First of Four in Cleveland

Here in sunny Cleveland for the first of a four-game set at Progressive Field. Daisuke Matsuzaka takes the mound tonight, trying to make it back-to-back solid starts for the first time this season.

Boof Bonser has been activated and will officially start his Red Sox tenure tongiht, working out of the bullpen. He will take closer Jonathan Papelbon’s roster spot. Pap has a serious medical issue in his family and has been placed on the bereavement list, which puts him out of action for hte next three days. Best wishes to the Papelbon family.

In addition to the daily stuff, the MLB Draft is tonight, so there will be updates on that as well. More later.

Just wanted to kick things off and get a new post up.


Pap is on the bereavement list and don?t know for how long. Boof Bonser is added to the roster. Let?s see we have Joe Nelson, Boof, Delcarman, Ramon. What an awesome bullpen!

Mr. Browne I live in Cleveland do you know where the team is staying so that my son may get a chance to st get some autographs?

They reported earlier that Papelbon will be on the bereavement list for 3 days, so he’ll probably rejoin the team on Thursday, or back at home to start the Phillies series on Friday.

The Boof Bonser era is about to begin, one of the most exciting moments in Red Sox history!

Hey Brian, wasn’t it just last year we were wondering where a name like “Boof Bonser” could possibly come from? I think you’re right though. This is historic. Can you imagine Sherm Feller announcing, “Now pitching for the Boston Red Sox, Boof Bonser.” I’m thinking even he would have laughed.

I’m really beginning to wonder about Jacoby Ellsbury and how much of a role Scott Boras is playing in keeping him out of the lineup. I’m now hearing Boras wants Ellsbury to get another independent evaluation of his situation. This does not bode well for Ellsbury’s future in Boston. I’m not doubting that he’s hurt, but the question is, how hurt is he? He needs to get back on the field.

Dice-K pitched another gem tonight. Wouldn’t it be nice to have him going well down the stretch. An eight inning performance when the Sox really needed him to go deep.

Here’s hoping everything is OK in the Papelbon family.

Dice-K was stellar albeit against a weak lineup. Since when it becomes news that Dice-K walked a batter?
I know it’s sacrilegious to question the best manager the Sox ever had. Why used Bard with a 4 run lead and not in a save situation particularly knowing Pap won?t be available in this series. I would use any pitcher but Oki and Bard in the 9th last night. Bard would be there to put out the fire if needed.
We have been wrong about Papi. Not that he is 0-for 18, it is the way he missed a 88 mile FB or too slow for that. Papi is back to the funkiness of routinely gidp and grounds weakly into IF. V-Mart is swinging a hot bat, can our best manager put him back in the 3 hole until Papi snaps out of the slump?


I’m guessing the late great Sherm Feller would have goosebumps announcing Boof Bonser’s name. LOL! Perhaps it would be the highlight of Sherm’s career.

I’m with 007 I wouldn’t have used Bard. Your up 4-0 against one of the worst teams in baseball, bring in Scott Williamson or Curtis Leskanic for crying out loud. lol….Without Papelbon it gives you more reason’s not to use Bard up 4-0 in the ninth.

Dice-K pitched a gem but does it count when you do it against the Tribe??? Boston should win 3 of 4 or sweep Cleveland. Take advantage of the schedule–you need to keep up with T.B. and N.Y.

garry. intersting thoughts on boras/ells. i wouldn’t put it past him but he’s what 3 yrs. from free agency? seems a lil early for that kinda tactic. 2 in a row for the dice man. good ones that is. of course that means the next start could be epic in either direction but i’ll take 2 outta 3 outings if they are as good as his last 2. granted the competiton wasn’t stellar but those are the teams you reallly have to put away. be intersting to see if wake can take a cue. papi had to cool off a lil i suppose. of course i didn’t expect and 0 for 18 or what ever it is. pedroia still looks off as well. his avg has dropped about 60 pts in the last month i think.

Patience is a virtue. Patience and flexibility however are not mutually exclusive. I would be very disappointed if the struggling Papi is batting third instead of the hot switch hitting V-Mart against a LHP tonight. I would give JD a night off if Cameron is healthy to play. Cam, McD, and Hall in the OF tonight. Go Sox.

I would hope, Andy, that Uncle Tito would give Papi a day or two off, at the very least, now that he has gone back to old habits. After all, it is not like we lack other options at DH, and even at 1B. We’ll see–I would hope you are right. (But I can wish…)
WSSoxFan, I wouldn’t put it past Beam Me Up Scotty to try anything with Ellsbury. Not unlike the way a NFL player would hold out to “renegotiate” a contract. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is the thinking behind the “injury”. I don’t doubt, either, that Jacoby was/is injured, but I would not be surprised if Scotty is playing it up.

Tito must have read my post. V-Mart is back in the 3 hole at least for tonight. Big Papi is batting 5th. Cam, McD, and Hall, are the OF. Thanks, Uncle.


You and I both know how much I respect you but really…this is a bit on the conspiracy front. That would imply that Boras paid off Beltre to smash Ellsbury in the ribs to avoid playing time and then extend the injury through faking to burn him out of Boston. A better solution I think is that Beltre wanted to prove that he could play left field and third and went out of his way to injure and destroy anyone (Ellsbury and what’s his name) who messed with his territoryđŸ™‚
I think I understand why Tito used Bard for two reasons.
1) It gives him a non-pressure closer role to test waters.
2) It gives Tito one night of peace where he isn’t in knots wondering what fiasco Delcarman, Oki, Ramirez, etc. will develop out of the bullpen.
These of course are my humble opinions.

Dave, I wouldn’t call it any kind of “conspiracy” that Scotty is trying, and I don’t think Beltre had anything to do with Jacoby, other than being Mr. Full-Throttle. I do think, though, that Scotty is not above playing head games and pushing Theo’s buttons. I do think that is a real possibility.

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