Back at Fenway, but not for long

The homestand is officially underway, but don’t get used to it. The Red Sox will be at Fenway for all of two games before venturing back on the road for a six-game road trip through Philly and Tampa Bay that starts on Friday.

A long night at Yankee Stadium — an hour rain delay and a four-hour game — became longer even still for the Red Sox when they had some flight issues coming home. What time did manager Terry Francona return to his residence?

“I think I pulled up at the driveway at 10 till 6,” Francona said.

He didn’t stay home long. When did he get to Fenway?

“I got here at 10 to 12 because I had to do the EEI thing at noon so I made it,” Francona said.

By the way, Francona is surprised that the media did not ask him about the somewhat humorous scene on Monday night, when he was in the middle of an argument with the umpire and wound up staying on the field during God Bless America.

“I can’t believe nobody asked me about the God Bless America the other night,” Francona said. “I can’t believe it. I didn’t know what to do. I went out to tell the guy I was mad at him and I ended up honoring America with him. We were both looking at each other laughing. I told him during the song, did you ever throw anybody out during God Bless America. He didn’t know me, I don’t think he knew how to take that. I said, ‘I’m just teasing.”‘

On to the nuts and bolts of the day:

Josh Beckett won’t pitch for the Red Sox again until June 3. The righty is on the DL with a lower back strain. But Tim Wakefield will step right in and pitch Sunday in Philly.

Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron will both play at Portland on Thursday, inching closer to returning to the team.

Joe Nelson, the last cut in Spring Training, is back, ready to help the bullpen.


I hope Joe Nelson can add some stability in the BP. Let’s just say, though, that I’m not holding my breath.
Regarding “TruckingBull’s” comment on the last thread, I am all for letting Pap walk this off-season. Bard may need to mature a little yet, but at worst, as he said, Bard can play that same roulette game for much less coin. Agreed. And if Bard gets better over the course of the season, so much the better. I think he will. But at worst, same thing for less $$$.

Bottom of the 9th, the Rays have a 6-run lead, and they start resembling the Keystone Kops. Hmmm…

In reference to the “nuts and bolts” segment:
Its amazing how high quality of a player Tim Wakefield is. How often do you find a pitcher who can start 35 games a season, spot start the next season, and close as well? In 1999, he started 17 games and saved 15. Thats a good old fashioned ball player. Plus, he’s got one of the rarest contracts in baseball history, the perpetual $4 MM option. Its a shame we don’t have the opportunity to see him pitch here in Milwaukee.


My compliments to Bucky. Who would have thought Bucky would be the most reliable and effective pitcher to date.
At top of the 9th, why didn?t we hold the runner with none outs. I know the run didn?t mean a thing. By giving up the base, the Sox forfeited the chance for a dp and the pitcher had to pitch to 3 batters unless one lined to the IF and doubled off the runner at 2d. The Minn was one hit away from tying the game or potentially winning the game. 2 outs, the move is routine. By giving up a run it cost a run unnecessarily charged to Bucky. The Sox have the best manager and coaches. They must know what they were doing. Who am I? A win is a win. We can?t complain.
Sometimes I wonder if the state of funkiness the Sox were in was partially attributable to the manager and the coaches. A case in point, JF amateurishly handled the Becekett?s injury timeout. He should have called the trainer out before waved to the bullpen. Where was Francona? At that point, no one was sure whether Beckett was knocked out or was out due to injury. If the protest was upheld, we have to re-play the game. No big deal, we won the last 2 games. Go Sox.

Out it goes another Theo’s budget signing. Schoenweiss is being DFAed. We’ll see Angel Sabxhez at SS when Scutaro is out for a few days.

I, for one, am glad that Schoenweiss is gone. It was like watching EEyore walk out from the pen. There was just an air of “woe is me” when he touched the mound, and “woe is us” from the fans…. Good Luck to you Mr Scoenweiss, Thanks for trying.

Lineup: McDonald, Pedroia , Martinez, Youkilis, Lowell, Beltre, Drew, Hall, Sanchez.

The glass is half-full, folks. Patience with Papi seems to be paying off – I hope he continues. Ells and Cameron will be back soon. Buc and Lester are pitching very well, Lackey and Dice K are doing okay, and we have that great soul, great team-mate and great knuckleballer, Wake doing what ever is required. Youk and Pedey have it together, as usual, Scutaro should come around. A rested Tek is a hitting machine. Now if Beckett can get it together, and Beltre can adjust to the pressure cooker, we should be in good shape going into the stretch. If Beltre doesn’t adjust, there is always Mike Lowell. I personally think there has been too much said about how he is a great guy, but over the hill. He is a great guy, but I do not believe for one moment that Mike Lowell is over the hill.

