Getting shallow again in the outfield?

Just when it looked like Mike Cameron was getting healthy again after his big day at the plate on Sunday, he experienced recurring soreness during Monday’s off-day and was not in tonight’s lineup.

Cameron was examined before tonight’s game by Red Sox medical director Dr. Thomas Gill. Hopefully we will have more information after the game.

With Jacoby Ellsbury back on the DL, the Sox can ill-afford to lose Cameron again.


Red Sox outfield getting thin, I made a comment about that the other day. Cameron will be hurting all season long. I have read where Cameron will have surgery when the season is over, something tells me Cameron will have issues all season long and it wouldn’t surprise me if Cameron went under the knife during the season. Cameron is in his late 30’s, he’s not getting any younger. We also know the history of J.D. Drew, so getting an outfielder either late July or before could be high on Theo’s list. I’m not sure who that player is because I don’t know who is available and who isn’t available. If I recall last year, Boston was discussing Martinez sometime last June. This is the time of year when teams decide to dump some salary and make players available and the g.m.’s START talking and trying to set up deals towards the July trading deadline.

Brian, I think you are right. I don’t think Cameron will stay healthy at all this year. Surgery or not. We’ll see! GO SOX!

Brian, I think you are right. I don’t think Cameron will stay healthy at all this year. Surgery or not. We’ll see! GO SOX!

Lackey was ineffective but not horrible. A big swing of the bat by Beltre got the Red Sox within 1 run. Hall tied the game and of course the big V-Mart, unbelievable. Theo acquired Beltre for defense and now he exceeds everybody?s expectation. Beltre let his bat and glove do the talking and silence his crtics. Now we see why Hall over McDonald. Hall plays OF and IF and doesn?t hit much but his BA with risp is close to .300.
It depends on whether Ellsbury is coming back any time soon. If both Cameron and Ellsbury are out, Theo may acquire a new OF whoever that one may be. Riddick is not the answer as he can?t even hit AAA pitching.

The Sox are getting the job done, but unfortunately so is everyone else!! lol
It now seems as if the Rays are human.

With good luck and hard work, things are looking better for the Nation. ONWARD AND UPWARD!!

nice to see em bounce back after the start they had on this homestand. lackey was just good enough, again. well thanks to some run support at the right time. he’s starting to remind me of dice-k 2 yrs ago. painful to watch at times but seems to have a knack for hanging around just long enough. the only free agent OF i know off out there with any resume to speak of is jermain dye. wouldn’t surprise me to see reddick back up if they need somebody though. theo seems infatuated with him for some reason. hopefully the good dice twin shows up tonite.

Theo doesn?t have to rush to search for an OF yet. News on Cameron is good, just inflammation. Like the idea of resting V-Mart albeit his 5 for 5 night and let Tek catch Dice-K. Go Sox.

Andy.. I wouldn’t look for Victor to be catching Dice K anytime soon. Dice K did everything but just come right out and say that it was Martinez’ fault for that awful outing he had acouple of weeks ago!

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