Pedroia one week away

Close your eyes right now and open them exactly seven days from now and Dustin Pedroia should be standing at second base for the Red Sox for their game at Fenway Park against the Angels.

Yes, Pedroia passed his running tests with flying colors today. The only thing he didn’t do was run the bases, which he will do tomorrow and Thursday. As long as that goes off without incident, he will have one last check-up with Dr. George Theodore on Friday and then go play for Pawtucket for two games (Saturday and Sunday) before joining the Sox.

Look for Jason Varitek to come back in late August or early September. He has consistently been a week to 10 days behind Pedroia in terms of recovery.


The Angels will be just what the doctor ordered after this tough trip for the Red Sox. The Red Sox pitching staff is going to be put to the test the rest of this trip. Toronto and Texas have some serious thunder in their lineups.

Looking forward to seeing Pedroia at second next week and the Boston pitching staff will look that much better with the presence of Pedroia at second. It will be interesting to see how Pedroia does when he returns? From what I have heard and read, Francona will be glad in more ways than one to get Pedroia out in the field.

Sox pen have allowed 46 bombs, most in the A.L.

Who needs Youkilis when you have Mike Lowell. lol.

Well Dice-K is paid a LOT of money to go 5 innings per game on average. Nothing new but I am so tired of pitchers being dumped a truckload of money for mediocre performance.
Interesting article in the Globe. Apparently Oki is not happy in America and is giving great hints that he wants to go back home. Dice-K may not be far behind. Ironically, Oki and Dice-K don’t even talk to each other and Oki has made no attempt to learn the language. The problem of course is you have to pay the player another 50 million to learn the language (LOL).
Sox will have a tough one tonight. Clay will have to work his tail off for this win but I feel more confidence in Clay than in Beckett and Lackey combined.

The good thing about Dice-K is when he was bad and he was good. He always keeps the Sox in the game. Uncle Tito did the right thing by yanking Diceman after 5.2 innings with the lead. With 2 run lead, I thought Tito would let MDC close the game. The Sox picked up a game on the Yanks and kept pace with the Rays.

The Cash era/experiment is ovah and is put on DL. Salty is on his way to the ballpark.

I totally agree. Important game for the Sox facing the ace of the Toronto staff.

The Rays lost today. The Sox need to take this game.
If Clay is going to be the Ace of the staff he needs to make a statement right now. Cmon Clay, you can do it!!

Boston is giving Toronto a taste of their own medicine, playing long ball north of the border. Duane Ward might be coming in to pitch. lol.

Why RH Hall over SH Lowrie at 2B against Marcum? That’s the reason why other than Lowrie can’t play everyday.
Dave: Update on the HR race between JBay and Hall: 6 v. 15 respectively. Ok, it’s not fair. Bay is on DL. heehee….

Salty will be behind the dish tom. afternoon. I’m guessing Toronto will be looking to run just about everytime they get someone on base.

Cash or Lopez? Who sucked more? LOL! Remember Lopez folks? Boston gave up Adam Stern ( from Canada ) to get Lopez. Theo has brought in some good players and some not so good players.


Righties hit Marcum a lot better than lefties.
Bay made a mistake when he left Boston. Fenway was made for his stroke, spacious N.Y. not made for his stroke. In Boston his hits scrape the wall or go over the wall, in N.Y. they end up as an F-7 in the book. lol.

If Salty is behind the dish, either Lowell or V-Mart will get a day off. We need to get in as many RH batters in the lineup. Papi gets a day off and Lowell be the DH. Or let Salty debut in Tex against his former boss.

Hopefully the Sox wil pick up ground on the Yanks as well. Tonight is the night to do it. The Yanks will play the KC and Sox the Rangers (- Lee) this weekend.
Bucky technically shuts out the Jays in 6 innings.


Martinez will get the start at first tomorrow afternoon, Lowell will get the day off. Lowrie also could get a start at s.s. tomorrow. I’m guessing we’ll see Ellsbury in his familiar leadoff spot tomorrow or this weekend.

