Papi back home tonight — in three-hole

The combination of a short-handed Red Sox lineup tonight — no Ellsbury, no Drew, no Victor — has put David Ortiz back in his former home in the batting order, the three-hole. Ortiz didn’t know about the move until a flock of reporters informed him of it before the game.

Was he excited about it? “I’ll let you know after the game,” Ortiz chuckled.

During Ortiz’s slump of epic proportions early last season, manager Terry Francona took his slugger out of that spot, and this is the first time he’s been back there since May 24, 2009 against the Mets.

Ortiz has played 662 games and had 2,521 at-bats batting third, more than double his total of any other lineup slot. He has 177 of his 326 homers hitting third.

Meanwhile, a pretty big game for the Red Sox tonight if they can pull out a three-game sweep here against Garza and the Rays. Coming here 8 1/2 games back and leaving 5 1/2 back would be a significant leap.


Let the beat go on!! Onward and upward!!!

Why Drew is out against a RHP? If Drew is not available that leaves only Lowell and Hall on bench. Bard has been extensively used lately and doubt he is available. Pap may have to pitch 2 nights in a row.

do the sox not have a medical staff? i mean seriously. cameron can play but not every day. ells is ready to go then goes 1-15 or what ever it was and suddenly he’s hurt again. drew who knows. probably indoor allergies. v-mart? a bruised toe? ever hear of novacaine? i mean either these guys are healthy enough to play every day or they are not. if they are not put em on the DL til they are. it really seems counter productive to me to be mixing and matching your lineup every day. i’d rather have 100% of the guys taking their place every day than 75% of them occasionally. oh well. maybe lackey decides to make an appearance tonite.

I thought going into this series the Red Sox could take 2 out of 3 but I never thought that Boston would have a chance at a sweep. It will be a tough task because Garza is on the hill and he has thrown some gems against the Red Sox. Lackey was given a long term big $$$ contract to be a very effective starter and so far he has been up and down ( more down than up ) The Red Sox starters are on a roll and Lackey doesn’t want to be that guy to screw it up.

Remember back in mid April when T.B. ran all over the Red Sox that weekend, so far that running game has been stymied in this series. Alot of low averages in this T.B. lineup and also guys that do alot of swing and missing.

I am hoping that Boston can seal the deal in Orlando tonight. I’m expecting Orlando to come out quick, I hope the Celtics can match their intensity! The Celtics clinched the Eastern Finals on the road in 2008, so why not do that again in 2010 but this time in Orlando.

Last night Beltre did it with his glove ( some great stops down at third last night ) and 24 hours later he is doing it with his bat.

Garza’s pitch count is starting to climb. Maddon might be making some trips to the mound tonight.

watching lackey pitch is like watching cameron at bat. you just ask yourself WTF was theo thinkin? there was NOTHING on the resume of either one that suggested they would really help this team and they’re not. not their fault. just piss poor scouting and evaluation.


The Red Sox are playing their best baseball of the year and all you can see is the NEGATIVE. The first month or so this team deserved the criticism they got but right now they are gelling.

Ortiz CRUSHED that one!

Garnett, Davis and Rondo with (2) fouls each. That is not a good sign.

No matter what people say or don’t say about Tek vs V-Mart — it seems awfully conspicuous to me that we are seeing improvement and consistency in pitching all around now that we seeing greater participation by Tek. If you ask me what is of greater value to the SOX — Tek behind the plate or V-Mart’s bat?… hmm let’s see — I thought we were built around run-prevention this year?

Given that strategy or not — I think the strongest team (right now) is with Tek behind the plate – so long as he doesn’t tire out. So if I were Tito, I would split time between V-Mart and Tek — keep them both fresh — and if I had to favor one – I would play Tek three games and V-Mart two — until the pitching demonstrates that it is on auto-pilot, then maybe reverse the emphasis — depending upon the needs of the team — but pretty much keep them even.

Or alternatively, how about committing to our so-called run-prevention strategy and put Tek in in late innings when we have a lead — like we do with other positions — because it really seems that Tek is significantly more effective with our bullpen than V-Mart right now.

Hey all. I haven’t posted on this blog this year to date but I am wondering where on earth this we inherited this wssoxfan entity! Nothing but negative comments from this source! I can see why some of the regulars have abstained from participating on the blog. However, that being said, we are really starting to put things together after a pretty dismal start. Some of Theo’s signing have been questionable but Adrian Beltre has been all we could have asked for so far. I have not been one of Big Papi’s supporters of late but he is certainly proving me wrong. No matter what others may say about JD, he is playing well so far. The jury is out on Marco Scutaro from my perspective. He has been up and down so far. A great sweep for the Redsox. It couldn’t have happened to a better team than the Rays. The win streak included some of the best teams and that is what we were looking for. GO SOX.

