Sweetest swing ever?

Obviously the big news in baseball tonight is the retirement of Ken Griffey Jr., effective immediately. It has been a while since Junior was in his prime, but when he was, I can’t think of a player I enjoyed watching more.

His swing was so fluid and pretty to watch. If you could invent a baseball player, it would probably be Ken Griffey Jr. in the mid 1990s. He was that good. Remember how tremendous a center fielder he was? He would just glide back and make spectacular leaping catches. Though he wasn’t known for his baserunning, he also did that with grace. Who could ever forget his mad dash around the bases in Game 5 of the 1995 Division Series against the Yankees, scoring the walkoff run against the Yankees on Edgar Martinez’s walkoff hit. That was by far the best moment in the history of Seattle baseball.

A generation of kids like to wear their caps backwards becuase of Junior. He is one of the few players who could give you chills just thinking about how great and gifted a player he was.

I’m glad I watched him in his prime. He was a magnificent player.


Very true. Except the part about it being the “big news in baseball” tonight. Well it was…until 10 mins ago. Jim Joyce stole a perfect game AND Griffey’s thunder.

Yes, Griffey was fun to watch, Ian. I stiil remember seeing Griffey, SR. play. Hard to think that Junior is now retiring! I wish Griffey had not suffered as many injuries as he had. We’d be talking about him in terms of “HR King”, perhaps instead of Bonds. Congratulations to Griffey. I wish him well in his retirement.

Yes, best swing I ever saw.

For years the Seattle Mariners were the laughing stock of baseball and maybe even in all of sports. They played in one of the ugliest stadiums ever ( never been to the Kingdome, just what I read and heard ) and they had the worst uniforms of all time. Who can ever forget those pitchforks??? UGLY!! Then some kid named Ken Griffey, Jr. came along and he put the Mariners on the map! I was at Fenway that night when he made that spectacular catch, robbing some guy named Wade Boggs! Here’s a nugget… It was also Griffey’s first game ever at Fenway. The numbers Griffey put up were mind boggling. I have never heard his name mentioned with steroids, H.G.H. and all that other garbage. All the attention was on McGwire and Sosa back in 1998, we all know those numbers are tainted! A slam dunk first ballot hall of famer! Anyone back then that could make the Mariners exciting is good enough for me. It was sad to see him end it this way but that is what happens when you love the game like Griffey Jr. You tend to hang around just a little longer than you should but he still leaves with his reputation, unlike others!

How did Jim Joyce miss that call???? Joyce ( thank heaven he isn’t related to me ) could have turned his back to first base and went by sound and got the call right. I think instant replay might include more than just H.R. calls, something tells me next year they’ll expand it. Umpires are missing calls all over the place and I think it’s disgusting.

Dice-K’s last start he walked everyone in a K.C. uniform, tonight he didn’t walk anyone but got hit hard. Dice-K is like a box of chocolates. He did get the W and I guess that is what matters most.

Celtics in 6!

But Mr. Joyce admitted that he blew the call that spoiled the kid’s perfect game and apologized to Galarraga in tears. How good is an apology? Can the League mend the wrong and award the perfect game retroactively?
Dice-K settled down after the 1st inning and was brilliant until 7 inning. Big Papi had the clutch 2 out 2 run HR that put the Sox ahead. For one moment I thought JD’s wasted leadoff triple could come back to haunt the Sox. It almost did.
With the rotation for the A’s series, I am pleased with 2 out 3 wins. This afternoon the Sox are playing with the house money. Go Wakefield, Go Sox, and Go Celtics.

Brian: Your distant cousin blew the call big time. The kid may never pitch close to a perfecto in his career. I agree Big Papi is the reason for the Sox turnaround AND also the pitching, Buchholz, Lester, and yes Dice-K who nearly no hit. Beltre also deserves an honorable mention for his bat and glove.
Bard was lucky in the 7th with runners on in that he gave up 2 hard liners to the 1st and 3rd that barely went foul. I think Bard has been overly used. I don’t want to see him ala Okajima shut down in the heat of pennant/wc race in August. Bard should be judiciously used in a situation like that of last night and in a close game. Go Sox.

Over the years Wakfield has pitched some gems against Oakland. Different lineups but that is how it has worked out a handful of times over the years.

Red Sox starters have given up 22 hits in this series, OUCH!

We have AAA All Star OF this afternoon. Good luck Wake!

ha. it’s a good thing tito already shaves his head because between lackey, dice, and wake i’m not sure he would have any hair left anyway. 3 out of 5 starters where you really have no idea what to expect. could be a 1 hitter or a 20 hitter. oh well. hopefully wake can pull a lackey and hang around a couple more without any further damage.