Lee’s next start will be against T.B. under the roof in St. Pete.

I wonder what Joe Nelson is doing tonight? LOL! Some of these guys I’ll never forget. Todd Jones might be in the pen this weekend.

The Yanks is losing 6-1. The game is ovah. It’s a rare night that the Sox gain ground on the Rays and the Yanks. 4 games behind and moving upward.


Bay made a great decision. He got dumped a ton of money and he took it. Mets are cursed with their decisions. They just can’t get anywhere despite their enormous payroll. Now they are stuck with Bay for three more years. Good luck.
Yanks finally won so no ground there but right now they are out of reach. Sox had their chance and failed. Most Sox should shoot for is the Rays.
Clay is proving to everyone he’s here to stay. He’s earned that right and I think will exceed Jon Lester in career stats but I’ve been wrong before like when I predicted that Julio Lugo is a disaster for the team (LOL). Then again, I also thought Nick Green was going to be great. Then again I thought that Bay would not be missed. We’ll see.

Clay made his statement. I am the go-to guy! Gotta like that.
Sox need to gain ground on the Rays first and then worry about the division. Go Sox!!

I will say again today what I said 2 years ago when the redSox were pursuing SALTALAMACCHIA… I hate the nick name “SALTY”.
Can’t we come up with something a little more original??

Good game by the guys. Great job by Hall. Buchholz pitched a really nice game!!

You spoke too soon Brian.. Yanks came back.. still, all in all, gained ground is gained ground!!

Ellen: It was me who spoke too soon, not Brian. Normally I wouldn’t speak too soon if General Lee wasn’t the pitcher. That Thames guy almost hit a game tying 2 run HR against Lester. At least the Sox gained ground on the Rays and Minnies.
The Yanks have Sabathia pitching at KC. And we have Lackey, but you never know.


I think your a little confused, it was 007 that said the game was ovah not me. Have you been drinking? LOL! Maybe Texas thought they were playing with “house money”.


Bay didn’t like the stipulation in his contract if he signed with the Red Sox. Their wasn’t much of a market for Bay last winter, the Mets were the only team that offered the $$$$ so he took it. I’m not sure if Bay made a great decision, he signed with a team that was desperate like him.

Brian, maybe it’s good fortune that Bay didn’t sign with the Sox. They may have found their left fielder of the future in Ryan Kalish. The kid looks pretty good to me and nothing gets between him and Ellsbury in the outfield.

The Sox have the second highest payroll in baseball, paying most of it to big named free agents who aren’t really producing (and some to players not even with the team). Is Teixeira $10MM better than Youk? Is Sabbathia $12MM better than Lester, or $19.5MM better than Buchholz? Could the Sox have waited a year and got 10-15 wins out of Dubront rather than spending $85MM on Lackey? Do you really have to spend $190MM to build a competitive team? Based on what the Sox have done this year, it would appear you don’t have to spend that kind of money.

It will be good to have Pedroia back……..let’s just hope it’s not too soon.

Lackey is not worth $85M…but who is? I’ll say one thing…he shows up for just about every start and has been eating up innings and for the most part has kept the Sox in the game for most of his starts. He has been screwed a couple times by the bullpen a few times and the defense hasn’t played any better behind him than anyone else. Like I said….he isn’ t worth $85M but he took the $$$$ just like anyone else and seems to get a ton of flack on here. If the Sox make the play-offs he may be valuable in big spots. He’s a gamer and a grinder and I like that. I am just glad we signed him and not Burnett for the same $$$$$. Go Sox.


With baseball today its not about the team its about the money it seems. Bay took the big paycheck. I honestly think he wanted to stay with the Sox and I agree that the stipulation in the contract killed it for Bay. I don’t blame him. Lowell stayed with the Sox and his hip gave out and now he’s unmarketable. Bay did the right thing. Get the big paycheck and enjoy it for life. In today’s game, owners are plain idiots and overpay for everything. Lackey learned that lesson well and so did Lugo and Drew and Gagne. Theo will buy a Ford Escort for 1 million and smile when he signs the check.
As far as Lackey, I doubt he’ll pitch again after this fiasco of the next four or so years where he will under perform, but what does it matter. He’s made a ton of money.

