Ellsbury has different fracture

The Red Sox now know why Jacoby Ellsbury had recurring pain during his brief stint back from the disabled list. After an exam in California with the renowned Dr. Lewis Yocum, and a follow-up phone consultation with Red Sox medical director Thomas Gill, it was determined that Ellsbury suffered a different fracture in his left ribs. The injury was likely sustained on May 23, when Ellsbury made a diving catch in Philadelphia against Raul Ibanez in the bottom of the seventh.

The Red Sox issued the following joint statement just moments ago from Dr. Gill and Dr. Yocum.

“An MRI of Jacoby’s thoracic spine and posterior rib area, recommended by us jointly, revealed a non-displaced rib fracture and edema in the left posterior-axillary line.  This fracture, which is in a different area than the initial fractures and which was not present on previous scans, is likely the result of a new injury which occurred when Jacoby dove and impacted the ground during his brief return to play.  Jacoby will require several weeks of rest and physical therapy.”

Red Sox manager Terry Francona said that Ellsbury flew from California to Arizona and will work out at the Athletes Performance Institute for roughly the next two weeks, doing non-baseball activites. Though the Red Sox didn’t issue a time-table for his return, it seems unlikely that Ellsbury would return before the All-Star break, which starts on July 12.

Ellsbury initially injured his ribs on April 11 in a nasty collision with teammate Adrian Beltre. On that occasion, Ellsbury suffered a hairline fracture of four ribs. The outfielder has played in just nine games this season.


Oh my gosh, that’s awful. Now will everyone give Jacoby a break!!! Get well soon!

The “mom” in me wants to know that Jake is drinking his milk every day.

I hope some of Ellsbury’s critics can be silenced. Nick Cafardo ( Boston Globe baseball writer ) wrote some negative comments about Ellsbury in his Sunday piece and questioned his toughness. Cafardo basically called him a “wimp” if you were reading between the lines. Some other baseball writers have also questioned his toughness. Some players get a free ride in Boston, Trot Nixon comes to mind. Nixon played in 145 games in a season only twice. Ellsbury has already done that, it seems to me that the Boston press gives certain players a “free ride” and others get slammed. Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmm. Personally I think it’s B.S.!!

win or lose. i’m guessin lose against this STELLAR indians pitching staff. this is a microcosm of this team. they just cant seem to focus against the teams they SHOULD beat easily. this would be 11 losses against the 3 worst teams in the league. so sad it’s funny. hopefully i’m wrong.

Lester up 5-0 against one of the worst teams in baseball, absolutely NO EXCUSES! Cleveland’s lineup is a lineup of outs.

Pierce is finally off to a good start! Robinson and Davis providing some juice off the bench. The N.B.A. ref’s suck but this just in, they suck for both sides!

After sweeping T.B. the Red Sox had a nice soft spot in their schedule and the next 14 games they go 8-6 against some bad teams. I was hoping Boston would go 10-4 or 11-3.

re: the milk thing, it’s highly likely that Ellsbury is at least somewhat lactose intolerant. The rate of lactose intolerance in Native Americans is close to 100%. He might be slightly spared because his father is white, but in all probability a lot of milk doesn’t agree with him.

Irrelevant tangent of the day!

The good news is the Sox didn’t lose ground on the division rivalries. I am not worried about the Jays who have replaced Oreos as the Sox whipping boys. Lol. Last night?s culprits were Lester and Bard. It?s no excuses that the Sox co-aces lost two consecutive game to the lowly Tribes.
I am more concerned about Bard being overly used. That?s Uncle Tito and Farrell?s problem. They should have known better. How many times did Bard pitch in 4 or 5 run lead games? Oh well, what do I know.

It is not winning or losing but how you play the game. Last night’s game was humiliating. Four errors are not enough to help the Sox. Seven runs are not enough. This exposes three major problems with the sox.
1) Injuries. Can’t be helped but this team is running on health fumes. (Pedroia, Hermida, Ellsbury, Cameron, Beckett, Delcarman…did I miss anyone?)
2) Bullpen…ah…like who can we count on? Bard needs a break. he’s exhausted but Delcarman, Oki, Ramirez, Nelson, Bonser have all been struggling.
3) Clutch hitting. Drew only walks. He’s almost useless. Ortiz. This man is like a bad light switch. You never know when its going to work. Beltre can hit if you can accept his Lugo fielding talent. Scutaro can hit here and there and pile up errors. Who else do we have?
Good luck Sox this weekend. You’ll need it.

In this road trip 2 losses should have been won. Last Sunday Cameron’s Willie May basket catch to end the 9th went for nothing. Last night Beltre’s HR was wasted. I don’t know when the Sox are going to end the Boof and Nelson experiment. There are plenty of Boof and Nelson type pitchers in the farm and yet. I don’t know what Theo and Tito are thinking.
Now Pap is back. I would shut down Bard for the weekend eve if it costs a game. A long hot summer is ahead of us and the Sox need Bard to be effective.

Thank God. Nelson DFAed, Atchison recalled. Great job Beltre for knockoing out Ellsbury and Hermida. lol Youk is out of lineup, Lowell at 1B and V-Mart catching. JD out, Cam McD, and Hall OF. Go Sox.

All this talk of big bats and it is the bullpen that frustrates the team. Sox have plenty of For-Sale signs on these arms. Papelbon and Bard are the only two reliable arms in the pen. Sox need some arms that can cut it. Of course Gagne is out there🙂
Sox are battered but this is a great opportunity for Lowell. Going to miss Youk and Hall needs to give Dustin a day off.

Great win last night.
I’m guessing that today there will be no talk of “how bad” the team is or “how humiliating” it is to watch them.
I realize that Moyer was far from “on his game”. But..
Sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield.
and as far as that goes, the Sox have been the windshield more times than not this season.

they have found the track again and hopefully they stay on it.

onward and upward!!

ps.. I think some of us should be ready to see one or 2 of our favorites leave the team around the trade deadline. The RedSox need a lot of help and they aren’t going to get the big bat or the solid relief arms that they are going to need by hanging on to fan favorites. You have to give to get and I think that a lot of us will be shedding some “fan tears” come July 31.
Who would you be willing to “give up” in order to make it to the Series????

actually i dont think there is gonna be much activity at all this year in terms of trades. well as far as impact guys. i mean who is available? SD aint tradin a-gonz. NY mite go ahead and do the inevitable and trade for lee. but other than that just not much out there. the sox are not gonna trade pap the way bard has looked at times. might trade lowell but aint gonna get anything for him. they are pretty much stuck with what they have as i see it. mite be able to get a bullpen arm but thats a guessing game as well.


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