Damn Ramon, damn Delcarmen.


Please explain your comment. I don’t understand.

bad loss. you score 8 against oakland with basically your B team ( maybe A- ) and dont get a W that’s not good. of course any other manager in b-ball and they probably win. tito’s been conservative with his bullpen ( and everything else for that matter ) early in the year since day 1. no reason to expect anything different now i suppose.

Well now, there’s an interesting comment from Ian.
Either he’s playing a game of Clue with us or he thinks he’s back doing the gossip column for the P-Town Gazette.


LOL! I’m not sure what to make out of Ian’s comments. Did he mean to say Fagan???? Remember him, that was Ellen’s friend.

That was not Ian. Just the infamous IMPOSTER from Bombers Beat. Sorry you guys had to see it!!!

You mean to say there is a person who pretends to be Ian on the Bombers Beat blog? Curiouser and curiouser. Next we’ll be talking to the hookah smoking caterpillar.
Brian, I do remember Fagan. What a nut!! Ah, the good old days…

those comments did seem kinda negative to me. LOL. seriously though they blew a chance today. hopefully they can TCB with balt. and cleve. the next 7. of course TB and NY may never lose another f-in game!

Too many WHAT here? Must be a imposter. So are you Mr. Imposter.
I truly didn’t expect the Sox to win before the game. The Sox had the shot of coming back and they almost did. I was very surprised to see Wake in the 6th. I know the pitch count was very low. But, never mind.
I have never seen Ramon and DC gave up runs so fast. Ideally I’d like to see Bard and Oki. But Bard was unavailable. A big day of our AAA All Star OF went for naught.
Can’t complain the way Sox have been playing lately but so are the other teams and even better. Sigh…

Don’t worry everyone. An f a g is a cigarette in Britain. Relax. Maybe Ian was in the smoking section last night.

Real time post out of order.

Bob, that’s remarkable. Why would someone waste his time in such a useless way?

Not to worry.. This aping cellar dwelling blog troll won’t be here for much longer.. I’ve got it handled!!

I have no clue.
If you do, Bryan Hoch and I would lay orchids at your feet!!!

Tim Bogar had to face the press and take the heat for “running” into trouble twice. Tim should talk to Tito and learn from him. “Hey uncle, how do you become a greatest manager and yet, never mind, and the press leave you alone?”

Hey! BosoxBrian!

I have been spending time in Nevada conducting labor union negotiations for Nye County, which is just West of Clark County (where Las Vegas is), and I was there on Wednesday when the news came across about Jr.’s retirement. I haven’t looked at his numbers, but he played just 22 seasons, suffered all of those injuries, and still hit 630 homers! When you do the math, that’s pretty impressive, almost as impressive as Teddy Ballgame’s 511 while missing 2 significant (and productive) periods of his career to serve in the military in both WWII and Korea! Unfortunately, I am also old enough to remember Jr.’s Dad playing for the “Big Red Machine” and beating the Sox in the ’75 WS!

Someone I was listening to remarked that Joyce had blown a call against Cleveland in the 8th inning of that now controversial game, in which he deprived an Indian of what was clearly a hit, again with a first base call. We don’t hear a lot about that one. I still say the scorekeeper could have salvaged the no-hitter by tagging Miguel Cabrera for being late with the throw. This business about “I didn’t see an error”, to me is just dog poop! I’m also surprised not seeing anyone in the media refer to it as the “28 Out Perfect Game!” Are you telling me that I’m more creative than they are!!!

Unfortunately, I have my golf league Wednesday Night, so I won’t be @ Jacobs, err, I mean Progressive Field when Clayboy (should that now be Cyboy?) pitches against JMast. I really liked Justin, and I would love to see that match-up. As I said in my last posting, I will be there Monday and Tuesday when Dice-K and Wake go. I may just go back Thursday night when JonLefty goes. I’ve never seen him pitch, and still regret the fact of being in Napa, CA with the family when he made his remarkable return to the mound in Cleveburg after conquering lymphoma. I will spend next weekend in Chicago attending my Yankee-loving son’s in law’s surprise 30th birthday party, complete with attendance at the Chicago Symphony and watching Cubs/White Sox in Wrigley, then back to Nevada. I am amazed at what beautiful, mountainous country Nevada is.

