Sox seeking a Sunday split

After losing the first two games of this series, a gem by Clay Buchholz Saturday night has put the Sox in position to salvage a split of this four-game series. They have a decisive advantage today in the pitching matchup, with a red-hot Jon Lester taking on Bruce Chen.

Dustin Pedroia will not start today. Obviously the little second baseman is scuffling at the plate. Today’s off-day coincides with Monday’s team day off, which means a well-rested Pedroia can take the field on Tuesday night.

Victor Martinez will also take a breather today after playing the last two games on a badly bruised left toe.

Josh Beckett held court with the media a little while ago. He doesn’t seem overly concerned about his back injury, thinking he could experience great improvement at any time. If anything, Beckett feels the team was overly conservative not letting him throw the last two days. But as he said, “Everyone has to answer to somebody.”


Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you?re gonna have to serve somebody.
Bob Dylan

Perhaps the staff was overly conservative in putting Beckett on the DL, but I doubt it–esp. if the update is that he might miss more extended time. We’ll see. More than anything, though, we need Beckett not only to be healthy, but also to be EFFECTIVE. I sure hope that is what we see, whenever Beckett returns. GO SOX!

Looks like the 2010 RedSox have returned just in time for June — inconsistent pitching and no offense — either that or they are planning to make the playoffs only by playing the good teams, and not showing up for the so-called lesser teams.

remember the fallen today………..the greatest gift u can give is your life….in defense of your country or if asked another….i was recently asked to attend a memorial day remembrance for a comrade of mine that fell with me…..7 of us went in and 2 cameout….1 later succombed to his injuries…being the last of zulu team, 3rd bat, bravo com….i have never been able to attend this ceremony ….someday i hope to have enough strength too….but for now i remember them in my own way….if u all could pls just say ty…it doesnt matter where or when it was…it just matters that it was….so for my buddies who came home…but were not living….i salute you…..i was lucky ,and you are heros….cheers brothers…i remember u always…judge

Very well said, Judge. Thank you to you, and all the veterans on this board, and those who serve us today in the military. THANK YOU–we are in your debt. God Bless you!

Greg is right. We need a healthy and EFFECTIVE Beckett back to the rotation. Unless Beckett re-establishes himself, he is at best a no. 3 or 4 starter at the moment. We have 2 ACE type pitchers in the rotation and Becket has to take a back seat until he is proven again to be the ace. Go Sox.

I would have liked to seen 3 of 4 from K.C. but after dropping the first two games, I’m happy with a split. Thanks to Buchholz and Lester, they were sharp again. After getting off to another rough start. Lester is showing everyone he is not only the “ace” of this staff, he is one of the best starters in the game.

Pedroia with a much needed day off today, perhaps his knee is still a little sore and that explains his troubles at the plate.

Delcarmen with another solid outing, I hope he proves me wrong but then again he was solid in the first half last year. I still think Boston needs another reliable arm or two in the pen but then again maybe Bill Hall could be that arm they are looking for. LOL!! Ortiz had a big month of May, he’s another one I hope he proves me wrong and others as well. Even when Ortiz was hitting last year, he still had issues with the hard stuff inside. That is not the case with this hot streak, he’s crushing anything and everything the pitcher is throwing. He looks very confident in that box and when he is hitting, it makes the lineup that much tougher to pitch to.

Starting pitching will be the key from this point forward. Look no further than the first two games against K.C. Dice-K was all over the place on Thurs. and Fri. night Wakefield got lit up. Last night Buchholz was excellent and Lester was solid yet again. I wonder which games Boston won??? I wonder which games Boston lost??? If you get solid starting pitching, you’ll keep your team in the game and it will keep the bullpen fresh. Two months in the book. As bad as Boston looked in the first month or so, they are in fairly decent shape. Let’s see how they look from today until the All Star Break. Remember how bad the Yankees were last year, they were not a good team in the first two months. They didn’t catch fire until late June.

Hey Judge, I watched a movie today that was very appropriate for this weekend. It was called “Taking Chance” and Kevin Bacon played the part of a Marine Colonel who voluteered to take a fallen Marine, who was from his home town, back to his family. I won’t say any more than that, but it is a great movie for anyone to watch, and if it doesn’t bring at least a couple of tears to your eyes, you have no heart.

I agree with your assessment Brian. Right now, Dice-K and Beckett are unknown quantities. Lackey has been inconsistent. Wake will win a few more than he will lose if given the chance to pitch. That leaves the burden with Lester and Buchholz. It’s a shaky situation at best. The good news is that it’s been much better lately.

Hey! BosoxBrian!

How are you? I know its been a long time, and some of you may have been wondering — Why don’t he write? Well, I’m back!!!

A few years ago, I would have favored trading JonL for Santana, in the off-season I would have favored trading Clayboy for Adrian Gonzalex…When will I ever learn? (Though, that said, I would have also favored trading Michael Bowden when the Sox could have gotten a whole lot more for him than the handful of jelly beans they’d likely see right now).

Thank goodness I am not in charge of managing their talent. Clayboy and Lester rank tied for 1st and tied for 3rd in AL wins, and 7th and 8th in ERA, with JonL second in AL K’s, even after the miserable April JonL endured. Now, if the Sox could only have one more of their starters perform predictably well…they just seem to be all over the lot…and they have $150 Mil tied up in Lackey and Beckett, whereas Clayboy and JonL are downright bargain basements. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not giving up on Lackey…not just yet.

