Beckett is back, others might not be far behind

Things are officially looking up for the Red Sox, as Josh Beckett’s first start since May 18 is currently in progress.

Returns to the active roster could become commonplace over the next couple of weeks.

* The next to be back in the lineup? Most likely Victor Martinez. The catcher will work with Clay Buchholz in the bullpen before tomorrow’s game and if he doesn’t feel any discomfort in his fractured thumb, that is a sign that he could return soon, maybe even in Anaheim.

“I mean, if I feel like I felt yesterday, I’m just days away. We’ll see what happens,” Martinez said.

* Then there is Dustin Pedroia. The second baseman will have his fractured left foot checked out by a doctor while the team is in Anaheim, but is unlikely to have clearance to remove his walking boot until a week from today, when he gets a CT-scan in Boston. Don’t talk to Pedroia about a Minor League rehab assignment. He is simply not interested.

“I’ll talk to Theo and Tito, everybody, but it depends how we’re doing as a team,” said Pedroia. “We’re trying to get everybody back as fast as possible and I think the Red Sox need us more than the PawSox do.”

* As for Pedroia’s replacements at second, Jed Lowrie was the one who got the start Friday. But Francona said not to take that as a slight at Bill Hall, who made two errors on Thursday and played in left tonight.

“I actually think he’s done a pretty good job,” Francona said. “He’s made some errors. Last night, that play for me was bang bang, I think he has to [throw it]. I don’t see how he eats that ball. If he eats it, everybody’s going to say, what the hell … The throw is off line and it’s costly. That happens. When you lose Pedroia, you can’t replace Pedroia with Pedroia. That’s not how it works. I think he’s done a really good job for us. But against the left-hander, I wanted Jed to play tonight so I guess the best way to do it was to play him at second.”

* Michael Bowden got caught in a roster crunch today as the Sox needed to send someone down to make room for Beckett. It was no slight at how he pitched.

“I’m obviously disappointed, but I had a feeling that this was going to happen,” Bowden said. “But I also have a feeling that I’ll be back sooner rather than later. Every time out there, I got a little more comfortable, a little more relaxed. I think it’s just about getting more repetitions, more appearances, so I can really feel 100 percent comfortable out there and do my job.”  


Some day Papi might smarten up and deliberately go to the left side when he faces LHP. Sure, he may not hit as many HRs but he might avoid hitting into DPs trying to pull the ball and more than likely will SO fewer times. He may also get more hits and RBIs.This would be particularly true when playing at Fenway. There is only one player who hit against a shift and did reasonably well. That is The Splinter and Papi is by no means even close to Ted as a hitter.

Sox need some offense behind the plate. Let’s hope that Tek and Martinez heal quickly. Cash can’t hack it. Since Tito/Theo feel that Cash can call a good game, perhaps when there are men in scoring position someone should PH for him.

Papi take the ball to left on purpose? Too much ego there. He hits the ball to left when he’s late on a pitch, no other time. He made the All Star Team based on the month of May. Since then, he’s practically zero for July.

I’d have been upset if I was Beckett tonight. He pitched pretty well, and threw 98 pitches. He gets one more out and he’s got a shot at a win. Tito takes him out with 2 outs and all he can do is lose. That’s just not right. It’s not like Atchison on a good night is better than Beckett when he’s tired.

Back to Ortiz. Nice base running move getting picked off at third. How does that happen to a guy who can’t run at all? What was he thinking about?

Daniel Bard could pitch every night. His mechanics are just so good. He seems to throw 99 with very little effort. His stuff could be as good as Strasburg’s, and he might have the best stuff on the Sox staff. Should a pitcher of that caliber be a setup man?

Bill Hall has hit 2 home runs the last two games and gets sent to the bench for his efforts late in the game. Then Kevin (.143) Cash gets to hit. Am I missing some logic in this decision? Hey, Hall isn’t Ted Williams……but Kevin Cash isn’t even Bill Hall. Shouldn’t Hall have hit, and then someone hit for Cash?

Pap with 4 blown saves now. Can’t fault him for that debacle last night, but he doesn’t look much like he did prior to the shoulder injury a few years back……and he’s looking more vulnerable every year. Could he be trade bait at the deadline with Bard taking over closing duties?

