All-Star Monday with a M*A*S*H update

The Red Sox, as is their annual custom, took up an entire corner of the room at the All-Star media Monday.

Some interesting nuggets.

It has been assumed that Red Sox righty Clay Buchholz would return to the rotation and pitch on Friday night at Fenway against the Rangers. That is no longer a safe assumption. Buchholz said he will pitch Monday, but it’s not certain to be in Boston.

A Minor League rehab assignment is possible, especially since lefty Felix Doubront, who filled in for Buchholz in his last start, is still on the roster. Pawtucket plays at Syracuse on Friday night, so that wouldn’t be a particularly long road trip.

“I’m ready to go,” said Buchholz. “I’ve gotten a whole lot better in the last couple of days, too. Definitely feeling ready to go. I don’t know where I’ll be pitching for sure on Friday but they definitely said I was pitching Friday.”

Asked about the possibility of the Minors, Buchholz said,  “It could be. It’s three weeks off. It  would sort of be hard to throw me right into the fire. I think I’m going to feel strong just throwing the couple of bullpens I’ve already gthrown. I feel good, I feel strong”

The original hope for catcher Victor Martinez is that he would be back shortly after the All-Star break. But the fractured tip of Martinez’s left thumb isn’t healing as quickly as originally hoped.

“As soon as the pain goes down, I’m going to at least be able to put my glove in there and be able to go out and play,” said Martinez. “Unfortunately I just can’t put my hand in the glove. That’s the thing. It’s painful. I tried. It’s tough.”

Dustin Pedroia hopes to take a positive step forward on Friday when he gets a follow-up CT-scan on his fractured left foot.

As for Jacoby Ellsbury, his agent Scott Boras wanted to make it clear that the outfielder was not trying to disassociate himself from the team when he trained at the Athletes Performance Institute in Tempe, Ariz. over the last month.

“There’s a lot of people, certain journalists, who just don’t have the right facts,” Boras said. “The cooperation has been great with the organization. I spoke with Terry [Francona] four or five times and Theo [Epstein] many times. We’ve been on the same page throughout. These are decisions of Jacoby’s medical care and his physical therapy, all these thigns were made mutually. It’s been a very cooperative environment. Good communication with everybody and we knew what was going on and why and it was all by agreement.”

“I think Jacoby described the set of circumstances he was operating under and the information he was operating under. I think that accurately potrays what occurred and the key thing is that I’m just telling you, responsibly between Theo and myself and and Jacoby and Terry, it’s all been very fluid, it’s all been very understood. There’s been no question about what he should or shouldn’t do. The team in fact chose where Jacoby would train in Arizona. That was not anything we suggested. That was a group they’re comfortable with and Jacoby was comfortable with. It was a very cooperate effort.”


Congratulations to David Ortiz for winning the home run derby….A close up, showed Papi had the eye of the tiger tonight, he was on a mission to win…

Congrats to Big Papi for winning the HR derby. We know Buchholz is definitely pitching on Friday whether it will be at Fenway or at Pawtucket. I hope it?s at Fenway. If Buchholz needs a rehab assignment, why not before the AS break.
The coming Texas series is where the Sox can pick up ground on either the Yanks or the Rays. I hope the manager, players and the pitchers realize and understand the importance of the series. Go Sox.

I concur. GS has made many contributions especially to the New York Yankees. I am sure there will be a moment of silence at the ASG.

I hope that Papi comes home and hits a ton of homeruns for the Sox. Congrats on the HomeRun Derby.

George Steinbrenner has passed away. You loved him or hated him but he made so many contributions to baseball. My condolences are with Yankee fans as are my prayers.

RIP George Steinbrenner. Without Steinbrenner the Sox would have never loaded up the way they did. When they loaded up to keep up with the Yankees they ultimately went on to win two WS in my lifetime. Thanks GS!!!!!! He will be in the HOF. Go Sox!!!

If “The Boss” owned the Red Sox, it wouldn’t have been 86 years between titles. Steinbrenner was committed to winning and that is all you can ask of an owner. R.I.P. George Steinbrenner, you’ll be missed.

