Friday injury updates from hot, steamy Fenway

It’s a scorcher out here at Fenway tonight. You want the requisite injury updates? Here you go. ‘

Third baseman Adrian Beltre is in the lineup tonight, apparently over the hamstring woes that troubled him through the All-Star break.

Manny Delcarmen will be back in the Boston bullpen tomorrow evening after successfully completing his one-day rehab.

Dustin Pedroia is off crutches and doing some light weight-bearing activities. He is probably stuck in the walking boot for another week or two, and then he can ramp back up. In other words, Pedroia won’t play for the Red Sox before August, not that it’s that big a surprise.

Jason Varitek is a couple of weeks behind Pedroia, and will remain in crutches for the time being.

In the meantime, nothing like a little pressure for young lefty Felix Doubront. The Red Sox badly need a win tonight with Cliff Lee looming tomorrow.


On other injury news, Buchholz is making a start in Syracuse with Pawtucket tonight and then hopefully he’ll join the big club sometime next week. Also Beckett is on the hill tom. night in Syracuse and if everything goes well, he’ll pitch against Seattle. More injury news down in S.W. Florida, Ellsbury will take off his skirt and maybe he’ll join the Red Sox sometime in August. lol. Ellsbury’s escapade has punched himself a ticket out of Boston, sometime during the winter.

Quite true with Lee lurking tom. night, especially with Lackey’s possible walk- a- thon that could happen.

Cash is an automatic out. Hope the run that he failed to pick up won’t come back to haunt the Sox.


Cash is Doug Miarabelli, only difference is the name. lol.

The score should be 3-0 Boston if the game is properly played.

Patterson averages one big hit once a month. I’d rather see Cam in CF. The left righty thing is overly played.

An AAA pitcher just called up walked the first batter he faced and walked in another batter to tie the game. What would you do as a manager? I know the bp sucks. But Atchison, Ram, Oki & company worse than an AAA callup?

Does anyone else think that Tito is a front man for the Bilderbergs and the Illuminati? I mean, if everyone here can so easily see how he should manage differently, but Tito somehow gets it wrong, it stands to reason that Uncle Tito is TRYING to lose the games. The question is: WHY. And who is pulling his strings behind the scenes? This can’t be an accident.
I’m going to email Alex Jones tomorrow. He’ll get to the bottom of this!

Does any manager in baseball have worst results from his pitcher changes move than ours?

I wish the Yanks come back and beat the Rays to keep the WC race alive.

I feel like EEyore… Woe is me…. on top of that I have a cold.
Onward and upward?? PLease!

I feel a RANT coming on.. does anyone have a spare soapbox??

I have nothing to say and it’s useless to comment. Just Uncle Tito’s thinking is unconventional and a reasonable man normally wouldn’t do under the circumstances. Conventional wisdom is that you start your best available pitcher the second half. Also, when the game is on the line, I question the wisdom of putting an AAA guy who was just called up and left him there after back to back walks, 5 runs have scored without recording an out.
The Sox bullpen other than that AAA guy gave up 1 run last two games, very shaky.

That is putting it very politely. I wish managers could have a camera in the dugout — then we could tell whether they just make really poor decisions all the time, or because they don’t have the tools/view the public does. I am not expert, but it seemed amazing to me that Cabrera (not spelling it correctly) could even throw a strike at all. It look like he was way overthrowing, he are came completely across his body from right to left — and his whole body was jerking across to the left as well — didn’t look like mechanics that one could control at all. The minute I saw this in the first few pitches, I knew we were in trouble. Plus Doubront was throwing well, he apparently just can’t throw to 1st or 2nd base. But he had to be a better choice to close out the inning.

Albert Einstein said, and I’m paraphrasing here, The study of sub atomic particles is akin to having a watch, the back of which is sealed, and speculating how it works. The same is true with us trying to figure out what is going on in the dugout and clubhouse of the Sox. It’s easy to second guess after every loss, but it’s impossible to know for sure what we are talking about. While it is great to be passionate, it is useless to have our knickers in a twist after each and every game. For my part I am going to enjoy the good and let the bad roll on by.
Whatever the Sox acheive this year it will be with great difficulty, so let’s give credit where it is due and see where the season takes us.

Arnie: finally, in the last comment, the voice of reason chimes in,, these ‘chicken littles’ don’t seem to realize what a ‘patchwork quilt’ of players Theo has put on the field that they are calling the 2010 ‘Boston Red Sox’! This ‘rag-tag’ bunch could still beat Balt., and they can still be in it when we get our regs. back for the 2nd half. Ellen, sorry to hear you’re feelin poorly, get well soon. GO SOX! mike PS Cash is like a chevy you once owned and now that your’e Lexus is in the shop, you bought back from the lot you sold it to,, just saying. Now Murphy is another story

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