Six Sox Stars and one (sort of) snub

The Red Sox got plenty of respect from players around Major League Baseball as no fewer than six Boston players were slected to the All-Star Game via the player voting.

But just as newsy as Adrian Beltre, Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia and Victor Martinez being named to the squad was the news that Kevin Youkilis did not make the cut.

Youkilis is one of the five AL players eligible for the Final Vote ballot, so Red Sox fans should go to or and vote if they want to support the gritty first baseman.

“I’m not a self promoter,” said Youkilis. “I’m not going to tell anyone to vote for me. I hope my family and friends vote for me. but it’s going to take more than that. For me, I’m going to go out and play baseball and not worry about it. I’ts out of my hands. You just go out and try to win a ballgame.”

Beltre seemed to be the guy that Sox players were the happiest for.

“No question, man,” said Ortiz. “If there’s one guy in this clubhouse who should be part of the All-Star Game, it’s Adrian. Adrian has been doing an unbelievable job for this ballclub and I think he’s earned it.”

Clay Buchholz has come the furthest in the shortest amount of time. Remember two years ago when he was so despondent and lost and posted a 6.75 ERA in 16 starts?

“There’s been a lot of ups and downs to get to this point. Being able to be named with the guys that are on, that’s awesome,” said Buchholz. “It’s something that I dreamed about growing up. I dreamed about just playing in the big leagues. I’m as happy as can be.”

Though Jon Lester has pitched like an All-Star since May of 2008, this is his first time officially being one.

“It’s obviously big,” said Lester. “It’s something you grow up watching as a kid, the home-run derby and everything. You see a lot of great players playing that game. It’s definitely an honor. Like I said before, I’m going to try to do my best to represent the Red Sox and hopefully do well out there.”

For Ortiz, this All-Star berth has to be particuarly gratifying, considering the number of people who were on the verge of giving up on him back in April.

“That’s a tough first month,” Red Sox manager Terry Francona said. “He said all along, ‘It’s a long year, stay with me.’ There’s probably days when he was irritated with me and probably days where he was more than irritated with some of you. He’s right. He’s been a terrific player and continues to be, and I think it’s great that he was recognized for that.”

At least outwardly, Ortiz took the news in stride.

“I really appreciate it, man, what the players think about a guy like myself,” Ortiz said. “Like I say, I’m a guy that I try to respect everyone and play the game the way it’s supposed to be. I think when you get voted in by the players, it’s just because pretty much everyone agrees with what you’re doing, so, I’d say I really appreciate that.”

For Pedroia, the All-Star nod has to be bittersweet since he currently is walking with crutches and obviously won’t be able to play in the game.

“It’s still a great honor,” Pedroia said. “I’m really excited. The players voted me in? That’s pretty cool. Pretty special. I’m excited about it.”

As for Youkilis, Ortiz said to get out there and vote.

“Yeah man, all of you out there, you guys make sure that my boy Youk comes on this flight. You can’t play no better than that,” said Ortiz. “When I found out he wasn’t going, I was kind of upset. A guy that has put it together like Youk thorugh the years and especially this season, he really deserves to be out there. I know a lot of people will keep that in mind and make sure Youk is an all-star. He deserves to be in there.”


Cant win them all.
Come on Dice-K,
We need a strong game tonight,
Go Sox!

Will the Sox hold their ground over the last 6 games before the All-Star break? Seems like long spell of bench magic is starting to fade? Can it hold for 4 or 5 more weeks (including the All-Star break)?

This is really a no-brainer! Gotta get the home field for the AL so I choose the best consistent bat and glove of the five. My 25 go to Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouk!!!

At least the Red Sox did make Garza work. It would have been nice if Patterson got that bunt down, if he did Boston might have scored a run in the first.

Which Dice-K will show up???? I hope he can stay away from the “big inning” Of course a BIG IF with Dice-K. Here’s a surprise, Zobrist gets a leadoff walk. I think I have seen this before.

A Joyce with a .174 avg.—-I’ve seen that before. LOL!

I really hate watching Dice-K pitch!

It will be a great day when Dice-K is shipped out of town. When that will happen, I have no clue but it will happen. Over-hyped, over-rated!

Youkilis with a GREAT play!

Bartlett was safe but the ball beat him to the plate and that is why he was out. Diaz missed that call, Boston got lucky!

Make them pay Youk!