I agree with you totally. We salivate over these “star” players and they always underperform. I’ll give a nod to Beltre though for his heart. He’s one heck of a player…despite his errors. Shame to see him go but Boras will want $170 million for four years or some obscene number and the Yanks will no doubt pay it.

Shocked! Totally unacceptable! I know how the Rangers fans felt last night.

The difference between a winning team and the Red Sox was today.
I am so SICK of Papelbon’s ego. I’m SOOOO great. Look at me…I’ll be at the Yankees because I’m ELLITEEE!
Papelbon is CRAP. If he couldn’t close a critical game like today then to heck with him. His days are over and if he wants to beg the Yankees for a job…go for it. I’m sure he’ll be just as crappy on that team as well.
Lackey is crap. He can’t hold a lead if the entire U.S. army was backing him. Unbelievable.
OK, vent over.

And another thing. I’m SICK of Theo Epstein. How dare you DUMP so much money on Lackey with his record. Did you have holes in your brain? How about Drew and Lugo and the rest of your stupid choices. I want a team that can win and certainly the Sox can do it…WIHTOUT you.

I was shocked that Lackey was taken out after giving up a HR to the HR King. But Lackey still had 2 run lead and the pitch count was under 100. Unless Lackey told Tito he was tired, why the ^&*$ take him out? Lackey desperately needed this win and Paps messed it up. Otherwise a memorable starting debut by Salty would be overlooked by Paps implosion.

Dave.. Why are you pissed at Lackey?? He didn’t hold the RedSox ransom for that money.. They offered it.


This bad loss is totally on Paplebon. Tito did the right thing by removing Lackey although I personally think Lackey should finish the game with 2 run lead at the time. The Rays aren?t playing today so just lost game.

I was a little surprised to see Lackey in the 9th until I saw his pitch count. You know Tito will bring in Paps after Lackey gave up the HR. It’s pretty much the standard move any manager would make.
Andy is right, this loss is totally on Pap. He does one thing on this team: shut down the opponents for 3, sometimes 4 outs. That’s it; 3 or 4 outs. He hasn’t been great this year at all.
Where is Mark Clear??? LOL
I enjoy making fun of Lackey, but he has gotten robbed by the bullpen several times.


If Mark Clear is coming back, I say bring back Steve Crawford but rumor has it that Tim Lollar might be back this weekend. LOL!

Lackey had a “great” outing and deserved better but Papelbon absolutely BLEW IT! It’s just that simple.


You mention Kalish and I like what I see from him. He looks more seasoned than Reddick. I think Kalish is a keeper! If Boston does look into dealing for A. Gonzalez this winter, I assume old pal Jed Hoyer will be asking about Kalish among others.

This could be a game that Boston might look back and say ” this is the game that might have cost us a chance at a playoff berth”. I guess only time will tell. Boston heads down to Texas. The Red Sox have gotten grilled down that way over the years but Texas is coming off a bad loss as well. T.B. is home against Balt. but the Orioles under the guidance of Showalter are on fire! The Red Sox only real shot at the playoffs is the w.c. I don’t see anyone beating the Yankees for the division!

As much as I get upset by these losses I try to keep it all in perspective. I tell myself, “Self, it’s only baseball.”
Imagine if Papelbon was a brain surgeon. “Coach Kildare, I am going to change my grip on the scalpel.”
“Uh, Dr. Paps, that might not be such a good idea.”
“Don’t worry coach, that’s what made Dr Rivera great!”
5 blown surgeries in one summer! Ouch!! Or is it 6 now?

That wasn’t on Lackey…..


