All-Star Sunday

Hey all, sorry for the power outage in my blog the last few days. I was off for some family time. But now I’m back at Fenway and ready to take in All-Star Sunday.

We will know in the noon hour who the Red Sox All-Stars are.

More then.


Hi Ian- Nice to have you back. Lowell has been on the DL for 11 days now, and his name has not been mentioned in any updates. What’s the deal? Youk and Beltre are going to need time off.
Will he be reactivated in 4 days? Is a rehab at AAA scheduled? Has he needed Synvisc or Cortisone? Is it a phantom DL? Is he coming back? Are they going to release him? Is he thinking retirement due to injury? Thanks

Re: Lowell. He is still not ready to resume baseball activities. With that in mind, manager Terry Francona has allowed him to go home for a couple of days to be with his family. Lowell has a home in the Miami area. The Sox are in Tampa the next three days.


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