Lowell still here, but for how long?

Mike Lowell is again not on the active roster, despite the fact his Minor League rehab assignment ended last Wednesday. Sounds like something will happen one way or another within the next 1-2 days.

Kevin Youkilis left the game with a jammed right thumb. If that had been any kind of a significant injury, Lowell’s presence could have come in handy. We will have more on Youk after the game.

Mike Cameron is shutting it down for a while. He was placed on the disabled list today, with Daniel Nava getting called back up from Pawtucket. Nava probably shouldn’t apply for that change of address form just yet though. Jacoby Ellsbury should be back within the next few days, at which point Nava will probably get sent back down.

What is going on with Dustin Pedroia? He can basically do everything but run at full speed. When he runs, he still “feels it” a little bit. That means the broken bone has not completely healed. Once that happens, his return to the lineup should be fairly quick.


Lackey got knocked around, he isn’t the pitcher the Red Sox thought they were getting when they signed him to that big $$$ deal. Lackey has already walked more people this year than he did all of last season. Lackey’s next start will be this Sat. in N.Y.—he better bring his “A” game!

Cameron going on the D.L. is no loss for the Red Sox. Cameron’s play so far this year is what I expected. When you sign someone who is thirty seven years old, your getting a player that has logged a lot of games over the years and chances are he’ll miss his fair amount of games during the season. Boston needed to get younger during the winter, not older.

Boston still has (9) outs left and remember they are playing the Tribe but this is a team you jump on early!

“Red Sox Look To batter Tribe’s Youngsters”……every time I see an article like this I want to cry….just adds to the pressure of sweeping a ML team. Nothing should be taken for granted. One game at a time. Go Sox…


It looks like the youngster’s with the Tribe have battered the elder’s in Boston. lol. The sad thing, Boston is closer to Toronto than N.Y. or T.B. Ouch! Their is a lot of baseball to be played but the Red Sox have to bring their “A” game just about every game from this point forward.

Last night’s game solidified for me what’s wrong with this team. The choice of Lackey represents a long line of Theo picks that have not panned out. It all started with Bartolo Colon and went down from there. Theo is constantly gravitating towards the free agent market and constantly overpaying for bad talent.
In fairness to Theo, some of the great talent has failed to produce. Beltre, while amazing everyone with the bat, also took out two players and continues to make errors. Scutaro struggles with defense but has improved and has a decent bat but why bother as we had A-Gonz ready to perform.
Theo Epstein is dismantling the team while exploding the payroll. I wish we had the Ray’s management. They’ve build an amazing team on nothing. Both the Sox and Yankees could learn from them. Sox are finished this year. This weekend will be a massacre but the Yanks have nothing to be proud of either. They have an enormous payroll just enough apparently to stay one game ahead of Tampa Bay.

I’m not ready to give up on the Sox yet as too much can happen in two months to every team.. It will be an uphill struggle and every time Lackey has a bad outing he usually rebounds for a couple starts. Trying to catch two teams is a daunting task. Dave, I agree that Theo hasn’t done anything miraculous lately. When he traded Nomar for Cabrera he looked like a genius but not much has panned out since then so I am thinking he got lucky on that one. It takes a lot for me to type that BTW….I have always been a Theo homer. I really thought he made a bad move by signing Scuturo instead of Agon…both $$$$ wise and talent wise. A-gon is a hoover at SS and when he hits it’s like a bonus. I think he paid an extra $4M for Scuturo over A-gon, am pretty sure that A-gon was by far the better bargain. The one thing that really upset me was the departure of Bay but I was dead wrong on that one. I am still amazed that the Sox are still breathing with the line-up that have put out there over the past 2 1/2 months. The starting pitching has to hold and we need to get Lester back to pitching like Lester. Of course the BP will probably be the achilles heal the rest of the way….but we all knew that. We’ll see what Theo does in August…and how the health of the team holds out. I just can’t wave the white flag yet….I love my Sox!!!!!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!!

