Friday night in Philly

Back to Interleague Play, where I’ve already seen John Lackey execute a perfect sacrifice bunt.

What is imperfect for the Red Sox is that David Ortiz can’t be in the lineup despite being red-hot. Kevin Youkilis is equally hot, but there’s no DH, meaning only one guy can play. Tonight, that guy is Youkilis. Perhaps by tomorrow, it will be Ortiz. But one thing manager Terry Francona said you won’t see this weekend is Youk playing third and Ortiz starting at third. Youkilis hasn’t spent any time at third this season with Mike Lowell on the roster as the backup 3B, so Francona doesn’t think it’s fair to throw that at him now.

In another encouraging sign that ace Josh Beckett will be able to return as soon as his DL stint expires on June 3, the righty played catch before Friday’s game.

“That’s the first step,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “And again I haven’t talked to him, but he will kind of ramp back up throwing, and then when he’s ready for a side, we’ll do that and then take it from there. But I think like we said the other day, we weren’t thrilled about putting him on the DL. But I think if you’re going to err — I don’t know that we did
err — but if you’re going to, we want it to be on the side of caution. I think we probably did the right thing. Now we’ll get him back up feeling good about himself.”

Jacoby Ellsbury will be back in the leadoff spot on Saturday night, which will be a most welcome thing for Red Sox followers.


if he wasn’t already JD Drew should be the happiest man in baseball cause lackey has officially replaced him as theo epstiens biggest WTF were u thinking free agent signing.

although ya gotta admit that it is ironic that his last name is lackey considering that he is LACKing the ability to get anybody out.

I always did think that “Lackey” was an (*ahem*) unfortunate name for a pitcher.
The sac bunt was about the only thing he and the Red Sox did right tonight.

getting ells back at the top ( and scutaro back to 9th ) should help the offense a lil but that hasn’t really been the issue. not the biggest anyway. as some point it becomes apparent what you are and this is really starting to look like basically a .500 baseball team. theo wanted to copy the mariners of last year and thats what he accomplished. probably around 85 w’s.

Morning everyone?

The pattern this year -> Jon Lester and Clay (homegrown) and winning. Free agents Dice-K (lousy attitude and can’t win a game), Lackey (can’t win a game) and Beckett (can’t win a game). Now I’ve been screaming to keep Justin Masterson. How nice he would be right now instead of Lackey. Masterson has a lousy record in Cleveland but even the manager of Cleveland (mentioned on the Cleveland says his team doesn’t support the talent of Masterson.
I am starting to hate free agents in Boston because we buy them and they always have the same answer “I don’t know why I stink in Boston…du). Of course all the homegrown talent gets traded away when Theo sees F.A. in the future and then does a DU when it doesn’t work out. Who has the BEST record in baseball? A team that doesn’t rely on free agents but home grown talent. (hint Devil Rays)

The most unfortunate name for a pitcher yet: BALFOUR

Ellen, I always thought Bob WALK was a bad name for a pitcher. I am not sure, for a PITCHER, that HOMER Bailey is a good omen, either! (For a batter, certainly, though!)😉

Just a heads up to anyone who was lanning their evening around watching the RedSox play tonight.. Make other plans!!!!
They are Broadcasting the game between the Mets and Yankees.


It’s good to see that Ells may be getting back into the lineup. I just hope that Tito puts him back into CF where he belongs. The SOX offense should pick up. Go Sox!!!

Typo above…………….. though I’d pay to see Ortiz play third!!!
So Ells is back to harass a rookie right hander for the Phills. Should be interesting!

dave. you can do it either way. how are a-rod and tex workin out for the yankees? theo just makes horrible decisions mainly due to his ego and billy beane/money ball philosophy. this team could have basically the same payroll and have texiera, holliday, and/or michael young ( trade situ but it boiled down to $$$$ ) if theo werent so stubborn. his problem is he’d rather lose his way than win another way. example. he wouldn’t give tex 2 extra years on their offer. you know how old tex will be when his 8 yr with NY expires? exactly 1 yr younger than cameron when his 2 yr deal with boston ends. considering the resources he has to work with he is arguably the worst GM maybe in history. he actually manages to make omar minaya look decent. i mean seriously we are talking about a guy who used the MARINERS as an example for improving your team.

WAY TO GO, DICE-K! No-hitter into the 8th inning! And got a hit to help his own cause–not unlike the 07 WS!
Do us (let alone me) a favor, Dice-K–pitch like that regularly! PLEASE?? We can even deal with 4 BB that way!
Great try by Scutaro to try to preserve the no-hitter.
Glad he got some offensive support tonight, also!
Congratulations, Dice-K! GO SOX!

No one’s mentioned anything about having Tek behind the plate instead of Vmart for this one… I really think it makes all the difference…

Great job from Dice K and the bats last night. I’m sure that we all knew that Tek would be catching for DiceK after he verbal fireworks between he and Vmart. Nice job by all!!

Dice-K ALMOST no hits the Phillies. With a little break the ball could be caught. But again, the defense prevented hits before the hit thanks to Beltre, Pedey, and JD. Aside, Beltre has solidified the 3B. So many were ready to chase Beltre out of town in the beginning of the season.
Dice-K can hit. Can never forget his 2 rbi single in 07 WS. I can be wrong, I don’t believe Dice-K ever had a bad back-to-back outings this season.

Scutaro should have made the catch, he lost sight of the ball, turned the wrong way… Congrats to Dice-K for a great performance…………………..

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