Back at the Trop

Here we are, getting set for this three-game showdown between the Red Sox and the Rays. Obviously it’s a much bigger series for the Sox, who start the series 8 1/2 games back in the AL East.

This, even with five wins in the last six games. The Rays just don’t seem to lose. The Red Sox can at least control their own destiny the next three nights.

As for other subplots, Mike Cameron will be activated for Tuesday’s game, giving manager Terry Francona his full complement of players for the first time since April 11.

Jed Lowrie, still recovering from mono, is with the team for the next few days, taking a nice break from solitude in Fort Myers.

And Scott Atchison has returned for his second stint with the team, coming up from Pawtucket to take the roster spot vacated by shortstop Angel Sanchez.


The pitchers best friend ( besides his dog ) the double play. Great job by Buchholz to get out of that first inning unscathed. A couple of year’s ago Buchholz would have allowed a couple of runs in that spot.

Let’s hope Boston can carry that momentum to the top of the 2nd inning and get these bats cranking!

Ortiz with a laser!

Beltre almost took Davis’ head off.

The Red Sox are getting some good swings against Davis.

Let’s hope the Sox keep it up. Let’s go Sox!

Pena and Upton back to back near the bottom of the order is a tough combo. Pena has always been tough against Boston, even when he was struggling in Oak. and Det.

T.B. is always going to look for the extra base, they are very aggressive on the basepaths. Alot like the Angels, remember that is where Maddon coached for years.

Buchholz is walking the tightrope in this game.

Are the Red Sox and Yankees playing tonight??? This looks like it will be a longgg game!

Not sure what the numbers show but Ellsbury always seems to struggles against T.B.

Hey, chman712! How goes it? I hope you’re doing well!

I think Pedroia’s slump is over.

Ortiz should have worked the count in that situation. Davis has walked (2) already in the inning. A poor at bat by Ortiz!

Red Sox just can’t leave a good thing alone, like bringing in Gagne when their pen was already strong several years ago. Nothing against Cameron personally at all, but bringing him back is going to create the same log jam that plagued the beginning of the season. I know its not the sole reason everyone started off slow, but it didn’t help. I have a strong hunch that Cameron’s return will coincide with the end of the Sox’s hot streak. Its just going to mess things up — better off without him, better balance without him. Hot batters will sit now. I hope I am wrong.

Buchholz had everything working tonight, he kept the T.B. hitters off-balanced. He walked the tightrope the first couple of innings but basically came out untouched.

Boston had alot of solid at bats against Davis and they made the kid work. When Boston is hitting on all cylinders they are tough to get out. They make you work out there on that mound. It’s been said many times over the years, they grind out at bats.

Youkilis can’t make an out right now, he is on FIRE! It was great to see Pedroia back in the hit column. You knew his struggles at the plate wouldn’t continue to much longer.

The last 14 hitters were retired by Red Sox pitching. If Boston is going to make a run they MUST continue to pitch like they did tonight.

When Theo put this team together, he had a game like this in mind. Solid pitching, with some nice leather and timely hits. If you get those things coming together, you’ll be a team nobody wants to face.

The win the Red Sox had last Tues. against N.Y. looks like it might have gotten this team going. They showed alot of grit/character in that win, especially after the crushing defeat 24 hours earlier.

The next couple of games should be lots of fun, some really good starters on the hill. I’m not sure how important this series is to T.B. but I think this series is very important for Boston.

McDonald D.F.A. ( out of options ) I doubt he’ll clear waivers but here’s hoping. He had some big at bats with this team, at a time when this Red Sox team was really struggling. He isn’t much of a defensive outfielder but he has shown in the last month or so that he belongs in the big leagues. Some team could use him as a 4th outfielder somewhere.

With Cameron back, Hermida is the guy that will see his playing time cut down. Hermida has come up with some big hits in some key spots. He isn’t much of a defensive outfielder but he can handle the bat. He’s a nice option coming off the bench. Of course he’ll get some spot starts here and their, assuming Drew and Cameron stay healthy. Of course a big if when talking about Drew and Cameron. We all know the history with Drew and Cameron isn’t getting any younger.