Also…just shut Cameron down. He’s not playing enough to be effective…the younger kids are contributing a lot more to the team and in the long run does the team better. He has had this abdominal pain for the whole season. He’s not playing 100%. If he was he’d still be average. Elssbury will be abck soon…hopefully he will be able to play pain free. Go Sox!

Interesting headline that Ian wrote. Lowell will be around for at least the next two weeks or so and chances are he’ll stay with Boston until the end of the season.

Tough loss for the Red Sox regarding Youkilis’ injury but when someone goes down, someone must step in. Mike Lowell is that guy. I’m not sure if their has ever been a team like this years Red Sox when it comes to injuries, especially to “key players”.

What’s the infatuation with the immortal Cash? He shouldn’t be playing (and batting 3d) last night at all. Lowrie should be at first in place of Youk. Cash was penciled in as a catcher and V-Mart at 1B. Uncle Tito wised up and changed the lineup.

It sounds like Youkilis could have surgery, that is not good news. Losing your best player when your 7 back in the loss column and your closer to Toronto than N.Y. or T.B. Ouch!

With Youkilis out ( who knows how long ) I think it should be a revolving door between Lowell and Lowrie. Play the matchup. I’m with you about Cash, he shouldn’t even sniff the lineup!

The reason why Cash is in there because Victor is a lousy catcher. The team ERA explodes when he starts catching and sadly, even Cash, can control the lineup better and drop the team ERA down. In addition, Cash is the only backup catcher the Sox have right now. Victor has to have a night off once in a while.
The one GOOD thing I can say about 2010 is the emergence of Clay Buch. He has proven to be the ACE of the team. He’s the most reliable and the most effective of everyone in the lineup…with due apologies to the great Dice-K and Lugo Lackey.
Another good thing is to see Lowrie back. He could be a solid shortstop and a good hitter.
The one final piece was how important a farm is to a team. The Sox survived on Pawtucket. They won’t be in the playoffs this year but they will have shown us some talent that was waiting in the wings to shine.


I wouldn’t call Victor a lousy catcher, he isn’t one of the elite catchers in the game but having him behind the plate isn’t this teams problems. When you say the team E.R.A. explodes, safe to say your off base with that comment. Also Victor just returned from the D.L.–he doesn’t need a night off, he should be well rested and raring to go. With Youk’s bat out of the lineup, this team will need Martinez’s bat in this lineup just about every game. Either he’ll play first or he’ll be behind the plate. I believe he’s one of the keepers on this team. I would love to see him get a contract with the Red Sox sometime during the winter.

Another runner left in scor. pos.– Not good!

OK…Why is Cash still up with the Sox when Saltiamacchia is in Pawtucket?

Great job by Josh tonight. Great to win a game without having to rally in the 9th!

Hey Greg. How are you doing? Hope you had a nice vacation. It is nice to see a positive comment on here for a change! We all need to “think” positive down the stretch. GO SOX.

I am completely shocked that no one mentioned the way Lowell came through last night both at the bag and at the plate!! I just hope that the shot in the hip he got is the shot in th earm that the Sox needed. That bench clearer could have been a spark as well!! I don’t think that I have ever seen an ump HAVE to hold Tito back like that!
Dave, when you wrote that the Yanks have a one game lead over the Rays, they were actually tied with them in the standings. As of this morning, thanks to Jose Bautista and the Jays, the Yanks have fallen 1 behind them. And for you to say that Martinez is a lousy catcher, I think you might need to rethink that statement.
As far as Saltalamacchia, he is apparently having trouble getting the ball back to the mound. He was playing at AAA for the Rangers when the Sox picked him up. A case of the “yips” or rehabbing from an inury?? Not sure.
In any case, I’m there with you Craig.. Never say die and I love my Sox!!!

Welcome back Mikey! Youk who? lol
Beck pitched a gem. Welcome back. Ace!
When a team got gentle Uncle Tito fired up, it was the other team’s fault.
The Red Sox is a better team without Hermida and Cash in the lineup. Like Ryan Kalish a lot.
Another HR for Hall. Hall is a guess hitter. If he guessed right, it was a HR. We will continue to see Hall struck out on bad pitches a lot. Go Sox.

