Boston-LA is in the air

There is a different kind of feel at Fenway today. Not only are the Celtics and Lakers getting ready to play what should be an epic Game 7 tonight — pushing the start time up here — but Manny Ramirez is coming back to Fenway tomorrow. Yes, Red Sox-Dodgers.

It is going to be a circus-like atmosphere for sure. It’s too bad Manny will likely DH instead of play left. It would have been fun to watch him talk to the fans above the Monster, etc. Also, he was always capable of some entertainment on defense.

A lot of people on my twitter page think Manny is going to get cheered instead of booed. That really surprised me. What do you guys think?

In daily news, Dice-K threw a side session today and will throw a simulated game in a few days. He could be back in the rotation by next week.

Give me some score predictions for the basketball game tonight.

Coming tomorrow, you will  get my 3,500 word chronology of Manny’s time in Boston. A lot of higlights, lowlights and bloopers.


Ian, Do you mean to tell me that you can thank him AND ream him a new butt in just 3500 words?? It would take me a WHOLE lot more.. lol

as far as booing him?? Not sure what I would do. I mean, yes, he was an integral piece of the 2004 and 2007 puzzles, but he QUIT ON THE REDSOX!!!! You don’t do that!!!! You might be able to get away with it in Kansas City or maybe Baltimore, but NOT Boston. He just plain QUIT!!! I guess I would boo him.
I think that if Torre told him he was slotted to play left he would come down with 2 bad knees again!!

I always wondered: Do you physically count the words for articles that have to be a certain length, or is there a computer program that tracks words?

How can you cheer or boo Zazu? If you boo him you are forgetting his contributions to 2 WS titles. Conversely, if you cheer him you are ignoring his terrible behavior in ’08. I think a nice round of silence is the appropriate greeting for Zazu.

Celtics 95
Lakers 90

Every time recently we game on game on the Yanks or Rays, we give it back the very next night. That needs to stop. Looks like Lackey is flirting with that same old pattern tonight. Come on guys, lets stop that!

If think he’ll get booed but “time” does heel all wounds. Without him, Boston’s last title would be 1918 but his final days will stick with me for a longgg time. He QUIT and I don’t like quitters! I thought his final days in Boston were absolutely disgusting.

Celtics 92
Lakers 89

Rondo with a HUGE game! Whoever wins the battle of the boards has won each game, also the L.A. bench was unreal the other night. What’s the chances of the L.A. bench duplicating that performance???? I just hope the officials swallow their whistles, let the players decide the game. We watch the games for the players not the refs.

Last time a team won a game 7 on the road in the N.B.A. Finals…Washington Bullets back in 1978, it’s been a while but Boston has the horses that can get it done! I also believe this will be Doc’s last game with the Celtics.

How could anyone consider booing Manny Ramirez? It is unthinkable. Pedro excepted, Manny is the most consistently dialed in and exciting Sox player since the 70’s. You would let a little melt-down on the way out the door overshadow the playoff homer off Rodriguez in ’07? If you do, you still have a couple other plays to take the upside off of before you start booing.

Booing Manny. Neighbor please.


A “little melt-down”— I would say more than a little. Also I never said I would boo him.

Theo?s offseason acquisitions have paid huge dividends as to date. Scutaro knocked in the tying run at 4 and Beltre the go ahead run. Beltre is the Rodney Dangerfield of the team. What else Beltre has to do to quiet his critics? Cameron is playing hurt and yet is doing an adequate job at CF.
Look forward to watching the Prince’s ML debut and the Hollywood-Boston series. Uncle Tito meets Uncle Joe, 2 of the nicest guys in the MLB.
The Yanks are playing the surging Mets and the TB at Marlins. Um……….Sh…………

well they did what they needed to do. although lack made it interesting as usual. lackey. wow. i cannot believe he has 8 wins. i’ll give him credit he finds a way to hang around and make some decent pitches when he needs to but he’s like a good golfer with a bad swing. not pretty but effective. 2 out of 3 this weekend would be nice. 007, the only criticism i’ve even seen on here re beltre has been about his defense which was supposed to be stellar and has been well pretty bad to say the least. offensively he’s been excellent. way better than i expected. as has scutaro. cameron well don’t get me started. suffice it to say i know he’s hurt and admire the effort but he’s given this team basically nothing and even if he were healthy i don’t think it would be vastly different.

I am SO sorry the Celtics did not win last night. They played their heart out and busted their tail on the court. It’s a heartbreaking loss but the Celtics did their best with what they had available and there is no shame in that. There is always next year. That’s the beauty of sports — you always get another chance.
Congrats to the Red Sox. Lackey battled through. He doesn’t have the greatest weapons and certainly invites failure but he’s got a stomach of iron.
Congrats to Beltre. You have provided more than enough material for a bloopers reel but when you come to bat you always guarantee a shot at a hit. I think what made Beltre so much better was to be more patient. He said it himself at in interview that he used to swing at everything and now he sits back and waits for the right pitch. I think that attitude has made him the hitter he always was if someone showed him the way.
Congrats to V-Mart. You’ve become a much better catcher and no longer a painful reminder of what we had in Jason Varitek.
Congrats to Ortiz. You seem to be hitting again but then again I’ll wait until you meet some great pitching on the Yanks or Rays to make a final decision.
I can’t believe it. I didn’t make one negative comment🙂

Red Sox Offense:

2nd in runs per game – 5.49
1st in team doubles – 170
1st in team OPS – 0.819
2nd in homers – 88

Bill Hall has more homers than Jason Bay

…just saying

The Sox may have released Boof to make room for Prince Felix. No announcement yet.

Yes, Boof was designated.

Microsoft Word 2000/Tools/Word Count

Thanks Bob,
What did we do before we had computers?

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