Just to be clear, when I’m that boiling angry and irrational, I really don’t consider logic. I was ready to blame the Roman God Jupiter and Bruce Hurst for not being part of the team at that point. This was just inexcusable…but it is baseball isn’t it. (LOL)

At least you have passion about what happened so that means you still give a crap!!!!!!!! That’s good in my book. Now just make sure you get PO’d at the right guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darn it….where’s Lugnuts when you need to vent. At least he was good for that!!!!! LOL!!!! Go Sox!

What I saw in today’s game looked like Lackey was throwing BP that last inning, deep flys to the warning track, he’s lucky only one went yard! Pap was trying hard, he just can’t seem to hit his spots lately. Dave, you can’t be a closer without the “super ego”. I was kinda upset with Bard for leavin that one up, someone shoulda said they were looking for a ‘groundout’. Ellen, you wanta wrap a cool moniker on our new catcher, start the ball rolling, or he could have a tweet contest like Shaq, or maybe a ‘Jimmy Fund’ donation contest,,,text ‘SALTYDAWG’ to redsox3131 and your $10 donation will,,,where are all the marketing B’s & G’s when you need them? “Joe Costig,, come here, I need you”.

Guys, imagine if Paps turned that 6 blown saves into saves, where the Sox would be standing wise?
The positive came out the meltdown was uncle tito wouldn’t be afraid to take Paps out in the middle of the inning albeit one batter too late. A good beginning.
I was hoping a KKK from Bard or a ground ball for a DP to end the inning.
A good or bad Beckett will show up tonight?

It was just 1 game in the standing. But what is disheartening is how effective Paps (ala ALDS Game 3) will be if and when there is post season for the Sox. There is a wc race at least. Would the Sox change the horse in mid stream by anoiting Bard the closer?

Your Lugo-wish is my command!
This is ALL Lugo-Lackey’s Lugo-fault. Had Lugo not been Lugo-pitching last Lugo-night then we would have won that Lugo-game. Then again we have Lugo-Bon in Lugo-relief and he can’t get the Lugo-job done but don’t get me started about Lugo-Bard. Perhaps Lugo-manager Lugo-Cona should have Lugo-pulled him out sooner but Julio-Farrell never makes the Lugo-right moves anyway.
I’m Lugo-surprised that even with 5 Julio-runs the Lugo-Sox still fail to Lugo-win. Even with Lugo-Salt behind the Julio-plate we still couldn’t get the Lugo-job done. I do give Lugo-Bon some Julio-credit for trying but it Lugoi-kills me that we lost the Lugnuts-Game. If the Lugo-Sox are going to be in the Julio-Card Lugo-Race then they need to get Lugo and get the job done.

Your Lugo-wish is my command!
This is ALL Lugo-Lackey’s Lugo-fault. Had Lugo not been Lugo-pitching last Lugo-night then we would have won that Lugo-game. Then again we have Lugo-Bon in Lugo-relief and he can’t get the Lugo-job done but don’t get me started about Lugo-Bard. Perhaps Lugo-manager Lugo-Cona should have Lugo-pulled him out sooner but Julio-Farrell never makes the Lugo-right moves anyway.
I’m Lugo-surprised that even with 5 Julio-runs the Lugo-Sox still fail to Lugo-win. Even with Lugo-Salt behind the Julio-plate we still couldn’t get the Lugo-job done. I do give Lugo-Bon some Julio-credit for trying but it Lugoi-kills me that we lost the Lugnuts-Game. If the Lugo-Sox are going to be in the Julio-Card Lugo-Race then they need to get Lugo and get the job done.

We blamed it all on Pap. But after reading the post game interviews and comments, that may not be the case. Pap said he felt groggy and did not have power and energy all day. During the warm-up Pap said he did not feel right and someone should go in. Did the bullpen coach relay the message to JF and Tito. Shouldn?t it be Bard to go in? This could be one side of the story. Anyone has the other side of the story?

I don’t know about that story but if Paps blows another one soon then like most other pitchers he’ll probably go on the DL with fatigue. That way he can use it as an excuse….Seems to be the norm now-a-days. Somehow I think that if Paps told someone he could not go or was not sure…he would have not been put in. Go Sox..

