Cameron in center — at least tonight

Mike Cameron will hit ninth for the Red Sox tonight in his first game back from the disabled list. He will also be in center field. However, it sounds like that is not going to be a common occurrence for the next few weeks.Jacoby Ellsbury — who is taking a rest tonight — will be the team’s primary center fielder, at least while Cameron recovers from a lower abdominal strain. Ellsbury’s interpretation of the move is that he will play center for “the duration of the season.”

This is an injury that could linger a little for Cameron all season long, so it would not be a surprise at all if left field be comes his primary position for the foreseeable future. And now we get word that Ellsbury had soreness in his left side before the game and Darnell McDonald — who was supposed to be designated for assignment to make room for Cameron — has resurfaced. Scott Atchison was designated for assignment to make room for Cameron. More on that later

Josh Beckett threw off flat ground earlier this afternoon and threw briefly off the mound. He might throw a full-blown side session on Friday. No word yet on if Beckett will be able to be activated as soon as he is eligible — on June 3 vs. Oakland.

Here is tonight’s lineup:

Scutaro SS
Pedroia 2B
Drew RF
Youkilis 1B
Ortiz DH
Beltre 3B
Hermida LF
Varitek C
Cameron CF

Lester SP


Here’s hoping that this trend continues up and up!!!!

I think Ellsbury may not fully understand what the word “indefinite” means. It doesn’t mean forever, it means “lacking precise limits,” which does not imply that he’ll be playing CF the whole season, just that he will for now and they don’t know about the future. Francona should clear this up (unless that is what he meant) before somebody gets upset.

I’m all in favor of having Ellsbury in c.f.

It should be a great game tonight. Doing the little things could be the difference. I’m guessing a low scoring game inside the dome tonight.

Beltre with a good rip but right at Crawford. More quality at bats by Boston, they made Davis work last night and they made Shields work in the 1st inning.

Lester wasn’t even close with Bartlett at the plate. A leadoff walk is never a good thing.

McDonald is back but then again did he ever leave??? lol…

Lester is all over the place, he’s fighting himself right now.

Why would Zobrist try to bunt?? Your hitting third in the lineup for a reason, your supposed to drive in runs!

Shields settled down in the second inning, I hope Lester does the same.

Crawford has one helluva glove, he’s the best defensive left fielder in the game. I think he’ll be wearing pinstripes next year, even though Crawford would look good in Boston.

T.B. has some automatic outs in their lineup tonight. Navarro and Kapler at the bottom should be a breeze for Lester.

I think the pitchers duel has begun.

I love watching Ortiz go the other way. Some 2 out damage, gotta love it. Ortiz looks locked in at the plate, he is very confident in that box.

I’m done talking to myself! LOL!!

bosox , It’s when you answer yourself the real problems begin plus you don’t have to deal with the whining unless you want to whine . HP Ump has a very wide strike zone , Lester has been the recipient of some lucky calls .

I totally agree , whining uses up too much energy and there are better uses for that energy

I totally agree about the whining, it uses energy that can be put to better use . Maybe this team has hit their stride . I wondered if Crawford had made contact and that was why he was tossed

Maybe this team has found their stride . I agree with you whining gets you nowhere and the energy used can be put to better use

I see the site is posting out of order again ………sorry for the repeated post


I don’t think Lester had his best stuff tonight but he battled out on that mound tonight. He never gave in.
Lester has had the benefit of a few calls with that wide strike zone. Shields has had some calls his way as well.

Beltre with some great stops down at third. That is the Beltre that I have seen with the Dodgers and Mariners. Beltre’s high avg. has surprised me, I thought he would hit around .285 or so, his power numbers are still down. I was hoping for more power from him.

Delcarmen didn’t even break a sweat out there tonight. He is looking good so far this year.

No whining here, why bother. It takes to much energy to whine and cry. These T.B. announcers are doing their fair amount of crying about the umps.

Shields has retired 16 in a row, a couple of mistakes from the righty and that is why he is trailing.

When Crawford was arguing with the home plate umpire it looked like he made contact with the umpire. The bill of his helmet might have hit the ump on his nose. Crawford didn’t do it on purpose but it looked like he did hit him. Perhaps a suspension is looming for the Rays l.f. We shall see.

Red Sox pitching has been unreal in the last 72 hrs. or so.

Youkilis with a leadoff walk, a much needed insurance run!

Papelbon hasn’t exactly mowed them down lately.

Beltre should try and steal second, get on second with 2 outs.

This will be an interesting bottom of the 9th.

I guess this is Theo’s run prevention.

Starting pitching, starting pitching that is the name of the game! It’s amazing how good team is when they get it.

So the Sox de DFAed McDonald and DFAed Atchison. Unreal! Crawford’s first pitch strike reminded me of the pitch that Ortiz was called strike 3.
Shields no hit the Sox after 3d inning but it came one batter too late. lol.
Beltre has pushed the 3d base to a higher level. Is there a better 3d baseman at his price out there? Let me know.
The Sox have achieved what we had hoped for in the series. Tonight the Sox are playing with the house money. If we win, it’s a bonus. If not, too bad and shame on Lackey. Go Sox.

moanin all…….well the sox are rollin…now is the rt time also…finish the rays off and make up some real ground on yanks and rays durin the favorable schedule time…SD is in 1st place which makes it impossible to pry Agon from them….especially to the sox….there are a few teams that will be lookin to cut payroll very soon tho….the sox need a power hitting OF who isnt a defensive liability……goood luck with that one….maybe corey hart….not much upgrade there…dye….well i think hes a risk….even if papi continues to hit….nancy we all know will be hurt eventually…jake is still sore…..theo im sure has been and will be callin teams lookin for a slugger….if hes not ….he better soon…when the dog days hit we are gonna need that bat….heres an interestin tidbit….fielder is a free agent after next yr…the brew crew are goin no where fast with no pitchin staff…how would ya like to see his bat in the line up….i know he will be a bowlin ball by 30 like his dad but rt now hes a masher… find room for him….maybe ask yuke to play left…he does everythin else we ask….just a thought…..judge

gotta admit i’m pleasantly surprised they are gonna wind up with a worst case 8-5 stretch over these past 13 games. hopefully they have kinda turned a corner and will at least play more like the team they were supposed to play like. still not sure that’s good enough but with injuries in NY and ortiz hitting again anything is possible i suppose. maybe lackey will decide to show up tonite and join the festvities.

The Sox have passed the test of this road trip regardless the outcome of tonight?s game. The next stretch of series will be easy so to speak. But again, the Sox were swept by the hapless Oreos. But again, it was then the lifeless Sox.
Assuming AGon is available at the deadline, but at what price? Beltre is playing awesome 3B. Ortiz is smashing the ball like it was in 2007. Youk is Youk. Might as well go after AGon in the off season if he is still available. If not, so be it. Go Sox.

i agree totally
……….as long as the sox dont gve up kelly in the deal im ok

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