Good to see the Red Sox sweep the Rays at the Trop! 9-4 over these past 13 games–not too shabby, either! Glad to see Papi has found his HR stroke (’bout time) and Beltre getting hot, also! Dice-K goes tomorrow–let’s see if he can follow up his solid start! Great job, Sox! Keep it going! GO SOX!
(Now, can the CELTICS finish a series???)

How can anyone be so negative when the Sox took 2 of 3 from the Phillies and then sweep the Rays? 5 of 6 where some of you said you’d take a split and now this isn’t good enogh. At first the naysayers were staying away after the Phillies series and now after sweeping the Rays have still found reasons to complain. At least wait until the Sox start playing crappy again before you try to bring the world down with you. They might be playing the best ball of anyone right now……..and still the negative….Wow….give yourself a break and enjoy life for a few days…….Go Sox!!!!!

I did not see the game tonight…was Lackey as bad as wssoxfan says?

Any doubter on Beltre? His bat may cool off eventually but not his glove. How bad was Lackey? 6.1 innings 2 runs. Very bad compared to Bucky and Lester.

ellen for the record i don’t think I ever called you a nazi of any form blog or otherwise. i think you got me confused with someone else on that one. i can think of some much better or more accurate adjectives for you than that.🙂 i also i think if you look back at the vast majority of my comments in the month of may i’ve been mostly very positive about play of this team. i’ve been critical of lackey and cameron ( just like you and/or others for example have criticized JD and dice-k ) but it’s nothing against them or a negative. they IMO were simply signings who really don’t help this team in the long run and $$$ that coulda been better spent. like i said it’s not their fault. can’t blame em for taking the cash. it’s just my opinion i could be wrong ( hope i am ) and don’t ask anybody to neccisarily agree with it. i’m sorry if anything i say gets someone upset but at the end of the day i compliment what IMO is good and i criticize what IMO is bad. last nite for example overall was another really good win. lackey was mediocre but got away with it and managed to squeeze out 6 innings. gotta say though i love how people read stuff on here and pretend they know someone. like you can tell if there is a sarcastic or joking tone in comments made online…..very amusing.

And I thought I was the only one fed up with all the RedSox Negative comments from wssoxfan. I told him that if I gave him the world, he’d want a fence around it and that if he were to be hung, he would want a gold rope. What my point to him was (though I am sure that he never saw a point to what I was writing) that he is never satisfied. Negativity when the Sox were losing so badly could be chalked up to frustration, but with him now I can see he is just a whiner. If he had a child and that child brought home an “A” on his report card, he’s say something like “good job, BUT……” He always has something to say to detract from ANYTHING the Sox do!!! He called me a blog nazi, well, I guess now I’m not the only one who is tired of hearing his crap. As far as his comment about Victor and novocaine, had he listened to Tito or the broadcast last night he would have found out that Victor couldn’t even get his foot into his cleat, I suppose he would just want him to get a bigger shoe….. GET OVER YOURSELF BUD!!!

Beltre had a great night on both sides. Both his homeruns were pretty to watch. And it looks like Papi has found his stroke. He is getting around on those fastballs now. I just hope that the Sox continue this trend.

OKINTHEOK.. Nice to see you around these parts!! Hope that you’re doing well.

The Sox are playing great baseball right now and I’m lovin’ it!!
Boy, was I wrong about Papi! I thought he was finished, but he is crushing the ball and hitting with runners on base. Sorry Papi.
And Beltre, too. He has settled down at third base and now he seems to have gotten his power back. Go Beltre!!
So if Lackey doesn’t have his good stuff, but battles through it and limits the damage, good for him!
I’m going to enjoy every minute of this!
Craig is right. Relax, enjoy.
Go Sox!!
Hey, don’t look now, but the Sox have the best record in the AL, maybe all of MLB, in the month of May. Way to go, Sox!!!

I too was wrong about Papi. I hope he continues to make me eat humble pie!!
Hi Arnie.. How goes it?? Missed you on the chat.
Zach Greinke is on the hill for KC tonight. He has had bad outings save for 1 I think this season. Now would NOT be a good time to have him change that.
Like I keep saying: trend upward!!! Go Sox!