If Cyboy and JonLefty keep it up, they could wind up 1-2 for the Cy Young award. If that were to happen, my money would be on JonLefty — great human interest story, he’s been around longer, and all those strikeouts. I don’t mean to get ahead of myself, but it is really nice to see these two youngsters carrying the Sox, with the Sox paying all of their money to Beckett and Lackey!!! When the Spring Training talk focused on the overpowering Red Sox rotation, not much of the focus was on Cyboy?!?!?!? I remember going down to DC last Summer to visit Daughter No. 2, and taking her to the Sat. evening Sox/O’s game when VMart made his debut. As I was driving back to Cleveburg the next day, I was listening to the Sunday afternoon game, when the Sox staked Cyboy to the 7 run lead which he turned around and promptly gave back. You can only imagine how much angry horn-honking I did! Its a good thing that I was sitting in my car at that point, and not in the Sox offices. I probably would have called the Indians and begged them to take Cyboy if only they’d give back JMast (or maybe even Nick Hagadone!). What’s Tito’s favorite line? When you begin to manage like a fan, you’re destined to become one!!! As a sidenote, Daughter No. 2, who had passed the foreign service exam, just found out that she had also passed through the application process successfully. Now all that stands between her and a job in the foreign service is a daunting interview and a background check. When they find out who her father is during the background check, she may just be toast!!! (lol)

The Yankees lose to Toronto, the Rays lose to the Rangers, with their win the Sox pick up a full game on both teams and remain ahead (or I guess tied with) the Jays. Its time for someone named Paul to be hanging lights in a church steeple and yelling out “The Red Sox are coming, the Red Sox are coming!!” (lol) What dya think?

Really nice outing by ClayBoy!! Job well done. With Lester on the hill today I hope tha he does as well!! There is a long way to go so keep moving…
Onward and upward!!!

Every time the leadoff guy was on and was immediately wiped out by a DP. Awesome. Bucky and Lester undoubtedly the co-ace of the staff. Funny the media still refers Beckett as the ace. Ace this, ace that. Beckett hasn’t been a ace like pitcher since 2007 for whatever reason although still is a good pitcher. Go Lester, Go Sox, Go Jays, Go Tex.

Morning everyone,

Clay is dominant. I am SO glad we did not trade him. He’s shown everyone by now he’s the Ace along with Lester. I am happy about that. I really am.
I wish, in a way that Tim pitched last night’s game and Clay went against the O’s. Tim needs a little confidence right now as he can pitch much better than the numbers show.
We really need Lackey and/or Dice-K to show us their stuff. We can’t depend on Lester and Clay to be the only wins on the staff.
Tonight should be another win.

Some may remember the Boston Braves of the late 1940’s, before Hank Aaron and Eddie Matthews arrived. The team had four starting pitchers, including Warren Spahn, a lefthander who would win 363 in his Hall of Fame career, and Johnny Sain, 3 times an All-Star who would win 24 in 1948 and finish 2nd in the MVP voting that year. The cry, familiar to many, was “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain.” Perhaps the Sox cry this year will be “Lester and Buck and pray for luck.” Having said that, I must remind everyone that if Lackey wins tomorrow night vs. Brian Matusz, a well thought of young pitcher who is right now not experiencing his best pitching stretch, he would have 7 wins, and would trail only CYboy, David Price of Tampa Bay and perhaps Andy Petitte (who, at 7-1, is pitching as I write this, and leading the Jays 2-1 in the bottom of the 6th) for most wins in the AL. Perhaps Lackey will be the difference-maker on this year’s squad, making Theo again look like an absolute genius. Let’s hope.

Sorry about all of the nonsense Matt Saiki has been posting here. He is a die hard Athletics fan and keeps wandering into the wrong areas. I think he sleep walks, he still thinks Oakland is in NY. He says Joe Torre is a terrible manager. I hope you get the drift. Please ban him from all mlb blogs.

D. Benjamin,

“Lester and Buck and pray for luck” Very nice, how long did it take for you to come up with that? LOL!! Their are still some people that live in the Boston area and still to this day root for the Braves. That must have been just great to have two teams in the same city. The Braves played where Nickerson Field ( not that far from Fenway Park ) stands today. Of course that is where the Boston Patriots once called home as well.

Don’t forget about Phil Hughes, he’s been solid for the Yankees and could end up with close to 20 wins by season’s end. A lot of good young arms in the A.L. East.

Hey BosoxBrian and Benjamin,

Let’s hope for a win tonight but I would not be surprised to see the Sox take the series. Race is now tight again. Toronto is playing very well along with NY and Tampa. Going to be a very tough race. I suspect whomever wins the east, takes the big prize.

