems like they have their priorities upside down, and tinker and break things that are already just fine — aargh.

After this season Pap has to move on. Bard can deliver the same angst to the faithfull for a whole lot less $$$. Let some other franchise play closer roulette with Pap.

I think the Sox signed Beltre for one year thinking they could patch that hole until they made a push to get Agon from San Diego either at the deadline or next year and then move Youk to 3rd. Man that would make our corner spots wicked strong. But look at the Padres…..Agon is not available as of right now. I hope they fade but they have “run prevention” going on. He may not be available at all. If the Sox and Padres are not in contention by the deadline do they still go after Agon if he is available for next year’s team? Maybe Beltre will be part of that deal. That’s the only reason I could see them signing Beltre for one year. But I can’t figure out what the Sox FO did for this year so what the heck do I know. There’s still hope this pitching staff will perform as advertised and go on some kind of run soon. That’s what it’s going to take. The offense has kind of surprised me. Go Sox…I’ll still be rooting no matter what.

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