If Papelbon allowed a game winning H.R. to Texeira or Swisher on Monday, he would have said he felt groggy or didn’t have the energy. Whatever!
It was Papelbons fault and nobody else. This “garbage” of him feeling groggy or didn’t have the energy is “crap”. Papelbon last pitched in New York on Monday, he has no excuses! The bottom line with Papelbon, he’s not the dominating closer he once was. I believe this winter he’ll be dealt away! Bard is ready, assuming he has the energy! LOL!!

You gotta love the story about why Lester struggled against Cleveland last week. Some of this stuff you can’t even make it up. Francona said ” Lester was dehydrated”— that was the reason why he had a cramp in his hamstring. The reason Lester was dehydrated, Lester and his wife had their first baby and Lester didn’t get enough sleep. Are you freaking kidding me????? Buchholz and his wife just had a baby for the first time as well, let’s hope Buchholz gets enough sleep. My oh my! What’s Becketts excuse for his performance this past Sun. night????

Beckett was staked to a large lead and couldn’t seal the deal, look no further than that. So far Beckett has proven he can pitch against the “weak lineups” but the teams with some thunder in the lineup, he gets lit up! Another bad loss for the Red Sox. T.B. did lose but Boston can’t afford to give away games, the season is getting shorter!

It sounds like Ellsbury is going back on the D.L. I’ve said it before, injured players are coming back but who’s to say they’ll return to form.

Lester came up big this past Monday, he’ll have to have a repeat performance tonight in Texas. I believe right now the two best teams in the A.L. are the Yankees and the Rangers.

You can blame Bard for BS. You can blame Prince Felix. You can blame Wake for the winnning HR. The bottomline is Beckett sucks. The worst pitcher of the rotation. A team scoring 9 runs and lost. Argh. Two games should have won and lost. Stop making excuses for Beck and stop calling him ace. Beck has not been the ace since 2007. What you gonna do with BecK? Pitch him every 5 days till he straightens out his problem? The Sox didn’t lose ground but lost time.

Ellsbury is down again, Beckett isn’t Beckett, and the back end of the bullpen is showing signs of wearing down. That’s two games in a row we have seen the Sox implode and lose games that should have been easy wins. They could be a lot closer than they are. This will be a real test of their resiliancy.

The Rangers have a huge advantage playing at home in that heat. They are at least somewhat used to it and know how to prepare. The next two games are going to be very tough for the Sox.

Hey! BosoxBrian!

What do you think about putting Doubront in the rotation and Beckett in the ‘pen? That’s an awful lot of money for a relief pitcher, but I’m not sure what else the Sox can do with Beekett. I’m in NE and watched the game on NESN last night. You could see it when the Remdog described it — when his pitches are on the corners, he is unhittable…but many too many of them are spinning over the middle of the plate like grapefruits, and get tagged!!!

Hope JonL can go at least 8 tonight as the BP has to be spent. I can’t believe Francona will use Bardie tonight, no matter the circumstances. He managed awfully hard to win last night’s game, and the Sox still came up short. Wonder how the hitters feel, amass that lead, and then nothing to show for it. Of course, it certainly doesn’t help giving the Rangers’ hitters extra outs to play with. I couldn’t understand what JD Drew was doing. Getting to that first ball in the corner would have been an outstanding play, but the second one looked rather routine. Hard to fault a guy who hits 2 HR’s, but where is the run prevention defense?

Heads up play by Hamilton coming home with the tying run. I really don’t like his cocky attitude, but I guess he’s earned the right to strut this year. You’re right about the Sox struggling vs. the Rangers this year.

If the Sox were to make the play-offs this year and face the Rangers in the first round, I really think they’d be toast, although I don’t think any AL team will get past the Yanks and into the WS this year. Time will tell. I do like how Lowrie has been playing since he’s come back. Hope whatever happened last night is not a harbinger of the Sox losing him again for an extended period. I really see Lowrie as a legitimate option at SS.

