First of four in Seattle

We are underway at Safeco Field for the first of four games, and Ichiro Suzuki has already robbed David Ortiz of a home run. That happened in the first inning. Perhaps, though, it will put to rest the theory that Ortiz is somehow worn down from winning the Home Run Derby. He then lined an RBI single in his next at-bat.

On to some other matters of business.

* Jeremy Hermida is back on the roster, but probably won’t play until Saturday because the Mariners have lefties pitching the first two games.

* Tim Wakefield is back in the bullpen for the forseeable future with Josh Beckett making his return to the rotation tomorrow night.

* Victor Martinez is getting closer to a return to action. He caught Wakefield on the side today and will do the same thing for Clay Buchholz tomorrow.

* Jacoby Ellsbury has started taking BP on the field during his rehab in Fort Myers and could start playing Minor League games in within “four to five days” according to Red Sox manager Terry Francona.


Regardless of how tonights game turns out, Tito and Theo should seriously try to unload both Ramirez and DelCarmen for whatever they can get. They are disasters.

Tonights game is disgusting. It’s going imto the the bottom of the 12th and the Sox are just waitng for the game to end
so that they could go and pack up and go back to the hotel.

What the lleh was that? I saw the top of the 9th and things were fine.. I fell asleep during th ecommercial and then I wake up to 8-6 extra innings??
NOTE TO THEO..Just in case you lost the shopping list I gave you, I’ll give it to you again.

BULLPEN HELP (note.. DO NOT go to the bargain basement or the retirement home for either item)

It?s a damned shame that Uncle Tito couldn?t MANAGE to win the game for Lackey who technically shut out the weak hitting Mariners for 8 innings and departed with 5 run lead. It?s a perfect move for MDC to come in the 9th. But?never mind. Bard came in 1 pitcher almost too late. The experiment with DMC is and should be OVAH. Pap threw 30 pitches in one inning. The unlikely heroes in the BP were Oki and Ram.

and speaking of bargain basement shopping (or off the trash pile)
the RedSox acquired Jack Hannahan?? Come on Theo, get real, real quick. I know he can play alot of positions but PLEEEEEASE get some one who is going to be a difference maker!!!

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