What’s the fascination with Michael Bowden? The guy throws like a girl at 88-91 mph with nothing on the ball. He’s been crushed every time he’s come up. Maybe the Sox could fool someone into taking him as a super prospect.

So, will Pedroia get back early, or will the stupid routine he’s doing now cause him to reinjure himself?

Ah yes, another brilliant move. Intentionally walk Ichiro to put the winning run on base. So, if you’re Papelbon, what does this say about Tito’s confidence in you. A closer has to believe he can get anyone out, don’t you think?

hey, i’m remembering how HOT we all were for that Saltiomaccia catcher kid a couple years back, now that he’s down in the minors, he looks more like someone we could pick up for a song and let tek and vmart turn into a #1, give him a spiegel catalog (60609)before each game!! if you catch the reference(s). mike

Can’t ask for more from Beck for his first ML outing after 2 months absence albeit against a light hitting Mariners. The run could easily be unearned. Beck threw a lot of pitches in the 1st. I think the key was Bradley’s AB, out on the first pitch for the 2d outs. Then Beck had the runner on second and one run already crossed the plate. If Bradley had worked on the pitches like the previous batters did, who knows?
What was Papi thinking at 3B?
Uncle Tito must have been talking to Maddon? Uncle Tito had made so many questionable moves in this road trip even in the winning games. Nothing can change Tito’s way of thinking. So just leave the topic alone from now on.

Garry: There is no lefty available to hit for Cash. Hermida hit for Hall (questionable move), and Paterson pinch ran for Hermida (another %^&* brilliant move). Used up 2 lefties in 1 questionable move knowing (or didn’t know) Cash is on deck. The Sox won.
The ex-Mariners won the game for the Red Sox – Hall, Beltre, and Atchison.

I see where David Pauley is on the hill tonight for the M’s, I guess Zink will come out of the pen after Pauley gives up 5 runs in 5 innings. Boston should go into Sunday’s game with the broom!

The best part of Hall’s H.R. is Seattle is paying his salary. Gotta love it!

Overall a solid start from Beckett. Next start for Beckett, I would like to see him pitch deeper into the game. Go around 7+.

Whenever Cash steps into the box, he should pull a Rudy Stein ( Bad News Bears fame ) lean into one. That’s the only way Cash is getting on. Why does he bother bringing a bat with him to the batters box???

Lackey pitched superbly and didn’t win. Beckett pitched well enough to win. Good sign for the team, but not for the pitchers. When Cash comes to bat with runner(s) on from 6 inning onward, don’t let him comes near the plate. Was it the same Cash that hit an outside the park HR at Fenway last year, the ball went over the Monster seats and into the parking lot. Go Lester!

A tough loss for Lester and the Sox. I had a bad feeling about the game in the 1st inning. Hermida failed to make contact and KKKed with runnners on 2d and 3d with 1 out. For one moment I thought Lester was tiring and was left on the mound too long. It didn’t matter, if Lester was yanked after 7, the Sox would still lose 1-2. Offense lost the game. But again Lester shouldn’t be easily unrattled by Patterson’s error.
I have said it before. Is Hermida better than the switch hitting Nava? Of all the wounded, Hermida is the guy I really didn’t look forward to the speedy return. Go Sox.

One run with the “immortal” David Pauley on the mound, are you kidding me??? Nuff said. If King Felix was on the hill, that can happen but other than that nobody on Seattle’s pitching staff should be able to do that. T.B. wins and N.Y. ends up on the short end, not a good day/night for Boston.

Now on to something positive.
Congrats to Remy with his 3,000th broadcast. I remember when he first started, he was HORRIBLE. He has come a long way! Even when the Red Sox stink, Remy’s broadcast are the best. I always thought Remy and Sean McDonough were a great tandem. McDonough has had a lot to do with Remy’s success. Orsillo is o.k. but he’s no Sean McDonough.