If the Sox win tonight, the race is getting tighter. Who would have thought about it a month ago.
Dave: You are right about Clay Buchholz. Um, not so sure you’re right about JBay. I was at the Mets/Marlins game this afternoon. Jbay was O for 4, 2 KK, one line to SS for a DP. Marlin’s SP Robertson is a junkball pitcher whose fastball tops at 88 mph. lol. Go Sox.

Hey! BosoxBrian!

Forty years ago, I used to run around on Nickerson Field when I lived in the BU dorms overlooking it. Then, thirty years later, my older daughter lived there as well.

The Sox win another, and move a game closer, as both the Rays and the Yanks lose: “the Red Sox are Coming, the Red Sox are Coming”…where are those lanterns? (lol!)

DBen, aka, Paul Revere. Good to see you posting here again, DBen! I hope you can stick around here for a while–the Red Sox are making good use of your lanterns!😉 GO SOX!

From Andy (By 007chow on June 5, 2010 10:08 PM):~~If the Sox win tonight, the race is getting tighter. Who would have thought about it a month ago.~~

Well, I did!
With all the new gloves and bats that were thrown together in that clubhouse it was bound to take time and energy to bring it around. How long will it last?? No one can know for sure, but now is the time to REALLY take advantage of it. What is it that Judge always says?? “Time to make hay…” Well it is.
Onward and upward!!!


Even I am starting to become a believer in the SOX offense, now and we still cannot find a way or time to use our entire offensive arsenal (e.g. Els and Lowell for instance). But with Hermida, McDonald, Hall, all swinging the bat well, and Martinez and Drew doing their part, and Beltre staying hot — its a pretty relentless line up from top to bottom. I like the attitudes of all the bench players on post-game interviews. No over inflated egos — that is refreshing.

Right now I am down to several concerns (a) Ortiz in clutch/pressure situations — his numbers are back up, but I haven’s seen evidence of big hits in late inning game clutch/game changing situations yet, and also (b) Ortiz staying hot (since we seem determined to play him every game), and (c) the biggest concern — the bullpen.

Hopefully come July, we will do something about our bullpen, but that is easier said than done of course. Otherwise, if Becket comes back strong, and Lackey gets stronger as the season progresses, Theo’s strategy may fall into place perfectly (if Ortiz and the bullpen meet expectations).

A sincere compliment to Tito —

I saw an interview with Joe Maddon the other day, and he started coming across a bit full of himself (as it seemed to me). For a while now, I have been thinking that Maddon was the best baseball manager today, period; and lamented the fact that SOX management actually interviewed him, and passed on him, selecting Francona (maybe a Schilling prerequisite?).

Anyway, the ego showing through on Maddon (at least to my interpretation) reminded me that in all of Francona’s years (and with two WS titles to his credit) — I never detected an ounce of ego seeping through Francona in any of his years (even for his players). And that is very high marks in my book.

The only other recent era professional coach I can think of with that quality (pardon the comparison for Greg and I am sure many others of you) was Tom Laundry of the Dallas Cowboys. He may have been the reason I became a Cowboy fan as a boy, because (regardless of what you thought of the Cowboys) — Laundry also showed no ego or over inflated pride, just respect for all.

Tito and Tom are only two professional coaches I can think of with high marks on both grace and success. I am sure there are others, but not many.

Maybe Doc Rivers too (although I don’t watch Basketball that closely)– but no to Bill Belichek and Phil Jackson for instance — too much ego or poor behavior for high marks in the grace category.

Our AAA All Stars (McDonald and Hall) and Youk did the damages last night. More I saw Hall play more I am getting to like this guy more. He can pitch as well better than Joe Nelson whom I wonder why is still pitching for the Sox, a waste of the roster spot. The way Hermida, McD, and Hall have been playing makes one think “Who’s Ellsbury?” lol
Lester walked himself into jam (bases full and 1 out) in the 7th and the lead is 1 run. Bard bailed out Lester to preserve one run lead at that time. Bard should deserve a save although the Sox scored many runs later. Go Sox. Go Jays, Go Tex.

DGN, no pardon is needed. I respected Tom Landry very highly– him and Staubach. Couldn’t stand the rest of the lot, though!😉

This is Matthew Saiki, the online GM of your new york yankees. I came to the Boston board to announce a trade. Red Sox have traded for Kurt Suzuki and a player to be named when Billie Bean gets out of the bathroom, they have give up Mike Lowell and cash considerations.