I was wrong about Papi and about Bucky as well. Dave sticks with Bucky all the time. But I was right about Beltre before the season started and hopefully right about Cameron too. The Sox have passed the most critical stretch (NY, Phil, TN) with flying colors. The next 4 series are against the 3 losing teams and 1 .500 team. Do let down and keep the winning steak going.
Haven?t seen Beltre?s one knee HR for long time. Reggie Jackson used to do it from the left side a lot.

Last time I checked , this was Ian Browne’s blog and open to anyone who wanted to express their opinion . We are not going to always agree with one another but berating one another because we don’t agree with someone is childish . Debate things all you want , it is a good thing but remember you don’t get the inflection of a voice with the typed word . I have been reading this blog since day one and constantly have seen the typed words “everyone is welcome ” , what happened to that ? I have said my piece now you can fire away at me .

One more thing , Arnie I miss your recipes

Hey thanks, nakedtruth. Nice of you to say that. I toned it down because I was worried that the recipes were annoying for some folks here. This is a sports blog after all. Plus I have been really busy. I will try to mix one or two recipes in from time to time.
Hi Ellen. I simply haven’t had the time to hang out on the chat site lately. Keep up the good work over there.

Arnie….I figured that was the reason . Maybe you can give them creative names such as Pitchout Pasta , Curveball Calamari …maybe they won’t…. Have a great day , time for me to get back to work

So it’s Ok to blast the Sox no matter what but not back the Sox up with your own facts. OK…guess I got the rules down now. BTW…you’ll probably never see a thread hit 500 posts on here again like we had at least 3 times past….wonder why that is? And we can just abitrarily use childish sentences and blurt out the Sox suck and other such statements and expect that there is no reading between the lines or negative inflection on that kind of statement. Wasn’t sure the rules of engagement on here. Glad that’s been cleared up for me. BTW…this was said (typed) very calmly with the best of intentions so I did not try to hurt anyone’s feelings…that is my inflection in case there is any misunderstanding. Now you can blast me….. Arnie, I’ll take another ordwer of those happy pills and something to give me my appetite back!!!!!!!! Above all…..Go Sox….

Ellen, to be fair, it wasn’t WSSoxFan who referred to you as the “blog nazi”. That was someone else.
That said, I do hope that the tone can start to change on this board. The blog I started off-site from MLBlogs is largely due to frustrations I and others have had with the time postings, and not wanting to have to deal with those posting problems during games. It has been a big relief not to have to worry about whether the chat comments we post during a game would get lost, post out of order, or kick us off entirely. The off-site blog, in this humble peon’s opinion, has been worth it just for that.
I have not commented as often on this blog lately, but I hope, now that the off-site blog is running smoothly, that I can interact more here. It was not too long ago that I was the new guy on the blog, and I was welcomed warmly by many here, first on a baseball basis, then on a more familiar basis –brought on, in part, by my own confusion of this person with that person. (I refer to it still as CRS Disease–“Can’t Remember S—“). Many of them graciously shared some things about themselves (more than I was asking for), and I with them. I was welcomed into a family atmosphere that was already there–and for that, I am grateful. The off-site blog has been a means for us to share some things about our day-to-day goings-on that we would not ordinarily share on a baseball blog.
In some ways, when we are talking about “change in tone” on the blog, that is what we are referring to–being willing to talk more than baseball, incl. recipes, etc.
But even at that time, we had some similar misunderstandings that come from the written word, and we newcomers had to clarify what we meant, and the “established” bloggers had to understand us. We had disagreements about Tito and Papi and Wake, and to a lesser degree, Mike Lowell, and we could exchange sharp words then, but we came to understand what the other actually meant, and we are now quite friendly–even when we still disagree about Wake or Tito, etc.
(If you wish to see what I am referring to, go back to about November/ December, 2008–close to the time when I joined the blog. NakedTruth, if you have been reading the blog since the beginning, you may remember this interaction at that time).
My point is that we had our sharp differences then, and we worked through them, because we took the time to do so. I hope we can return to some of that same tone we had then–regardless of whether the Red Sox are winning or losing, or whether we choose to become as familiar with one another now as my blog friends chose to do back then with me, when I was the newcomer. I am grateful that they chose to interact with me. I hope we can interact in a similar fashion with some of you. Take care, all, and have a good day!🙂

You are right Greg…I for one am extremely grateful for your off site blog. It’s just hard to come over here as much anymore because I am probably TOO postitive about the Sox. When I come over here and see that the Sox have won and some folks are tearing the win apart…well…that’s hard to take. Especially when it takes a lot of positive things on a particular night to get a win and only finding the negative. I can see some of that but in an 11-3 win and sweep of the Rays they must have done something right!!!!! It’s like giving someone a 5 dollar bill and have them come back to you saying “that’s nice but I wanted 5 one dollar bills.” It gets old after a while. That being said…it is an open blog…and if I don’t like it I can go elsewhere. And you made that possible. Go Sox!!!!!!