Come ‘on JonL and Dice-K…deliver the Sox a 6-4 road trip!!!

D. Benjamin,

Beckett needs to be in the rotation, that is what he is paid for. Boston seems to like Felix D. but I’m not sure what they see in him. I’m with you with Beckett and throwing them right down the middle. He gets roughed up when that happens but just about any pitcher gets “lit up” when they toss down the middle of the plate. If you can’t locate your fastball, your in big trouble. Especially against a team like Texas. The Rangers have a “thick” lineup, no excuses for Beckett last night! I agree with 007 when he said ” they lost time”. That pretty much sums up the last two games.

Drew totally misplayed Molinas fly ball and that would have been the third out in that inning. I’m not sure what the stats show but Boston as a team is average or below average defensively. Not exactly what Theo had envisioned when putting this team together. Oh well, he’ll try to come up with something else next season.

Josh Hamilton has to be one of the leading candidates for M.V.P. in the A.L. He can do it all!


I really don’t agree with you when you talk about the Rangers having a “huge advantage playing at home in the heat”. The Rangers are a good team and that is why they have an advantage. In the past when the Rangers stunk, they would get beat down all the time in that Texas heat. The Rangers are a better team and that is the advantage they have. I’m sure when Boston was winning 8-2 it felt like a balmy 102. LOL!!

Good teams win when the odds are against them. Bad teams lose when they have everything going for them. The Sox are a bad team. They have a boatload of talent that can’t seem to cohesively win with anything short of sweat and tears.
When the bats go silent, we see great pitching and vise versa. A bundling defense (I’d love to see the comparative stats) highlighted by Drew, Scutaro and Beltre but Lowell, Youk and the catching clan have all partaken in this exercise.
If the Sox want the playoffs they have to play as a team with everyone contributing. Sadly, I never get a straight answer from the press about what is going on. The snowjobs of “dehydration” and “fatigue” are probably masks to hide the real story.
In short, every time the Sox play, its like a toilet that clogs every ime you flush it. Don’t you just love that image (LOL)

This to my RSN family (you all know who you are):
You certainly know how to lift a girls spirit. I answered a knock at my door late Friday and to my utter shock and surprise there stood a man with an absolutely beautiful floral arrangement. I was completely overtaken by smiles and tears.
I thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart.
If good thoughts, prayers, and flowers were all it would take mend my back, I would be out running a marathon right now!!
You all make me feel so special. THANK YOU AGAIN!! YOU ARE THEEEE BEST!!!

When Lester and Buchholz are pitching, the Red Sox are one of the elite teams in baseball. When the other three take the hill, who knows what we’ll get.

I assume we’ll see Salty behind the dish today.

When the night Pap and Bard weren’t available, Jon “Ace” Lester pitched a gem brighter than Hope’s diamond. I hope the good Dice-K shows up and take the series win.

I wish we had “Ace” Clay today but instead we have two innings Dice-K going. Bullpen will get a workout. If Dice-K has his game this should be an easy win. if not, the toilet is going to get awfully clogged. (LOL)

Going into today’s game Boston could have been riding a six game winning streak but Papelbon felt “groggy” north of the border and Beckett pitched like Jason Johnson/Matt Clement on Friday night.

They come home and play the Angels ( they haven’t lost to them this year ) Toronto ( A team that Boston seems to play well against ) and Seattle, a team that everyone in baseball plays well against. Boston needs to go 7-2 or 8-1 during this home stand but I doubt that will happen. I’m guessing 6-3 which isn’t that bad but when your trailing like they are for a w.c. spot that will not get the job done!

What Theo and the Red Sox brain trust sees in Delcarmen is beyond me. I’ve been saying on here ( others as well ) for about two years if not more he should be pitching elsewhere. Perhaps this winter it will happen, here’s hoping!

Boston is trying to make a comeback, one thing about this years Red Sox they don’t give up. A resilient bunch of players, not sure what that means in the long run but I respect that.

