Red Sox getting into dangerous territory

The Red Sox arrived here in Anaheim tonight at the point in their season where they simply cannot fall any further back then they are in the standings if October is going to be any kind of realistic possibility.

Before even taking the field today, the Red Sox lost a half-game in the standings to both the Rays, who got a Matt Garza no-hitter against the Tigers and the Yankees, who notched a 3-2 win over Cleveland.

A loss tonight would drop the Sox nine games behind the Yankees in the American League East and six in back of the Rays in the Wild Card. In other words, they DESPERATELY need Clay Buchholz to out-duel Dan Haren in this one.

As for other news of the day:

One clear positive note was the return of Victor Martinez, who batted sixth . Another? Jacoby Ellsbury started his rehab in the Minors. Dustin Pedroia did some running before the game, and it didn’t go as well as he hoped. Still no word on exactly when Pedroia will return. A big part of it will be how his CT-scan goes in Boston on Friday.

But you have to wonder: Will the Red Sox still be within striking distance in the race(s) when they get all their big guns back?

At this hour, that is a very tough question to answer. 


A very nice redeeming win for the Sox. Our rotation is solid. Dice-K had 3 consecutive strong outings against weak teams or not. Lackey is known for his strong second half. Beck is back. Hermida is the weak link in the lineup rather see Nava instead. The BP is 2 reliable arms away. Just keep winning.
If Ortiz and/or Youk didn’t come up with a big hit, the Sox would lose.

And of course Victor makes a difference. No longer a NL lineup.

I’m sure Lackey is pumped about his start tonight, he would like to shut down his old mates. If Boston wants to make a run at the w.c.—Lackey, Beckett and Dice-K will have to step it up and give the Sox some solid starts.

I here a lot of people talking about the Red Sox bullpen, not only do they need to add some arms this year but they better hope they get some arms that will be around next season as well. When it comes to putting together a bullpen, teams with the $$$$$ ( Red Sox & Yankees come to mind) don’t have any advantage. It comes down to scouting and some shrew trades when putting together a bullpen.

Great to see V. Martinez back in the lineup, his bat was missed!

Agree. I’ll pleased if Dice-K can just give up 1 run in 6 innings. Any thing beyond 6 is a bonus. Lackey is q workhorse if he wants to go deep into the game, let him despite the high pitch count.
Uncle Tito finally realizes Hermida is no Ted Williams, batting in pitcher’s spot. Love tonight’s lineup Papi batting cleanup. Go Sox.

Ian, I can’t believe that someone who is so close to the Red Sox would sound such a sour note just at the moment that the boys are about to all come off the DL well-rested and ready to kick ***! Ian are you suffering a stroke or something? What team are you watching? Because I see nothing but positive news every day for the past week: Lowrie’s back; Hermida’s back; Beckett’s back; and now Martinez! Are you auditioning for a job in New York? Why don’t you come right out and suggest that it’s time for the Red Sox to have a fire sale? After all, we’re 7.5 games out of 1st, the Yankees are struggling to beat Kansas City, and we have only 70 games or so to go! Soon Pedroia and Ellsbury will be back and this very well-rested team will be kicking NY and Tampa’s Demonic Rays to the curb! So, obviously, this is the time to act all worried about the Red Sox prospects…

You’re either with us or you’re against us, Ian. Which side are you on, boy? Gonna scab on the Red Sox? Say it ain’t so, Ian!


I forgot to mention the return of Clay F-ing Buchholz! I wll galdly burn in Hell for a week for that omission! But what’s your excuse, Ian? You have editors at your disposal – I have none!

When you get to the pearly gates, Ian, and they replay all the mistakes you’ve made in your life, don’t let the 2010 Red Sox Championship Season (R) be one of those black marks against you that send you into Purgatory for an extended period!

Move toward the Light, Ian!



I liked what you said about Damon give him his due.

The sox are short on relief and a big bat when it counts. They (the pen) lost Wagner and Saito had to work alot this year and it shows.
Papelbon is great but he takes too long to work and that hurts him by building the pressure.
Becketts velocity is down and he will have to relearn how to pitch with lesser stuff.
Despite the wonderful offensive numbers at times we lack what we need.
If we want to beat the Yankee’s in the future we might considering trading one of the right handers for a lefty or bring dubont into the roatation they are more vulnerable to the left and have hammered the right handers save Bucholtz who is deceptive.

Thats my comments I have followed the sox all year but do not see us making it due to the pen and so many injuries. I root for them to make it do not get me wrong but we have given away too many games including the last two as an example and a number of others.
One fans opinion on most all of it.
Other than I love Wake but we disrepsect him bringing him out of the Pen and I think there is not a place for him on the sox any longer if he is not a starter we have to face reality knucklers are not for the Pen how many more home runs does it take to make the point. But he has been a great Red Sox player and we need to give him his due.

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