Lowell in holding pattern; Ellsbury getting close

Mike Lowell was literally all dressed up on Friday with no place to play. The right-handed hitter, fresh off a torrid rehab assignment for Triple-A Pawtucket, went through all of his regular pre-game activities before the start of a three-game series against the Tigers at Fenway Park.

But with the non-waiver trade deadline coming at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday and Lowell still not much of a fit on Boston’s 25-man roster, Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein spoke with Lowell and his representatives and agreed it made the most sense for all parties not to activate him for Friday’s game against Detroit.

“There’s possible movement,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “The deadline is tomorrow. It just seems to make sense to get through another day or two days and then do what we need to do.”

There’s still a chance that Lowell could be traded by the deadline, but two of the teams interested in him – the Tigers and Rangers – went out and got alternative corner bats in Jhonny Peralta and Jorge Cantu.

Lowell couldn’t have done much more to prove his worth to suitors on his rehab assignment, hitting .500 (11-for-22) with four homers and 10 RBIs over five games.

“It’s not a really big deal to me,” Lowell said of the imminent trade deadline. “I think I did everything I could have done in Pawtucket. If there’s something out there, whether it’s our team or another team, that they wanted to see more of, there’s not any more left. What do they want me to do? Hit four home runs? I think that’s a little unfair. So I leave it at that. There’s nothing left for me to do.”

* Ellsbury heads to Pawtucket

Jacoby Ellsbury has just one more step to take before he is activated by the Red Sox. It will start Saturday when the speedy center fielder moves his Minor League rehab assignment to Triple-A Pawtucket.

Ellsbury, who has played just nine games this season because of multiple complications with his left ribs, will play for Pawtucket on Saturday and Sunday. After that, the Sox will make a determination of what the next step is.

Clearly, however, Ellsbury – who last played for the Sox on May 24 – is finally nearing a return to action.

“Hopefully I don’t need too many [Triple-A games] but it’s just nice to get out there and start playing in some games,” said Ellsbury, who worked out at Fenway Park on Friday. “I feel a lot better. I feel comfortable. I played nine innings yesterday. I felt alright today. I took batting practice. I’m ahead of the team’s schedule right now, so that’s good.”

Ellsbury played three games for the Red Sox in the Gulf Coast League, including nine innings on Thursday. He is confident that his return to action won’t be quickly derailed like his last comeback, which lasted just three games.

“Yeah, I don’t have the pain in my back —  that’s the biggest thing,” Ellsbury said. “Last time I was playing with a broken rib in addition to what caused everything — I’ve talked about that before. When I go back out there, it’s going to safe for me to play. I won’t aggravate anything.”

Though Ellsbury expects there will be some lingering pain or discomfort at times, he no longer fears risking re-injury.

“From Day One, my whole thing was as long as I’m not going to hurt it worse [it’s fine to play],” Ellsbury said. “If I can go out there and not make it worse, I’ll play with any discomfort I have so that was from Day One and that was when I came back [last time], I was under the impression that’s how it was going to be. As long as I know I’m not going to hurt it worse, I’m ready to go.”


Not sure what’s wrong with Lester, he’s hasn’t won since the break. He had a lackluster performance tonight but then again the bats disappeared.

The Red Sox should obviously try to deal Lowell or release him, obviously if Boston traded Lowell they wouldn’t get much in return. Lowell doesn’t have a spot in Boston so his time is coming to a close.

It sounds like Ellsbury is on his way back, that is good news.

Well the Yankees are loaded for bear now.. They got Lance Berkman from Huston and Austin Kearns from Cleveland…
(Hopefully Theo will make me feel stupid later but…) and what did we get?? Not a damned thing so far. I’d be really happy with Bautista and Downs.. Agonz from SanDiego..?? Now I feel like the little doll from the Island of Misfit Toys in Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer….

“I’ll just go to sleep and dream of next year”

well this yr is certaintly turning into exactly what i thought it would…..granted we have had some( a myriad actually) of major injuries…..hall , cameron, and beltre have done exactly what i thought they would….beltre just needed a change of scenery and has performed the way we hoped ……the only plr which would dramatically help us now is dunn….fielder if u want to empty the farm…wont happen….and there isnt a spot for him to play anyways…dunn i would like to see tho…lots of power…no defense tho….i hate to say this but we are cooked this yr….it would take a a couple major injuries to happen to TB for us to take the WC …..so its the yr of lettin the fat contracts expire….have money to spend next yr…..sigh…..im still hopin for pedey and ells to come back on fire….run off 15 wins in a row and make it a race….thanx theo…for absolutely nothin….u could of atleast let the kids in minors get their feet wet in the fens….stockpilin all those kids is cool if your eventually gonna let them play…or trade them for major league talent….do somethin bud…judge

What are the Yanks gonna do with Berkam? Haven’t been able to follow that too closely lately. Hopefully they have just created the logjam we had earlier in the year, by stock-piling too many players (before they all decided to get injured instead), and the effect for the Yankes will be that they all cool off.

Anyway, the only thing that really bothers me is not fixing the bullpen, or more specifically trying to fix it with Wakefield. I am not nearly as patient as much of you are with Wake. Nice guy, yes. Reliable pitcher, no. He has no more consistency than Manny Declarmen has. And he obviously doesn’t like the bullpen role. How can you put a 50/50 pitcher at best into a relief role? He has no time to get on a roll. He has actually had chances for at least two wins (that I recall, maybe more) in the relief, and in all of the cases, he instead has contributed to put the game out of reach. This Wakefield experiment in the bullpen has to stop, or relegate him only to a long relief role for the unexpected early exit from the game of the SP.

Perhaps there is no way to improve the pen this year, with outside players, because of the market, but please, don’t make it worse. We probably would have won last night (5-4) if we had stuck with our regular pen, instead of going to Wake. Easy to say, but still has his role in the pen helped at all this year, even once?

What’s wrong with Lester? Offense or no offense. The fact still was Letser gave up 4 runs in 6+ innings and threw tons of pitches.
I am not saying it would have made the difference last night. Why Hermida was batting so high in the order? I say it again Hermida belongs in the pitcher’s spot. Glad Ellsbury is coming back soon.
Relative to Damon, both sides have made valid points. The question was did the FO want Damon back? If Theo counter offered with less than the Yanks offer, Damon would likely stay. Same applied to JBay’s case.
Looking back this season, despite the injuries, major injuries, the Six still have a chance, a very good chance to remain competitive. Swept by the Cookies, BP implosions, the losses to the recent winning games came back to bite the Sox.
The Sox have 10 more games with the Yanks and 6 games with the Rays, who knows. But again even if the Sox win all the series againt the NY and TB, it may be too little too late like Papi’s grand slam last night. Anything can happen.

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