Hey, all. I am back from a 2-week trip, so I hope to be back to posting for a while now. I hope the Sox can actually get back into playoff contention! But we’ll see.
I am really happy that Josh Beckett is back to pitching! Hopefully he can go deeper into the game next time, and the offense can give him some run support. Like Lester last night, Beckett’s lack of run support did not make his return easier!
Props to Lackey for his near-no-hitter last game out. Only to watch the BP implode. How the heck we went from a near no-no to 5 runs in the 9th is just pathetic. Lackey has had a reputation for wanting to finish games he’s pitching, and pouting when he does get pulled. With the BP implosion last outing, who could blame him? He might be even more adamant about staying in the game next outing!
Where has the Dice-K been who pitched that gem last outing? Can he show up more often, please? PLEASE? I actually could enjoy watching him pitch, when he was attacking the hitters, and not nibbling around the plate! I hope Dice-K does that again today– he could actually be an effective pitcher that way! (I am not getting my hopes up, but still…) GO SOX!

Congrats to Papi on winning the HR Derby! I am glad he got a HR last night– I hope he resumes his power surge, and can play a big role in our offense for the rest of the year! Gauging from the past few games since the Break, we could use it! GO PAPI! GO SOX!

All I can say it`s time for a NEW manager Tito has to go we need new blood.Also get rid of all the dead wood, because the red sox are DONE for this year

I find it hard to see when Papi gets up with a runner on first ,with none out and behind a run – and looking at that shift that they put on him– that he just doesn’t bunt, as hard as he could down the third base line. He could then run backwards and get his single.

I see no reason why, after he takes his long ball swings, during batting practce, that he doesn’t practice bunting a dozen times. That might make the opposition reconsider the shift, and how they pitch to him. When he is facing a LHP you can assume that they will be pitching him away, which should make it easier to push it down the line.

As far as Papelbomb is concerned- it might be worthwhile for Tito to have him come in around the seventh or eighth inning and let Bard close out the game. Maybe a little competition might deflate his big head and let him compete for the job.

Further, Delcarmen has to go. So does Ramon. Let’s air out the bullpen. Then, hopefully when some of our “walking wounded” return we may have a shot.

WAKE UP TITO/THEO, the season is not over yet. GO SOX!!!

How is it that we can only muster 2 runs AGAIN? Can we please stop making no-name and also-ran pitchers look like All-Stars? Dice-K is in line for a win again, if the BP doesn’t implode, and it could be his second straight 2-1 win. No margin for error, I guess…

Welcome back, Greg. The blog is too quiet without your presence. In 4th, a singles,a double, and a walk, scored only 2 runs. Pathetic. C’mon, guys.

I don’t understand. Francona has a lot of explaining to do. But again, no one will question his move. Blame Oki and the BP imposition.

No margin for error, indeed. BP implosion, indeed. Ouch. GO SOX!
Thank you very much, Andy, for the kind words!

Oki is still pitching. Earth to Francona. Where are you?

Mariners 4, Francona 2.
When will football camp open? Verterans report on Thursday.

Ok….enought talk about the Sox’s struggles offensively…this is to be expected when half of your big guns are out and you have role players trying to fill the void….the big problem is the bullpen…it’s atrocious at best….Aside from Bard, no one has the ability to come in and shut the door against the other team….Every time Delcarmen comes in I cringe, because you know that he’ll give up some of his teammates’ runs, with a couple of his own. The bullpen is so bad that Francona had to bring in an untested, unproven Michael Bowden in with the game on the line! The bullpen leads the league in losses and is last in the league in ERA (the starting pitching is 6th by the way)….as the trading deadline approaches, Theo needs to bring in some quality arms who can help hold a lead (or at least not blow a 5 run game anymore), if they expect to win this year.

I was at the game the night the Sox won in extra innings against the Rangers and Cliff Lee. I always buy a program…but this year I had to buy one out of neccessity as I did not know a lot of the players or their numbers. Dustin Brown was out there long tossing with Lackey and he wasn’t even in the program. That should pretty much tell you how the last two months have gone. In fact…when the starters started dropping like flies this team over-achieved and the youngsters and vets stepped it up and stayed competitive. But it was obvious that they could not keep that up over a long period with the line-up they had out there every day. I am proud of this team because they aren’t completely dead yet and they are trying to tread water until they can get healthy again. Best of all…they never quit…would have been easy to do. So keep your Sox on….and hope for the best. Go Sox!!!!!!!

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