It sounds like Martinez will be out of the lineup for the next day or so but this Red Sox medical staff has been “wrong” before so we shall see.

Cameron will do well in c.f. but he whiffs too much and that means unproductive outs!

Bucky was walking the tightrope the first three innings and was just a couple of cluch hits away from being knocked out of the box. The fact the Bucky was able to climb out of the hole that he dug himself in showed that he has matured to be a good pitcher.
Big Papi’s HR was not “it is high, it is far and it is gone” like the HR call by John Sterling. The HR was a line drive HR. Don’t see it too often.
We know McDonald would be DFAed once Cameron is activated. Thank you Darnell when the Sox really needed your bats at the funky time.
The way I look at Cameron is like Beltre has done so far. Cam may have a shaky start at CF and all will end up well.

hey all….sorry been away for long ,long time….workin really killer hours…. was never a fan of grabbin cameron but we shall see how he finshes…….i would have rather seen dye or a kid as a left fielder…..beltre has been what i thought he woukld be minus the errors….lackey unfortunately has been what i expected also…..gonna be hard to pry a gon from SD also….being a typical sox fan its lookin bleak to me lol….this stretch they are playin in the next 6 weeks will be the whole yr….do good now….then make hay on an easy june schedule….or pack it in…..then again injuries happen and u never know TB or NY could get hit by the bug….someone will have to look at theos job though if this season comes to pass….we have some real exciting kids commin soon….maybe next yrs offseason will be the big splash with alot of money being removed from payroll…..i think theo will really pull a major move for a bat …..and think he will do it sooner than later…..a real threat for power….unless papi keeps rollin….anyhoo….ill be around when i can….go sox….judge……with clevelands history of trades…i wonder if sizemore can be had?…..

Judge, good to hear from you. You’re smart to grab the work when it’s there.
Last night on ESPN the announcers said Cameron is going to play left field. He’ll be missing games from time to time due to his advanced age, so Tito wants to keep Ells in center for stability. That’s a good move. Although I think Hermida might be a better choice. He has some clutch hits. Cameron brings his .233 average and 50% strike out ratio to the plate, not good.
Also, it was fan-freaking-tastic to see the Sox force the announcers off their TB love-fest and make them have to praise the Sox. Way to go!!
Buchholz is emerging as ace caliber. He got into trouble in the first 2 innings, and not all his fault, but he settled in and didn’t crumble.

ya and the future looks bright for some talent excelling in the minors…..we have a king felix in the making?….lol….if hes half as good ,we will be lucky….judge….and i agree arnie i would rather see hermida…

Hey, Judge, good to hear from ya! Good to hear you’ve got some work to keep you busy!
Last I looked, Sizemore is on the DL, and he has had some injury history of his own in recent years. If we’re worried about keeping healthy players on the field, now may not be the best time to grab him–Cleveland might be TOO willing!
I’d rather have Hermida also, but that doesn’t seem so likely, unfortunately. I hope we’re wrong there!
I don’t know if Papi will keep rolling, but I’ll take it while it lasts!
This coming off-season will be interesting to see what kids do come out of the minors, and what moves might be made once some of our payroll does come off the books. I think you are right, whether it is A-Gon or someone(s) else, we’ll see some moves made, sooner rather than later.

obviously the pitching of late ( esp buch ) has been greatly improved and the key to some improved play but i still think ortiz is the real key to this teams success level. when he hits like he has in the month of may it really adds a missing component that they will need over the course of the year if they are going to challenge.

The Sox need the bats of Papi, Youk, and V-mart. If all of them go to slump at the same time, the Sox are in trouble. That was exactly what happened at the end of last season where the bats of JBay, Ortiz and Youk were so quiet you could hear the pin drop and the slump carried over to the the postseason.

It sounds like a broken record. I don’t think Bard should be repeatedly used when the Sox led by 5 runs, not for the sake of saving Bard for the next close game. We need a healthy Bard down the stretch. JF and uncle Tito must know better than I do.

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