Lowell, others getting healthier

Dustin Pedroia is still a few weeks away. Same with Jason Varitek. Same probably for Jacoby Ellsbury, Jed Lowrie and Victor Martinez. But some other bodies are getting healthy.

Manny Delcarmen returned to the mix tonight after being down for two weeks with a forearm strain. Clay Buchholz gets back Wednesday when he pitches in Oakland. Josh Beckett could well be the next day in Seattle.

And there was even a Mike Lowell update today. The 3B/1B/DH will have a cortisone shot on his right hip on Monday and be back playing in a Minor League rehab assignment by Thursday. The question for Lowell is, when he does come back, will it be for the Red Sox or another team?

The Rangers are interested again, though they are monitoring all available corner infielders.

“I think there’s been rumors since the Winter Meetings of last year,” said Lowell. “If something happens, I don’t think that changes the way I feel about my teammates or the city or the fans. Those are all positives for me. I love Miami too. So, I don’t see why it changes, or it’s always a bad thing. I do know I enjoy playing baseball and I’m doing that less this year than I ever have. I don’t know. I’ve heard talks, but I’ve heard talks for eight months. I have no idea. I don’t know the situations other teams are in, whether it’s a need or what, I don’t really care to know either. I think you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to break down every team. I just want to be in a position where I can play.”


My youngest asked me today, ‘where’s Mike Lowell?’ and I said he been on the 60 DDL, for what? well his hip and his thumb and stuff. Are they gonna bring him back? well, only if they can’t find a good trade for him, “trade Mike Lowell, why?” well he’s old and hurt and has a big contract, ” but Dad, he’s WAY younger then YOU!!!”

Ian, good to hear you ‘live’ the other nite.

Obigmikee: That is truly classic!! That made me feel better than the nyquil I’ve been taking! lol
The Cardiac Kids were on the field last night and that was a good ending. I thought Lackey pitched well and was impressed with the bats against Lee. Good Job!!!

Onward and upward again!!

Great win for the Red Sox last night. That’s a type of win that could propel a team for a bit. Boston’s ace is going today so they should be able to get a split in this series. Even though Texas is 0-2 in Lee’s starts, he was a great pick-up by Texas. The Rangers are not pushovers anymore with Lee in that rotation. He should make the other starters better and that will make their pen better as well. Over the years the Rangers have had the bats but now they have some solid pitching to go with those bats. Texas should win the West.

Buchholz and Beckett will be making starts this week, so that means Wakefield will be the odd man out. Easy decision for Francona to make. Wakefield has pitched himself out of the rotation and into to the bullpen.

I didn’t watch the game. The video replay showed that Lackey’s 2 RBI hits weren’t hit hard. Poor uncle Tito had been cursed by fans (not on this blog) elsewhere last two days. Uncle made the right move by having Bard pitched the 8th to hold the Rangers for the Sox to come back. Uncle should be lauded for the move and credited for the win. If the Sox were to lose in extra innings, I wouldn’t crticize Tito for the loss (although I’d curse MDC) and neither did I criticize Tito for the Game 1 loss although I questioned you know what. Game 2 is a different story.
MDC was reactivated at the right time. Bard should be available to close. Other than Cabrera (I still don’t know why he pitched), the Sox pen gave up just 1 run the last three games.
Bucky is back and Beck is on his way, things are looking up. I am joining Ellen’s chorus onward and upward.

Bowden is up with the big boys. He has been doing well out of the pen down in A.A.A. Bowden might have found his niche. I’m not sure if starting was the way for Bowden to make an impact with the Red Sox. Eventually???? Maybe…..

A leadoff double and left stranded after 3 outs. Not good. Unless JD is unable to play, you must play JD as many games as possible as we don’t know the next day JD may have a stiff neck of a sore ***. Also, you don’t platoon a $15MM RF. Go Sox.

I agree Andy. With all the injuries the Sox have, JD should man up and play every day. Even against *gasp!* lefties!

A tough home loss for Lester. Lester deserved a better fate than a loss; an unearned run, missed scoring opportunity. If the Sox had the lead or tie, Lester would likely be pulled in the 8th.
The Sox are in no hurry to have Beck back. Beck’s last 2 rehab outings were less than spectacular. 81 pitches over 4 innings against an AAA team. Not good.