Greg , I remember it very well and the discussion you and I had about Lackey’s contract . For the record, I have never made a negative comment about the sox , win or lose but I don’t think I have the right to chastise others who choose to make such comments . As I said it is Brownie’s site for the fans and each of us is entitled to our opinion . It is the derogatory comments to each other , the name calling that is upsetting especially when we are all here for a common goal . I guess that is too much to ask for or expect so I will go back to my reading . Take care all

I haven’t seen a whole lot of name calling on here. Once in a while but not a lot. I will not do any name calling but I’ll be quick to “challenge” something on here IMO (first time I used this) doesn’t make a lot of sense or someone on here who makes a blatant statement that really has no reason being on here. Freedom of speech comes with responsibility…and if people can’t deal with the repercussions that comes with that then they should be able to deal with the replies they get afterwards. I’m not talking about about disagreements about contracts or who should have signed and not signed and all that stuff that we all have opinions about…I think a lot of people know what I’m talking about. Go Sox.

Don’t go away, nakedtruth, keep posting. The more people who post, the better the blog. You bring a unique perspective, just like everyone else, and that makes the blog more fun to read.
I’m going to work up a recipe for Anise-scented Angel Cake just for you!
And one order of Happy Pills for Craig.
Lugo Linguine for Dave.
Baby back ribs for Ellen and Garry.
Etc, etc…..

Greg, I almost forgot the Spanish Coffee Jello Shots for you!
And the Vodka and Cranberry Sorbet for Brian………

My apologies about my “blonde confusion” on the identity of the
name comment directed at me back awhile. But as for the rest of my statement, I stand by it.
Keep the faith and keep the streak going!
Go Sox!

“It’s my keyboard and I’ll cry if I want to,
Cry if I want to, Cry if I want to.You would cry too, if it happened to you…
“I’ve been a Sox fan since the Curse Years, you see.
“I cheered for Ted and Yaz and Tony C.
“Inside my head I hear the voice of Bill Lee.
“Buckner’s error really traumatized me.
“”My shrink says I’m damaged permanently.”
“It’s my keyboard and I’ll cry if I want to, Cry if I want to, Cry if I want to. You would cry to if it happened to you…….” Sing along, folks!

ellen. stand by what you want to. honestly i could care less. i have never criticized anyone for expressing an opinion ( whether i agree with it or not ) and i sure as hell ain’t gonna start now. like i said i compliment the good i critique the bad. i very rarely single out players and i’ve never that i recall used the phrase “red sox suck”. i may say their play for a game or series of games sux but thats about it. it doesn’t mean i’m any less loyal a fan than anybody who comments on here. in fact i would argue that it further defines my passion for this team to do well. people who have been around the game, or sports in general, know that to get better you acknowledge what you do well but you emphasize what you do poorly in an effort to correct it and get better. i certainly can’t impact the game but it doesn’t mean i can’t recognize and comment on what they need to do better IMO. and thats all it is an OPINION. beyond that it’s a baseball BLOG. it ain’t life changing so i think you are the one who should consider getting over themselves and find something important to get so angry or vent about. if my occasional critical comments get you this bent then i really feel for you because you need a life and in this case no sarcasm or light hearted humor intended. all that said the sox really have a chance to put together a nice run here. 4 with KC and then oak. hopefully they take advantage of it and don’t get fat and happy off a great road effort. have a nice evening all.

While I admit that my life could use some tweaks here and there I assure you that my life is full and fulfilling, but for the close to 5 years that I have been posting to this blog, this has been PART of my life. From it I have gained knowledge of the game of baseball and the game of life.
wssoxfan:You are right about some things, everyone is welcome here, I guess that my love for the RedSox and the fact that I follow them blindly has blurred that. Yes you are welcome to your own opinion, I just happen to think, that while we all are frustrated by them at times, to knock the Sox when they are down is not right. Its like kicking a dog when it’s down.
I apologized to you for wrongly i.d.’ing you as the name caller and do so again. I hope that we can go forward from here with a clean slate. Ultimately we do have one thing in common: We all love the RedSox, and as in life differrent people show love and caring in different ways.