Blame Dice-K whatever we want. I have no pblem with Dice-k starting the 6th with 2 run lead. But after one batter got on and 2 batters on with none out, common. What’s the excuse? Didn’t trust the bp? If so, let Diceman finish the 6th. When it came down to the bp, the Rays prevail. It is painful to watch Dice-K. But most of his outings, Dice-K kept the team in the game last night’s game included.

Congrats to the Sox selected for the All Star team, and no question, Youk deserves to be there. But what good is it to have all the All Stars when 2/3 of them are on the disabled list. The break can’t cocme too soon for the Sox. In the last two games, I think the holes and weaknesses are beginning to show. Nava has done well, but he’s not the guy I want pinch hitting in the 8th inning with the game on the line. Kevin Cash and Guavo Molina as your catching duo? I don’t think so. Bill Hall’s performance has been ccommendable, but he’s no Dustin Pedroia and the outfield is in shambles. Add the loss of Buchholz and Beckett and a mostly questionable bullpen, and the sum of it all is big problems.

Last night, the Sox lost a game they never should have lost. They gave it away. Very unSoxlike at bats all night long. Guys were swinging at pitches way out of the strike zone. Dice-K being mostly what Dice-K is which is a pitcher who has great stuff but is afraid to throw it for strikes.

I’m still amzaed at what the Sox have accomplished with all their injuries. Sooner or later, it’s going to catch up with them. Hopefully they can get healthy and build on what they’ve done, but the past couple of games may be indicative that problems are on the horizon.

It is obvious that Theo MUST make a deal and get another arm or two to this pen.


Dice-K couldn’t hold a 4 run lead, I blame Dice-K. What was Dice-K thinking on the bunt attempt??? Was he thinking??? He also crossed up Cash and that lead to a run. Dice-K is nothing more than a #4 or #5 starter! At best he’s a 6 inning pitcher! It will be a good day when Dice-K is dealt away. It will be good for the Red Sox and it will be good for him and it will be GREAT for the fans!

I hope that the millions and millions for DiceK experiment will soon find itself over. Much much later than I would have liked. DiceK-san needs to “bow” out now. That loss is absolutely on Dicek’s shoulders, but wont show in his stat line.

Great job by Patterson. It’s time for a break for these guys. I really wish they were all staying home for the break and getting the rest that they all need so much. It’s going to be a LOOONNNGG 2nd half.
onward and upward… get back on track tonight.

With the team the Sox have had to put out there the past month or so…they have over achieved big time. It’ll be tough to hold off the wolves while we are waiting for folks to complete rehabs etc. No question the BP is in dire straits but they really need just 1 consistent guy to get the ball to Bard…..assuming Papelbon can close out 6 of every 7 games!!!!! Ram Ram and Oki just haven’t been consistent and Del Carmen has more problems than a bad forearm. I’d love to see Dice-K out of Boston too but who will take him off Boston’s hands????? Too much $$$$$$$$, not enough performance. Go Sox….

Real Heartbraker last night,
We’ll get them tonight.
Let’s go King Felix II,
Go Sox!

Dice-K is a disgrace! Even when he is pitching fairly well, he refuses to go after hitters, dances around with the strike zone, and ultimately sets himself and the team up for defeat. Way too many walks and 3-2 counts! What’s it been, 7 years?? Seems like more, why doesn’t he learn? THROW STRIKES!!

How about the job Dave Magadan has done with the Sox offense!! This team, with all the AAA guys, has continued to score runs. Good job, Dave M.

But there is no taker for Dice-K. If Diceman is with the team, he should be managed accordingly. No question Dice-K was the main culprit for failure to hold the lead plus 2 mental errors. Dice-K was indefensible for crossing up Cash. As to the foiled bunt play Dice-K wasn?t completely at fault. Dice-K?s first instinct to third because of the short bunt was not completely wrong although unwise. If Beltre read the bunt closely he should head back to cover 3B. A moment of hesitation froze Dice-K. Even Francona uncharacteristically blamed Dice-K for getting out at 1B. If an out was made at 1B, 2 runs would have been scored anyway by an ensuing single. The point is the Sox still had 2 run lead. Dice-K with high pitch count (over 100) after 5 should be yanked after 2 batters got on in the 6th before the bunt. Dice-k was finally taken out after 2 runs scored and bases loaded with none out.
After the game was tied, Beltre and JD didn?t come through with bases loaded with just 1 out. What about Richardson? What a job he did for naught.

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