Youk moves in front

Halfway through the process for the Final Vote at, Kevin Youkilis has moved in front of Nick Swisher.

Youkilis is trying to make the Red Sox 4-0 when they have a player in the Final Vote. If successful, he would join Johnny Damon (2002), Jason Varitek (2003) and Hideki Okajima (2007) as Sox players to make the All-Star Game on the Final Vote.

You can vote until Thursday at 4 p.m. ET at and


I have mixed feelings about Youkilis going to the All Star game. He’s one of my favorite players and he deserves to be their but having a few days off might do him well. Personally I could care less about the All Star game, I haven’t watched one in a few years. They say ” it counts” but why does every team have to be represented??? The BEST players should be their and if that means a bunch of Yankees and Red Sox, that is how it goes. When I played in little league, every single team needed to be their but that was little league, this is the big leagues…last time I checked anyway!

Boston has bounced back from some tough losses before but that was when the team was mostly healthy. Tonight it’s a different story, no Pedroia ( the heart and soul on this team ) and no Martinez. Also Boston has Doubront on the hill and if Boston wants to win tonight, he MUST pitch better than he did when he faced the Dodgers a couple of weeks ago.

If Doubront can’t give the Red Sox innings, this could be a long game for the Red Sox because we all know this bullpen has some dead weight out there.

I think I have seen it all.

My question is when Youk was hurt and the game again on the line the spitting coach put in Niuman Romero to replace him, why didn’t the spitting coach put in Mike Lowell in this spot instead? You saw Romero was weak at the bat and a better gamble was Mike Lowell. Where is the coach’s head? he first blew the last three games by keeping the pitcher in too long and then send in a reliever that would be better back at level A. It is time in my opinion to have John Farrell the head coach and send Fran to some desert place to never return! Fran must like the feeling of loosing?

Geezie Peez Leweez!!!! Did someone put slip some kind of “disabled list” pill into the RedSox drinking water?? It’s easier to name the players (starters) not on the DL than it is to list the ones that are on there. Our 3 (starting lineup) that are not (yet) on the DL?
Adrian Beltre, Marco Scutaro and JD Drew. This is scary. Very Scary! All we can do now is hold our collective breath until the troops starting hobbling back onto the field.
I heard that Beckett threw a simulated game yesterday and that it went well. That’s a good thing!!
*** Ian, could you get a status report for us on all the wounded that we have and possible return dates??***

My only criticism about Francona last night, he should have had Cameron pinch hit in the ninth instead of having Romero hit. Romero had ZERO chance of getting a hit, I’m not saying Cameron would have but he had a much better chance than Romero. Why is Romero up instead of Lars Anderson??? I would have rather have Ed Romero and his Gatorade bucket than Niuman Romero and his pathetic bat! This kid Romero looked overwhelmed and also had the look ” I don’t belong here”.

Youkilis went down ( it sounds like he’ll be o.k. ) and then the next batter Beltre fouls one off his knee and he looked like he was in some pain. I see a lot of crutches in that dugout, never ever a good sign.

Doubront had a decent outing, he pitched much better than Dice-K. At least Doubront’s head was in the game, unlike Dice-K the night before.

At one point last night, the Red Sox lineup had a spring training look to it.

You mean it’s NOT Spring Training?? Could have fooled me..

I didn?t watch last night?s game. So no comment. If I did I would be furious. Who the %^& is Romero? Back to the game that the Sox should have won but lost the night before, I think Francona did something that was uncalled for by openly criticizing Dice-K as if he (DK) was the only culprit. But as a manager, never mind?What Francona said was correct that DK should throw to 1B for the sure out. But did Francona see that DK should be yanked immediately after the leadoff double in the 6th as most ML manager would do? As lousy as DK pitched, the Sox still had 2 run lead after 5. At the same time Francona defended Scutaro on Pena?s grounder which was potentially a dp ball that eventually led to the winning run.
Maddon is an a^&*hole. But you have to give him credit for in-game and bullpen management.

Sox played tough,
Wake got the potatoe salad,
Go Wake,
Go Sox!

… You made me laugh 9tedw..Thank you!

Let the Ryan Shealy era begin!

Hey! All!

If we’re going to tee off on my birthday buddie Tito, could we at least get our facts straight? As most of you recognize, when Youk went down last night, Tito couldn’t send MikeyL in because MikeyL is on the DL!!! I understand BosoxBrian’s comment about Niuman Romero looking like a deer in the headlights at the plate, although I didn’t watch the game, only followed it on my laptop. I suspect that what Tito has been doing is to stack his good hitting regulars into the middle of the line-up: Youk, Papi, Beltre and JD in an effort to try to get some production, hopeful of perhaps some contributions coming elsewhere.

That plan was foiled last night when Youk went down, Romero went in, and Joe Maddon started wisely giving Papi free passes to put it on the shaky shoulders of Niuman Romero. Had Romero eeked out one hit in either at bat, it would have scored a run or two, made Maddon look like a blunderer and made Tito look like a friggin miracle-worker (which I believe he is anyway).

Now the Sox could go and trade away a bunch of their prospects to pick up a guy like Adam Dunn and put a bunch of thunder in the line-up (and blunder in the field), but I don’t believe (and don’t hope) Theo’s going to give into that temptation.

With Lester and Lackey pitching in Toronto, hopefully, they can get back on the winning track before the AS break, and then who knows. Otherwise, it may just be 2006 all over again. Bringing in expensive talent in the hopes that it will tide you over until the troops get back is a risky strategy. What if, no matter how much he wills it, Pedey’s injury doesn’t heal right, or VMart’s? If anything, I believe the Sox should be looking at bullpen help. That they can use not only this year, but next year as well, as contracts expire, and new pieces need to be added. That may only cost them money…like with Cleveburg’s Kerry Wood. A perfect solution, no. But I’m worried about them running Bardie out there 85+ times this year, and wearing him out.

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