Crazy night at Coors

Did some of you fall asleep before tonight’s four hour and 48 minute Red Sox-Rockies game came to an end? You missed a wild one.

There was Dusitn Pedroia, hitting three homers in a game for the first time in his life. He never even did it in Little League.

There was Jonathan Papelbon, blowing a save on back-to-back nights for the first time in his career, and blowing consecutive save opportunities for just the third time. Yet it was Papelbon who earned the win.

“Any time I’m running out of ink, that’s not a good sign,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “That was was … whooo, I’m glad we won. It was gutwrenching. A lot of good, some not so good but there’s something to be said for persistence. Pap goes out and he says, he’s sideways. Then he goes back out and gets them out. That was pretty awesome because that wasn’t easy to do. We were in the same situation they were. We warm up Richardson in the first inning and then we have to warm him up again. Everyone was on fumes.”

The Red Sox had run out of position players, but not resolve.

With Manny Delcarmen, Hideki Okajima and Ramon Ramirez already being used in the sixth-inning implosion, Francona had to go with Scott Atchison in the seventh. The right worked a critical clean inning, helped by Jason Varitek’s strike ’em out, throw ’em out double play

“We could talk about nine million things,” Francona said. “Atchison was huge. We were kind of up against it. All we had tonight out of Bard was we wanted him to finish an inning and that’s what he did. We got caught. That six-run inning where we just couldn’t stop them. Oki comes in and atrually threw great and being late covering first ends up being a huge play. He threw the ball great.”.

The Red Sox are developing a strong personality. They suffer adversity but find a way to get up.

“There were a lot of things that happened tonight,” Francona said. “The word resilient keeps coming up. We didn’t do some things correct but we did enough.”

And no pressure on Tim Wakefield, but the Red Sox could sure use, oh, about nine innings at San Francisco on Friday night.

“That would help,” Francona said. “That would be really good. I’m sure we’ll have to sit down and go over some pitching because we’re a little short.”


Dice-K did what he had to do after coming off the DL. It?s a joke that Paps got the win. Paps not only blew another save (2 nights in a row) he almost lost the game. The ball that Smith hit and caught by McD was a HR in most ball parks. It could be another f*^**^ walk off HR for the Rockies. Only Atchison and Bard were effective came off the pen last night. Let Bard or Bill Hall be the closer until Pap straightens out his whatever problem. Hall cannot fare worse than Paps. lol. Paps should treat Pedey to dinner for the rest of his life.

Wow, what an UGLY game. Once again the dynamic duo of Beltre and Scutaro show their capability of making errors. In addition we have the bullpen horror show. How do you give up SIX runs in ONE inning? Easy – have the Red Sox pitch to you.
What does management need to see about Oki that tells him he still belongs in the major leagues? What does Tito need to see to keep Manny Delcarman around? What does Francona need to keep Papelbon around? There comes a point where somebody has to ask — do we have ANYONE besides Bard out there? We can keep playing like this?
Finally, to leave on a high note, I could only think of Fred Lynn with three home runs and a triple in Detroit in 1975 to top Dustin Pedroia’s night. Wow Dustin. You certainly know how to carry a team.

glad to get a w but i must admit i went to bed after pap’s latest debacle in the 9th. i knew this bullpen had some issues but wow i cant believe a ML bullpen as a whole could look as bad as bad as this one did for those 3 games especially. those guys actually got paid for that effort. hopefully they get it together because i get the feeling their wont be much goin on in the trade dept this year. now if they get 2 of 3 in SF it’ll be a decent trip IMO.

Uncle Tito stayed too long with Wake in his previous outings and tonight uncle is compelled to stay longer with Wake for good reason.
Why Reddick is still playing? A guy who can’t hit AA pitching. Can McD or Hall (I know, I know) play RF? Reddick can be inserted in late inning for defense.


You’re right, Andy, it is just a JOKE that Pap got the “win”. Thank goodness we had Atchison for that 1.2 innings, or our BP would REALLY have been messed up. At the rate our BP is going, we will be VERY fortunate to get 2 out of 3 in SF.

Sox showed a lot of character last night winning that game, especially after the way they lost the first two. You have to give them credit, they don’t give up easily.

Edwin Jacksonv threw a no hitter against the Rays tonight. He walked 9 batters including 3 in the third with nobody out. Jays got pasted 9-0 by the Phillies. Sox have a chance to pull ahead of the Rays. Who would have thought that a month ago?

Wake needs to give the Sox some innings tonight to give the bullpen a break. Sox are at a real disadvantage in interleague games having to sit a big bat.

I’m sitting here listening to Duane Staats and Kevin Kennedy whine about the Rays. What a couple of morons.

i know i m gonna get slammed for this statement BUT i hate tim wakefield. as a pitcher that is. he is awful. great guy. but in terms of a player he is awful. a team with a 170 MM payroll should not have a knuckle baller on there staff. thats a joke.

I hear your frustration but Tim has done more for this team than the overpaid talent of Dice-K and Lackey combined. He always gives 100% and last night he gave them 7 innings which is something that Dice-K seems to have a real hard time doing…when he’s not injured .
Last night’s game represents 3 out of 4 losses. Certainly a storm but the pain is Pedroia. That is a hard player to lose right now. Hall can play defense and hold his own in the infield but he won’t have Pedroia’s bat. Tito is facing a mass extinction of players right now. Everyone seems to be getting hurt and part of it is that he can get 110% out of his people all the time.
I hope tonight they can get another streak going. The Sox can’t keep playing like this.

Can’t blame Wake for the loss. It is expected that Wake will give up 3-4 runs in each outing. The Sox need an effective Beckett back and soon.
The game was lost for lack of timely (situational) hitting. We had 3 AAA OF last night and can’t depend on McD with bases loaded. McD will be the odd man out (designated) if either Ells or Hermida is activated. I don’t know what exactly is the f^&** problem with JD? Cameron is playing hurt and yet plays 4 days a week. Can’t JD do the likewise? Is it too much to ask a $15MM man to play just 4 days a week?

Hey if you want to talk about choke with bases loaded, I wouldn’t put this on AAA guys alone. V-Mart is at the top of roster on this category (with last night, now 0-5 or maybe 0-6 with bases loaded this year).

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