Back to the scene of their glory

Here we are, back at Coors Field, and Jon Lester is starting, just like he was when last we left this place.

Yes, that was Oct. 28, 2007, the night the Red Sox won their second World Series in four years by sweeping the Rockies.

Still here from that squad? Jacoby Ellsbury (DL), J.D. Drew, Dustin Pedroia, Manny Delcarmen, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Josh Beckett, Kevin Youkilis, Mike Lowell, Lester, Jason Varitek, David Ortiz, Hideki Okajima, Tim Wakefield and Jonathan Papelbon.

Being back where they won it all, you wonder if maybe the Red Sox are starting to build the scrapbook of another championship season.
Coors Field.JPG

Consider how they got to this point — a half-game back entering tonight. They’ve had one win from Josh Beckett, they’ve gotten just nine games from leadoff man Jacoby Ellsbury and barely anything from their starting center fielder Mike Cameron, who is building his health back a little bit more each week.

They overcame an 11-14 start and have the best record in baseball since April 20.

The Red Sox are riding a wave just when New Englanders need them to be. Yes, fans were stung by a certain basketball team coming up short in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. But it could be a memorable summer in progress here, with what coudl be an epic three-team race between the Rays, Yankees and Sox.


well they had to lose eventually. although i was kinda thinkin/hopin they would wait til tonight. huh. lackey will probably pitch his best game and lose 1-0. actually 3-3 on this trip would be good. jiminez tonight and SF has some good starting pitching as well obviously. that and with pawtucket’s OF ( if cameron plays, ha! ) it’ll be tough to be much better.

Just wondering if Lowell reached first base yet???

Tough game tonight for Boston but if your in the Boston lineup, is their another pitcher you would want to face??? It’s a challenge and if your a major league ballplayer it’s a challenge you want! Lackey has to pitch his best game and even then not sure if that will be enough.

Boston’s schedule isn’t easy leading up to the break, more road games than home games. Winning series is the key and the last series they lost was in Motown!

bosox. they MIGHT want the challenge but i don’t know that there is much of a future in it. ya never know. he’s gotta have a bad game eventually, doesn’t he? and i would think lackey’s gotta have a clean one at some point as well. be interesting to see who sits tonight. youk or beltre.

Tough break for Lester. No shame in the game he pitched.
I agree with wssoxfan, the Sox don’t have an outfield but credit to Nava for the game he’s played. It’s been fun to watch. Cameron is toughing it out but Drew needs to toughen up. The Sox will not have Ellsbury, probably for the rest of the season at the rate we are going. We also won’t have Hermida for the rest of the season. Thanks a lot Beltre!
Lackey has lousy material and not much movement on the ball. He’s a decent 5th starter and I wonder why the Sox dumped money on him. He is a competitor though and perhaps his drive will salvage a game but Colorado has great pitching and on their home turf, this will be tough.


Papelbon’s given up quite a few HRs this year. I hope the office eventually begins to phase Bard into the closing role. I have a lot of respect for Pap and I appreciate the work he’s put in over the years, but every appearance he just seems a little bit less lights out.

Good game though–great effort by the Sox hopping on Jimenez. Not one to be too upset about.

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