Hey everyone,

The Red Sox today reflected a team struggling to find themselves. I was utterly surprised how quickly they decayed in so rigorous a fashion.
1) Scutaro once again makes a bad throw. In fairness, Lackey wasn’t great but held the O’s down to two runs and that’s something. Scutaro joined Dustin Pedroia in the “oops” category. Is it pressure? Is it lack of confidence in the pitcher?
2) David Ortiz is acting like the typical Ortiz. He strikes out, grounds out and swings at everything. He’s back to old habits.
3) Manny Delcarman has great stuff but patience in thin. He continuously acts unsure of who we will see and apparently we saw Delcarmen unable to do anything right.
4) The fact that Oki went two innings almost reflects Tito’s desire to just get to Cleveland. Oki can’t handle two innings but with a team that can’t score no matter how many people are on base, perhaps that’s the point.
5) Bill Hall. You have a 3 and 1 count in a tight game. Work a walk to get a run in. Don’t swing on a 3 and 1 count.
There, I feel better. It’s so frustrating to watch baseball played so badly as it was today.


Hey everyone,

The Red Sox today reflected a team struggling to find themselves. I was utterly surprised how quickly they decayed in so rigorous a fashion.
1) Scutaro once again makes a bad throw. In fairness, Lackey wasn’t great but held the O’s down to two runs and that’s something. Scutaro joined Dustin Pedroia in the “oops” category. Is it pressure? Is it lack of confidence in the pitcher?
2) David Ortiz is acting like the typical Ortiz. He strikes out, grounds out and swings at everything. He’s back to old habits.
3) Manny Delcarman has great stuff but patience in thin. He continuously acts unsure of who we will see and apparently we saw Delcarmen unable to do anything right.
4) The fact that Oki went two innings almost reflects Tito’s desire to just get to Cleveland. Oki can’t handle two innings but with a team that can’t score no matter how many people are on base, perhaps that’s the point.
5) Bill Hall. You have a 3 and 1 count in a tight game. Work a walk to get a run in. Don’t swing on a 3 and 1 count.
There, I feel better. It’s so frustrating to watch baseball played so badly as it was today.


Today’s loss notwithstanding, the Sox have done really well to close the gap between themselves and NYY & TB. All they have to do is keep winnings series and they’ll be in the mix at the end.

The Sox were 1 clutch hit away from winning the game. The Oreos finally got one in the 11th. Delcarmen should be tagged with the loss not Oki. Last year DC had a terrific April and May and then the ERA escalated as the month progressed. I hope the history don?t repeat for DC. I do not understand why the Sox sent down Atchison instead of Nelson. The result might be different if Atchison was available. My bigger concern is Ortiz who appears to be back to his early funkiness. I hope I am dead wrong about Ortiz.
The Sox are in a situtaion where they almost have to win every series. The Sox win so are the Yanks and TB. A loss would likely widen the gap.

typical lackey effort i suppose. didn’t look great but got thru 7. can’t really complain about 2 outta 3 but it is amazing to me that they have now lost i believe 9 games to the o’s and KC.

Although it has not been official, Wednesday pitching match up will likely be Clay Buchholz v. Justin Masterson. Your night. Wonder who will you be rooting for?

Yes, the RedSox lost on Sunday, but my friends, on Friday and Saturday, we were all proclaiming that they were all great and things were fair and sunny. Now it seems to some as if the sky is falling.

No team, Not the Yankees, the Rays, the Sox or any other team for that matter will win EVERY game (although it did seem for awhile that the Rays would). Do any of us go to our jobs and “hit a grand slam” EVERY day?? If you do, then you should be in your jobs Hall of Fame. But I think that most of us have up days and down days, just like the players do. These guys get 19 scheduled days off per season and a good many of them are filled with obligatory “Sox Stuff” (charities, promotions and the like) and I’m sure that they have problems that they deal with too, just like you and I. I know that we are supposed to check our personal baggage at the gate each day, but sometimes it sneaks in with us.
Take a deep breath and remember there are 105 games left and there will be losses in those 105. Give yourself a break and back away from the ledge.
I think Masterson lines up tomorrow night (unless they have a screwed up depth chart for the Indians) and it looks like it will be against Wake. Justin is 1-5 with an era of nearly 5.5. I think that he had a much better shot at making it with the Sox.At least in Boston he would have had the advantage of some run support. There is talk of him being sent to the minors, and to me that is a damned shame!!
That said….
Onward and upward, back on track!

ps.. I agree with you Arnie.. They have cut the deficit in half. Not too long ago they were 9 games back and everyone was writing the 2010 obituary. Keep taking 2/3,3/4 and things will be okay.

..and I was wrong it will be Wednesday for Masterson. Sorry Bubba.. It’s not that I want you to have a lousy game but The Sox need the win.

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