Nothing against Mike Cameron (its not his fault), but I think we would be a better team without him. Hermida and McDonald have done a great job, and if just Elsbury returned, you could continue to alternate H&MD in left, have Els play center, and keep everyone playing and happy. With Cameron returning as well, it re-creates the log jam characteristic of the beginning of the season, and one of those players will have to go, and the other will not get much playing time at all, and Cameron was never as hot as either of them at the plate.

We are better balanced team without him. And also with his presence, we move Els to left field — which hasn’t worked that well either, caused Els collision — people are not in their optimal places (Els, Hermina, MD) — just Cameron, and he is not worth displacing the other three from their more productive roles.

But Theo never listens to me🙂

A CG from Lester! That’s one way to keep filling that glass past half full! Way to go, Jon! Bummer that he did not get the shutout, but oh well. Glad he had some offense, and even with Dustin’s error in the 9th, he still played well tonight–great catch earlier in the game! Great game all around tonight! Keep it going, guys! GO SOX!

So there I was this winter….whining about Jason Bay being let go and wondering where the offense would come from…..and the Red Sox are 2nd in the Major Leagues in home runs. Guess that’s why I am on this blog and not the GM!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!

I do hope Theo does listen to you, DGN, about Cameron. You’re right–we don’t need to have Cameron become a 5th wheel again in the OF (let alone Hall). We are just getting into a good groove, and with the ground we have to make up in the standings, we don’t want to replay that OF logjam. Pay attention, Theo! GO SOX!

DGN, I agree completely about Cameron. But I don’t think we will see Theo take your advise.
The Sox are only 3.5 games behind the Yanks. They could easily catch them, there is a long way to go yet. I doubt anyone catches the Rays. So the Sox could still contend for the WC. The starters need to step up more consistently for that to happen.
Great game by Lester tonight.
I hope Wake can make a statement when he takes the mound.

First complete game win for the Sox starter. Lester showed me something by striking out the side, Hudson, Mauer, and Moreau, not like striking out Thames, Winn, and Miranda, those yoyos in the Yankees lineup. lol
Pedroia is the run prevention guy, two magnificent plays despite the harmless error.
Hermida, McDonald and Hall are playing well. But Cameron cannot do worse than those three. Give Cam a chance and see how fares. I don?t see why Cam cannot play LF. Agree rather to see Ells in the CF. Barring any further roster move, when Ells and Cam return, I think the Sox will retain Hermida and Hall. They could keep McDonald if he can play IF. But he cannot.

Ellsbury can be, could be and will be activated as early as tomorrow. Lester reminds me of Bruce Hurst, the prematurely named MVP of 86 series.

nice to see lester regaining form although once again it took way longer than would be ideal. i agree with all on cameron. i was confused when they signed him and i still am. he provides essentially no offense. he’s 37. he aint the defensive guy he once was and even more puzzling they gave him a 2 yr. deal. when he and ells com back that most likely means mcdonald is out. personally i’d get rid of hall and keep mcd. hall however can play ( and i use that term loosely ) IF and OF so i’m sure they’ll keep him on the roster. the last 3 games were excellent BUT truthfully when you’re a .500 team after 1/4 of the season they don’t mean much if they go to philly ( and TB for that matter ) and get waxed. hopefully lackey & co. can get it together as buch and lester seem to have.

It would be great to have Jacoby back for this series.

The Phillies are 14/17 in stolen bases, so that is going to be a problem w/Dice K I think. What is the rotation this weekend?? Is Wake going for Beckett?? Blonde moments and brain fades!! lol
I just hope that we have the good games we’ve had the past 2 years against the Phillies. The past 2 years I won the bet with my former boss (Phillies fan) but I’m not betting this year!!!

Does anyone have the starting lineup for tonight?

Hi Robert! How are you??

I hope that life is being good to our favorite passionate pinstriper.. oops wait.. This weekend you are our Phavorite Phightin Phillie!!!

Just a purely objective view. I’ve seen some plays in CF that Ellsbury has missed and Cameron doesn’t.

I’m OK considering we couldn’t slow down the Rays! The Phillies just got Rollins back. I thought you might be back at full strength too, but I guess not!

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