Price lost, Pettitte strained a groin, tough day for AL All-Star starting lefties!

We know Dice-K was on the game when he started the game with back to back KK and he threw first pitch strikes. Dice-K is a pretty good fielding pitcher. Everyone was on Dice-K?s back on that bunt play that froze him which I have commented it was not ALL his fault.
Fans seem to forget that Dice-K makes $8MM plus change a year. People tend to think the zillion dollar posting fee which didn?t go to Dice-K. The Sox have already recouped that money. For all the $8MM ML pitchers out there, Dice-K certainly is not at the bottom of the barrel. I would have taken Dice-K out when the tying run was on at the bottom of 7th despite 2 outs.
If Wake cannot throw first knuckleball ball strikes, Bowden or Atchison better get ready early. Wake can be economical, 7 runs on 35 pitches only. lol

Dice-K went up against a bunch of .220-.250 hitters. In other words, a bunch of automatic outs in that Oakland lineup. The first seven games out West are against two very weak hitting lineups. Boston should win five or six out of seven. Word has it that Oakland might try to sign Carney Lansford, Walt Weiss and Mike Gallego. LOL! Then again if those guys aren’t available, I guess Oakland will turn their sights on Scott Hatteburg, Mike Bordick, Dwayne Murphy and Luis Polonia. When Coco Crisp is your leadoff hitter, you have MAJOR problems! Just a thought. Is Billy Beane the most overrated G.M. in baseball???? Thank heaven he had second thoughts and said thanks but no thanks to the Red Sox, THANK GOD! The teams he puts together year after year are a JOKE!

Andy! LOL about Wake being efficient with his pitches.
Brian, the fact that Billy Beane has convinced so many people that his system of evaluating baseball players works shows his true genius,,,,,,,,BS-ing! He re-invented the wheel, made it square and convinced a lot of folks it was better. True genius!

Good to hear you again on WEEI. Ian, kid ,you got a face for radio, LOL! I was really thinking they were gonna pull a rabbit outta the hat tonite until the shot up the middle past Scutoro, then the baulk, then the missed swing call. Was it a full count when he hit the game winner? I know Richardson had two strikes on him, exciting and disappointing in that same instant. I didn’t see the third, what happen? I saw the hilites and still didn’t see four runs on 2 hits and two hit bat’s men. Does anyone else ever get the odd/wierd feeling that this is all choriographed(sp)? What was Coco barking about? John Farrell gets the hook? A BAULK? All makes for interesting blogging but i sometimes wonder if stranding so many men after so many hits isn’t a way to keep us tuned in to see more ads on the team owned TV stations, just a thought. GO SOX! (and the revenue you generate) PS, it works for me either way, it is entertainment after all.

BTW, new defensive play with runners on base: pitcher throws over, fielder moves his glove, runner takes it in the ‘tender region’ and gets tagged out while roiling in pain, I heard it works. Film at noon, 4,5,6 and 11. Talk about ‘adding insult to injury’, that’s the epitamy!

Wake pitched effectively despite against a weak lineup. Wake can exit the rotation with dignity.
Blame missed calls and whatever, the game was lost because of lack of enough offense. There is no excuse that the bats went to sleep after 3rd inning. I can take the bases loaded with 2 outs. But the Sox had to score at least one run with just 1 out. If Ortiz, Youk, or JD failed to come up with a key hit, the Sox would lose.

It’s sad that the big Ryan Shealy era comes to an abrupt end. Let Jed Lowrie era begin!

Welcome back Jed Lowrie! I will be sad to see Nava back to Pawtucket. Is there a better option? I know McDon is out of option. Is Hermida better than the switching hitting Nava? Hope Hermida is.

It’s good to see Lowrie back. I hope he’ll be able to stay healthy. It seems if the day ends in the letter Y, Lowrie has some sort of ailment.

I wonder if Ortiz will end up with the “curse”??? It seems whoever wins the H.R. Derby ends up having a lackluster second-half.

Way to go Youk! Lowrie has had an impact in this game already. Lowrie hustling all the way to second and it kept the inning alive. I assume with Lowrie back ( assuming he’ll stay healthy ) we’ll see more of Lowrie and that would mean less of Bill Hall.