I hope that Wake can put together another game like his last. Did anyone notice that on MLBTv and Sports Center after Wakes performance last week that they concentrated on the Phillies loss and all but ignored Wakes good pitching and the bats of the Sox?..
I hope that the Sox come out of the gate hot and heavy with the bats tonight!!
Go RedSox

I have to say, as a regular reader I have been surprised with the lack of support the more negative posters have received on this blog. I can absolutely see the issues with posters being rude or calling each other names etc. but as long as nobody is resorting to childish tactics, I see no problem with healthy debate.

I can look at it from either side. Positive posters may see the more negative posters as taking them down, bringing down the mood, kicking the Sox while they are down and virtually any other phrase with the word “down” in it. posters who tend to point out flaws and make comments on the problems they see may see the other posters as being too optimistic and instead of analyzing the team they simply decide to accept a win as a win no matter how it came about.

I think both sides have valid points. The Pessimistic posters really should try to appreciate the wins and the good performances. By the way wssoxfan, I suppose I’m a pessimistic fan as well, because I do agree with many of your points. One idea might to be, in order to take some of the heat off of yourself, is maybe be a little more careful about how you word things, maybe try to inject a few more positive points and observations, because it very well may kind of offset the more critical comments. Just an idea but it might help the other bloggers be more open to your points and take notice that your comments are not 100% negative.

I know this was long winded but this blog really is like a family and it isn’t easy to watch it picking itself apart. Everyone just try to remember there are two sides to every coin and both sides are worth looking at. Let’s start another winning streak! Go Sox!

Then there is my read/opinion, which is “that” middle ground which is the absolute perfect perspective in every case, although few (especially Theo and Tito) have come to recognize that🙂 LOL

There are a lot of Sox fans who lived through the “wilderness years” ….’67, ’75, ’78, ’86, the 90’s, 2003 to name a few infamous highlights. Many of us who wandered like the Israelites through the desert, found the Land of Canaan in 2004 and have never looked back. But there are some who maintain the “for every silver lining there is a cloud” attitude. Like my old neighbor who suffered through the Great Depression and always had more food crammed into her kitchen than she could eat in 3 life-times, some Sox fans never got over the trauma of Sox Fandom from those bleak years. They still feel the Sword of Damocles hanging over Fenway. So be it.
But we should never miss an opportunity to have a little fun here. You just never know…………..

Arnie you are refreshing…….. Have a great day

What happened to Dice-K last night?? His last start he tossed a one hitter and last night ( against a much weaker lineup ) he couldn’t find home plate with a G.P.S. Totally unacceptable! Boston paid with the posting fee and his long term contract over 100 million dollars for the services of Dice-K. The Seibu Lions are laughing all the way to the bank, they cashed that 51.1 million dollar check quick. I’m sure the Red Sox wish they could turn the clock back on this one. Another long term big $$$ contract that Theo missed on.

Ellsbury back on the D.L. I think this Red Sox medical staff should be drug tested! Remember it took them rougly 10 days to put Ellsbury on the D.L. back in April, he comes off the D.L. this past Sat. and is back on it again. Wow! You can’t even make this stuff up.

bosox. sounding awfully negative there dude.🙂 i made basically the same asessment a couple days ago. i think they may have outsourced their medical issues to india.

torthoox. point well taken BUT the thing is i don’t just log one here and trash them when they play bad. i’ve probably been on here for 90% of their games and not that i would suggest anybody wasting their time doing it but if you look back thru the year as i said when they’re good i say their good. when they’re bad i say they’re bad. now my bad comments may be more critical than my good comments are positive but damn they have the second highest payroll in baseball. they are SUPPOSED to be good and some of the baseball they have played this year has been hideous. i don’t see the problem with acknowledging that. i’ll continue to post on here because i enjoy talking sports in general. if my opinions rub some people the wrong way i’m sorry but a lot of folks have given their lives to allow us to express ourselves the way we choose and just because i disagree with someone doesn’t mean i’m gonna suggest they change. at least as long as its not a personal attack. some people may see it differently. now. last nite sucked. dice was awful but if you score 3 runs against anybody not named grienke for KC you deserve to lose. hopefully tonite will be better. off to the single malt.

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