Sox will be in Cleveburg in a week…my sister from Worcester (sounds like the beginning of a “dirty limerick” doesn’t it!) is coming to visit and go to the Monday and Tuesday games. As I line up the rotation, should mean we see Dice-K on Monday, and Wake on Tuesday. Wake has pitched really well whenever I’ve been in the crowd, so let’s see how he does next week. I sure would like to see Wake get the majority of the 17 wins he needs to surpass Rocket/Cy Young this year, so it becomes basically a formality next year. Although, with the way JonL is going, Wake’s holding that distinction may be short-lived. Move over, Mel Parnell, lefty on his way by!

Hope all is well with you…and the gang. Will write more soon!

Thank you to all the men and women who have served or who are in service now. Where would we be with out you? I don’t think that I want to know the answer to that question.


Wow, I was just asking Greg the other day if he or anyone else had heard from you. We’ve missed you!!!! Glad to see you are still among us!

Morning everyone,

Veterans day it is. Clay, whom everyone wanted to trade but me is our best starter outside of Lester (have to gloat on this one). Clay is going to be a superstar. I see him in the Hall. Beckett has back problems. I think they are nagging and he’s been compensating for them for a while. This could be a problem for Beckett but its all guesswork. We have no information that has been given us.
Lackey is really struggling. He reminds me of the two arms we picked up last year but unlike last year, Lackey is here to stay with us. I miss Masterson. We really took a hit by giving him up. Tim Wakefield will win more than losing and he’s a team player.

My weekend is “officially complete” because D. Benjamin is baaaaacccccccckkkkk! lol. I’m guessing he would have celebrated the Buckeyes win over Oregon in the Rose Bowl but I didn’t think it would take this longgggg. Anyway it’s good to here from him.

I’m with him when he spoke about Wakefield passing Clemens, that will be a GREAT day/night when that happens. In a perfect world it happens at Fenway. We all know with Wakefield, it’s literally “hit” or “miss”. He’s either missing their bats or they are hitting him, that’s what you get from a knuckleball. When he does go on a roll ( assuming he does ) he usually goes deep into the game and has a string of solid starts for about a month or so. It’s about innings when dealing with starters like Wakefield and Dice-K. Just give Boston some solid innings and keep your team in the game. Dice-K has all the stuff ( we have seen a fewgems since he’s come to the states ) but he needs to be more consistent!When he got his butt kicked in N.Y. he blamed Martinez, that didn’t go well in that clubhouse. His next start in Philly he looked like Halladay and his last start he looked like Brian Rose. Dice-K is like a roller coaster. I’m with D. Benjamin about Lackey, I haven’t given up on him…yet! Lackey needs to throw more strikes, it’s that simple. Easier said than done of course. Boston has the makings of a very solid rotation. I don’t see a Matt Clement type in that rotation or a Jason Johnson for that matter.

I wouldn’t mind seeing another outfielder added to the mix come late July. Who knows with Ellsbury ( off the D.L. AND now back on it ) Cameron isn’t 100% and so far Drew has been healthy but we know his history with missing games and Drew isn’t getting any younger.

Morales broke his leg on Sat. I wonder if the Angels will call Boston and ask about Mike Lowell??? It’s just a matter of time when Lowell is dealt away. He’s watching alot of games like me, he’s getting more $$$$ and his seat is much better! LOL!!

Have a great Memorial Day, everyone! Thank you, all of you who have served this country, esp. those on this board. Craig, Garry, Judge, Phil, Mike/Shakenbake, just to name a few. Thank you, all of you. Ellen, a tip of the cap to your family, also.

DBen! Good to see you are still alive and kicking. I hope you are still doing well, and I hope we see you more often around here! Take care, DBen!

Id like to thank all of the fallen on this very special day….the greatest gift you can give is your life and id like to give a very humble thank you to all of those soldiers who donated their lives to keep us free and provide support for those who needed it….i was lucky i came home,when alot of very good friends did not….judge…………………………………………………….

who would like to see dye roavin left field for us…power ,a team plr….great guy off the bench….fill in for nancy when the proverbial injury happens…..why is he not signed…come on theo…..we could use anoth BP guy also……do somethin u log….judge

God Bless America….and all those troops abroad and here in the States that provide a warm blanket of freedom over all of us tonight and every night so that we may sleep and rise in peace even though havoc wreaks all around us. It’s the military AND civilians that make up the total force that keeps this great country free. God Bless America….

As we remember those who sacrificed to leave us a legacy of freedom, please take a moment to pray for those who currently are placing their lives on the line for us: the Marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen, cops and firefighters. God bless them all!

Okay, after eating all those ribs, burgers, dogs and the like, is anyone ready to watch some BASEBALL??? I am. I don’t want the Sox to have too much of a rest, gotta keep ’em focused and winning. I hope that Pedey comes out of this funk. SOON. If things were firing on all cylinders, how great would that be?

Well, I’m late to the Memorial Day party. But better late than never: Thanks to all you veterans who put your lives on the line to protect us. A huge thanks!! And for the fallen, Via con Dios. Go with God.

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