Getaway day against the good Doctor

You know how they say a great performance like the one Daisuke Matsuzaka had Saturday night can get a sputtering team on track? Today is the ultimate test. Momentum is only as good as your next day’s starting pitcher. Well, the Red Sox have a good one going in Tim Wakefield. But they are facing one of the best in the game in Roy Halladay.

The good news is that the Sox have had more success against Halladay than just about any other team, going 14-14.

Here are the Sox hitters lifetime vs. Halladay.

Ellsbury — .259, 2 homers, 4 RBIs
Pedroia — .211, 1 homer, 2 RBIs
Martinez — .333, 0 homers, 0 RBIs
Youkilis — .352, 1 homer, 7 RBIs
Drew — .300, 1 homer, 1 RBI
Beltre — .167, 0 homers, 2 RBIs
Hermida — .667, 0 HRs, 1 RBI
Scutaro — .429, 0 HR, 1 RBIs
Ortiz (available off bench), .273, 6 HRs, 24 RBIs
Varitek (available off bench) .205, 2 HRs, 10 RBIs

With a big series in Tropicana Field looming, the Red Sox could badly use a win today.


Wake should have started 9th. Surely couldn’t do worse than Ramon. Thanks Ramon for spoiling a potential back-to-back shutouts. Or are we fans spoiled?

Wow! Wakefield is making a statement today! And good for the Sox to pound Halladay!
Dice-K is a complete mystery. One day he gets pummeled, the next he pitches like Koufax, the third he walks the bases loaded every inning but somehow wriggles out of trouble. He’s like that lunatic girlfriend(or boyfriend, if you swing from that side of the plate), who is sweet as pie one minute and pouring boiling coffee on you the next. Keeps you on your toes.

Glad to see Wakefield having a strong outing. I would be pysched if they managed to keep him in the rotation somehow–his other starts haven’t been any worse than Lackey or Beckett.

Why didn’t Wakefield finish this one? I know he’s older, but come on Terry… The Sox could have ended on a great note!

Wake pitched a great game!!! The only saving grace that Tito unleashed is that Ramon has been totally useless. If someone has to go maybe we can get something for him. GO SOX!!! Keep it going tomorrow.

The Doctor was definitely good to us today! Thank you Doc–your prescription worked very well today!😉
Great job by Wake! Two solid outings in a row–we must be getting spoiled! I’ll take it though! Way to go, Wake! KEEP GOING SOX! GO WAKE! GO SOX!

It is too bad Wake did not finish the game. Andy’s right–even if he had given up 3 runs himself, he would not have done worse. Or are we worrying about pitch counts again?!

Amazing Wake threw a lot of first pitch knuckleball strikes. That was the difference. It takes offense, defense, and pitching to win. But it sometime needs a little break here and there as well. A case in point, Beltre’s DP ball went through the 3B’s legs for 2 big runs. What about Ellsbury’s infield hit for 2 runs b/c Castro threw to the wrong base. What a difference a week makes? 2.5 games out of the wc. ShSh……
The Sox were swept by the Rays. Then was the funkiest Sox playing, errors, errors. If the games were properly played ad managed, the Sox could have easily split the series. Then how many times the runs at 3B with less than 2 outs were out at the plate when Papi was AB and Tek was thrown out at the plate, the potential winning or go ahead run.

Good Series, save for the Friday night game. I thought Wake looked GREAT… That’s one helluva bullpen pitcher we’ve got there… lol. He’s like the ever ready Bunny… keeps going and going…. Good Job Wake!!!
The momentum is important going into the Cavern of Cowbells aka the Trop. I’m hoping for a GREAT few days!!

I prefer Ellsbury in c.f. over Cameron. Ellsbury’s biggest asset is his legs and playing l.f. at Fenway takes it away. Cameron in c.f. has more of a chance throwing out a runner at the plate than Ellsbury ( we all know how weak Ellsbury’s arm is ) and that is the only edge Cameron has over Ellsbury in center.

Starting pitching, starting pitching. That’s the name of the game folks. Look no further than T.B. The Rays starters go deep into the game and that is why ( the only reason why ) they have the best record in baseball. It has kept their bullpen very fresh. Boston is getting some solid starts as of late from their starter’s and they will need that during this three game series with T.B. Tropicana Field has been a house of horror’s for Boston in the last three season’s or so. Buchholz, Lester and Lackey MUST bring their A game with them if not it will be a long series for the Red Sox!

I also thought that Wake could have gone another inning. With Ramirez’ track record (didn’t he blow up after Wake the last time?) Wake could have gotten through it… I also think Ramirez should be GONE!!!

I guess right now its no fun for all the negative thinkers that have been hangin’ round here!! Dont see them as much lately.

pretty good weekend all in all. except for lackey’s “lack” of effort that is. really need to get at least 2 of 3 from TB to finish off a decent stetch for what has basically been a 13 game road trip.

Ellen: It was Wake’s call not Tito’s. Wake told uncle that he was out of gas and done for the day.
Let me tell the negative thinkers about Cam. Cam will be fine, not just fine, Cam will complement Ells at the OF. We cannot judge Cam based on his limited games while playing with pain. The Sox are taking time with Cam to make sure he is 100% healthy, not because they are enamored by McDonad’s play. I hate to say that McDonald will be the odd man out. Go Sox.

cameron IMO is really a non factor for this team on way or the other. i dont think he makes them any better if he’s in there and i don’t think they notice too much if he’s not. i think ells in CF and hermieda in LF would be just as effective as ells in LF and cam in CF. might be a better offensive lineup actually.

speaking of offense what’s up with pedroia? looks to me like he’s trying to hit every pitch out of the park.


Pedroia is in a big slump but when he snaps out of it, he’ll get hot quick!

I’m smelling a Red Sox 5-3 win tonight.

Pedroia has made so many awesome plays that I didn’t even realize that he is in hitting slump.
The fact that Angel Sanchez was sent down all but secures Bill Hall’s spot in the 25 man roster.

I’m also looking forward to the Celtics SWEEPING the Magic tonight. I must admit I am rooting for the Lakers but would love to see the Suns extend that series to six or seven games. Only reason I am rooting for the Lakers is it would be great to watch another L.A. vs Boston Finals. It was a letdown back in 1986 when Sampson and Houston beat L.A. in the West. Conf. Finals. The 86 Celtics were ready to blow out L.A. that year!

Cameron is in town. Sanchez out, Achison in. That leaves XXX to be DFAed or optioned to AAA when Cam is activated.

Pedroia’s last hit was May 19th against the Twins. He is 0 for his last 20.

Atchison is back with the big club, oh no! I guess Ramiro Mendoza wasn’t available. lol….

When Cameron is ready to go, I assume McDonald will go back to A.A.A. McDonald gave this team a shot in the arm back in mid April. He came up with some HUGE hits!

Cameron will be activated tomorrow. We will always remember McDonald’s impact when he came up with the HR to tie the game and another HR to win the game. I don’t remember if it was in the same game.


Those hits your talking about with McDonald happened the next day after Boston got swept by T.B. and those hits did happen in the same game. He had a pinch hit game tying 2 run H.R. in the eight and a game winning single in the 9th against Texas.

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