Sadly the Sox lost again with another agonizing loss. Unfortunate considering that Dice-k had a great game.
The Sox are DONE this year. This is it. They can’t seem to get anything done right. It’s becoming sadly laughable how inept they are at obtaining a win. Players are going down like wilted corn in a drought and pitchers can’t seem to get anything done.
It’s very easy to pick on Delcarman or anyone else (although Delcarman has earned that right), but the reality is that this team is not a playoff team.


Not sure if Dice-K had a “great game” but he wasn’t the main reason why they lost today. I don’t think the Sox are “done” as you say but they have an uphill battle for sure. As I said in my post, the Red Sox have the next nine games at home ( Pedroia returns on Tues. night ) they need to put a nice little winning streak together and that needs to start on Tues. night against a team that this team has owned!

Nice pickoff throw by Bowden. So far Bowden hasn’t done anything on the big league level.

Should have clarified. Dice-K pitched a great game until he blew up but I give him credit for handing the temperatures.
Going to be an interesting year next year. Sox have a LOT of holes to fill.
1) First base – Youk
2) 2nd base – Pedroia
3) SS – will it be Lowrie or Scutaro. I would like Lowrie
4) 3rd base – Beltre will be gone. Who replaces him?
5) LF – Now who do we have?
6) CF – Ellsbury…probably unless Boras steps in.
7) Drew – ya we’re stuck with him a little while longer.
8) Catcher – who? Will Varitek be back? Will V-Mart be back?
9) Bullpen _ time to clean house.
10) Starters – Will Tim Wakefield be back? I say no.

I have been out of pocket for a while. The Sox blew two games that wthey should have won. Paps was terrible. Perhaps, as I have previously suggested- maybe Paps should be relegated to the setup role with Bard being the closser. It may get Paps to wake up. Further, DelCarmen and Rodriguez should be at the top of the ist if the roster has to be trimmed. They are disasters. Send them to a monastary where they could pray for the Sox. Tito and Theo have to wake up if the Sox are going to make a run for it.

Dice-K didn?t pitch a great game but pitched better than the scoreboard shows. Dice-K had a technical quality outing. If Dice-K pitched just 6 innings, the result might be different. But again with the shaky bullpen, I would stay a bit longer with Dice-K. Tito was in a very difficult situation.
The bottomline is the bullpen. How far can the Sox go with 2 man bullpen? The starting rotation is fine assuming Dice-K and Lackey pitch the way they have been pitching of late. The weak link is Beckett for the time being.

With Ellsbury out for the foreseeable future I’m guessing we’ll see a lot of Kalish in c.f.

To avoid that (2) man bullpen the starters will have to go deep into each and every game. What are the chances of that happening? If Francona had a reliable bullpen, the starters wouldn’t have as much pressure on them. Theo still has time to add something to this pen. ( assuming Boston will be still be alive ) Remember he added Wagner last year towards the end of August and an arm like that would be a nice addition. Not only does Theo need to add an arm to the pen this year but pick up someone that will contribute next year as well.

The Sox are very fortunate that the chase for the postseason is still alive mainly because the Yankees and Rays weren?t dominating of late. The Sox still have 6 games to play with the AL East leading teams.
Unless a reliable arm is added to the pen, Tito may be forced to stay with the starters a little longer. A tired starter is still more effective than the bullpen other than Bard and Paps.

Wonder what would be the corresponding roster move when Pedroia is activated? My guess is Patterson’s era may be ovah unless someone is put on the DL.

While the (2) man bullpen may be MORE reliable, both Bard and especially Papelbon have shown firesale outings so we cannot really depend on these two for salvation.
Also, Lackey and Dice-K and Beckett have all had struggles but Beckett and Lackey have made it an art form. Dice-K just likes to wear out the bullpen and have the bad inning. Lackey can make every inning a bad inning.
The Sox just don’t have the staff to make a run for it. I admire their tenacity and drive but this is a broken team. You just can’t lose 3 out of 4 over and over again and expect to have high morale.

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