On paper tonight?s lineup without Beltre and Wake on the mound doesn?t stand a chance against the Texas. But baseball is a strange game. You can never predict the outcome of a baseball game playing on paper. Fans are crying that Beltre isn?t playing tonight and yet he played in the ASG. Since when fans care so much about Beltre playing or not? Not long ago fans were ready to chase him out of the Beantown. LOL.

Tonight the glorious second half will begin for the Sox. They are going to crush their opponents and show no mercy! Tito will make Maddon look like a simpleton. Papi will stay dialed in the entire 2nd half. Even Lackey and Dice-K will shine,,,,, in their own special way. Go Sox!!!!

RIP George S.
I’ve heard stories about his many good charitable works which he kept secret . Quite a larger than life figure, and a good-hearted person underneath all the bluster.

The game was lost because Wakefield was HORRIBLE. It didn?t matter what the manager did. The positive was that the bullpen held up and didn?t cause further damage. Note to the management don?t start Wake against division leading or hard hitting teams. Wake may get by a non contending team. It?s a reality.
I know we have the best management and coaching the Red Sox ever had. We were led to believe that Buchholz was to start on Friday?s game at Fenway as Francona informed the media after the Tampa sweep. Then I thought why Friday, could Bucky start the series opener? May be Bucky needs an extra day rest. Then even on the day of ASG, Bucky knew he was definitely pitching on Friday. But he didn?t know where. As I indicated before the ASG, if Bucky needs a rehab assignment, could he do it before the ASG? Why it has to be after the break? There must be a reason or confusion somewhere.
The Red Sox is on the brink (perhaps already have) of reverting to early funkiness as far as the standing is concerned. The difference is the Yanks are on top in stead of the Rays. To quote and paraphrase Francona after the Rays sweep ?We have a fun group to work with. We?ll figure it out.? Go figure it out!

The media has been very kind to the coaching staff except you are the 3B coach. My question for the manager at post game would be” Hey coach, is it a good idea to start your fifth starter against the Orioles, correction, the Texas Rangers after the break?”

I realize that there is no guarantee that if that play in the 1st inning had been called 3rd strike that this would have ended differently but…

and they call football a game of inches!!! That ball was 4-6 inches below Youngs bat. Would Wakes night have been different? As I said before, I don’t know but I sure would like to have that call back.

The result may be a little different as to the score but not to the outcome. I know Francona has done so many good things such as glueing the team together, keeping the players happy and healthy for October and being patient, etc. But I doubt there will be too many MLB mangers would start your no. 5 starter in a key series opener against the hard hitting Rangers and their pitching. It doesn’t mean the other starter would win last night. But..It’s sad but true Wake is no longer a good MLB pitcher. I would still say it if Wake pitches a gem against the Yankees/Rays next time out.
Go Prince Felix.

I guess I’m going to show my age here. lol. When I was growing up ( still not sure if I have or not ) most of the time if not all the time the “ace” of that team would take the ball to start the second-half. Now with pitch counts and all of this other garbage, that certainly isn’t the case anymore. Let me get this straight. Lester last pitched for the Red Sox last Friday in Toronto. He pitched (1) inning on Tues. night, he isn’t going to pitch until Sat. night. Lester should have been on that mound last night. Look at the Yankees, Sabathia last pitched Sunday in Seattle and he is pitching tonight. The Yankees aren’t babying their pitchers and neither should the Red Sox but they are! This is one of the area’s of baseball that I absolutely hate! I could go on but why bother, I’m not going to change the Red Sox thinking or anyone in baseball’s thinking. I think the only one that has enough balls is Nolan Ryan, he wants his starters to pitch and pitch some more!!!

What’s more aggravating was that the hard hitting Rangers could not score against the “formidable” Sox bullpen. The game was clearly winnable if………..Argh……………….!

Perhaps one can argue Francona is a genius. What if Lester was on the mound and lost 3-2. The fact that the Sox scored only 2 runs last night. Or Francona was thinking what difference does it make that Wake loses game 1 or game 4. Genius indeed.

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