Hey! Y’ALL!

I’m a little tired of all these commentator mathematicians talking about how well the Sox have to play the rest of the way, and how poorly the Yanks and Rays have to play for the Sox to have a chance at the play-offs. To me its simple, the Sox have 10 games left with the Yanks, and 6 with the Rays. Right now, the Sox are 5.5 back of the Yanks, which seems like a lot to make up with 55 or so games to play. However, if the Sox win 6 of the 10 vs. the Yanks, they only need to make up 3.5 games on the balance of the schedule. Granted, 7 of those games will take place in Da Bronx, but when has location really made that much of a difference with who wins and loses between the Sox and Yanks. With the Rays, the Sox are 6.5 back, but if they win both of the series, they only need to make up 4.5 games. If they don’t win those head-to-head games, then I agree, it will be tough for them to make it to the post season. But their fate is really in their hands.

I would agree with the sentiment that taking Youuuukkk! out of the line-up, given what has gone on already this year, is a serious body blow. But how lucky are the Sox that they had Mikey L just waiting around for something to do?!?!?! Granted, he won’t do all of the things for the Sox that Youuuukkkk! would, but it won’t be such a devastating loss. And then the first of September and its expanded roster is just around the corner. Looks like Mikey L will finish his contract out in a Sox uniform…the way it should be.

I have tix to the Labor Day night game vs. the Rays, and I am hopeful that there will still be something meaningful on the line.

You had to love how animated my birthday buddy Tito got against my Cleveburgers (and his former team!). I would have loved to have seen Beltre and Jensen Lewis go at it one on one on the mound with no one to interfere. I think you’d have to pick up the little remaining Lewis pieces with a dustpan and a brush!

Since I haven’t subscribed to MLB.com this year, I was forced to listen to Rick Manning and his innane suggestion that the throws behind Papi and Beltre’s heads were pitches that got away. I would give anything to see how Little Rickey and his fanny wiggle would have taken to two behind his ear!!! I know it was the first pitch that Lewis threw, but its interesting that the targets were the best producers the Sox have. Funny that none are thrown behind McDonald’s, Patterson, Nava’s or Kalish’s head. Those pitches just don’t seem to slip out of the pitcher’s hand…and I’m sure those players stand so much further away from the plate they don’t have to be brushed back…..RIGHHHHHTTTT!!!!!


Just at least keep pace with the Yanks and Rays. The Yanks still have X number of games with the Rays. Lets see what the Sox will and can do against the Yanks (10 games) and the Rays (6 games). It’s simple as ABC. If the Sox can’t beat the Yanks and/or the Rays, I have nothing to say.

Tito just said that Ells will be leading off and Scutaro batting 2d and V-Mart at 1B. Was Tek activated? No? Oh no! the immortal Cash will be catching tonight. Just what Lester needs for the offense. Go Lester. Go Sox.

It doesn’t hurt that much that the Sox optioned Nava to AAA again. Now that we have Ryan Kalish. I hope they will bid good bye to Patterson when the Laser Show is activated. I know Patterson won a game in extra inning for the Sox so did Hermida in early going. I can never forgive Patterson for striking out with runners on 3d and 1st and none out a couple of days ago.

Sounds like everyone needs this to find satisfaction. Head over to Friendly’s for their low-fat (sort of) sandwich. Its two cheeseburgers with a hamburger…and only 1500 calories and 97 grams of fat. C.C. Sebastia gave it his stamp of approval.
Check this out and the SNL video and I promise you, you will be laughing hard.

This burger actually has:
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Then again you could try the Friendly’s Clam Boat basket.
Clam Boat Basket – contains 102 grams of fat, 1750 calories and 3,070 milligrams of sodium.
Finally…GO MIKE Lowell. That was ROCKING that you showed the Fenway Fateful that you are a major team player.

About Mike Lowell–

Got a lot of fans in Ct.–we love him and don’t want to see him
go–he is a team player-and does his best.
Please keep Mike……

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