Buchholz should be able to shutdown this “potent” Oakland lineup. lol. Obviously lots of sarcasm when using the word ” potent” to describe the A’s lineup. Cash would probably bat cleanup if he was with Oakland. lol.

Boston having major problems with the bases loaded in this series. Lack of clutch hits cost them a W last night!

Buchholz obviously battling some rust, it’s been a while since he was on a big league mound. Buchholz looking like Dice-K, walking batters and then getting out of it unscathed. Walking the tightrope in the first!

TB and NY already won. The Sox have to keep pace.

Buchholz with a subpar effort, I was expecting a better performance considering he was facing a weak lineup. You know it wasn’t a good series when Dice-K was your best starting pitcher in a series, that my friends is NEVER EVER a good sign!

Dusty Brown or was that Ian Brown(e) blocking the plate twice and keeping the game close. Great job by Dusty Brown! Showing some good fundamentals, something that lacks in the pro game at times. Great throw by Cameron throwing out old friend Coco Crisp. More solid defense from Patterson with a diving catch with the bases loaded. This game could have been much worse for Boston but those plays kept them close.

A very disappointing start to the West coast trip. Losing two out of three from Oakland is not acceptable! Personally I don’t believe N.Y. is better than last year’s Yankees but they are still much better than Boston. The Red Sox chances of a division are slim at best. T.B. isn’t exactly ripping it up as well but they have excellent starting pitching and that is why T.B. will be very tough to beat. I believe the Rays are the only team in baseball that has used only (5) starters this year. This Red Sox payroll is through the roof and they are not getting their money’s worth. I’m not sure where Theo can turn to when trying to add pieces to this team. I don’t think their is much out their that can help Boston. A year ago they dealt for Martinez but I don’t see that type of trade happening this time. Maybe a small move and that is about it.

Ortiz continues to struggle since winning the H.R. Contest. No surprise to me!

RED SOX FANS THIS 2010 team are finished to many errors,leave to many men on base also to many game back Also why is ELLSBURY never on the bench with pedroia,martinez,lowell.Ihear is in the dog house anybody know why AGOOD SOX FAN OVER 20 YRS.

It’s official that the Sox have returned to the early funkiness. Need another surge, need it fast. Need to sweep the remaining road games just to stay competitive.

The Red Sox are finished for this season, maby next
season, with a new manager who’s more concerned with
the team than just eating his peanuts, something will
work out. Get rid of Del Carmen, *** pitches, Lowell, and
the other deadwood in the pitching dept, who knows they may win a few games.

The season is far from ovah. The regulars are slowly on their way back to the lineup. I hope this year?s Red Sox are like last year?s Yanks. The Yanks had a horrible first half and were behind the Red Sox 3-5 games in the middle of July. We know what happened to the Yanks when they were healthy in the second half. The Yanks have to play the Rays 10 more times. But again the Sox have to win to take advantage. If the Sox lose, it doesn?t matter what the teams ahead do. Every game is important from here on.

I believe your way off when comparing the Yankees of last year to the Red Sox of this year.
First of all let’s look where the Yankees were exactly one year ago today ( July 22 ) the Yankees were 57-37 ( leading the division by 2 games and 20 games over .500 ) Also in their last twenty four games the Yankees were 19-5. In other words the Yankees of 2009 were picking up some steam. Now let’s take a look at the Red Sox this year. They are in third place ( 53-42 ) and they are 10-14 in their last twenty four games. Is it possible the Red Sox get everyone healthy and turn things around? Certainly possible but who’s to say all the players that return from the D.L. return and start fresh as if they were never hurt. I see more questions than answers when talking about the 2010 Red Sox.

Boston did catch a break this weekend, they will miss King Felix! Perhaps Mark Langston or Billy Swift will take the hill this weekend.

You are not wrong. Try to have faith. There is no gurantee that the wounded would automatically hit .300 upon return. We don’t know which Beck will show up either. Deep down I am not as optimistic as I appear to be.
Why is Hall at 2B and not Lowrie tonight? Perhaps a trade is in the working? Go Lackey! Go Sox!

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