Pedroia is back; Will the Red Sox follow?

The day most of you have been waiting for since, oh, June 26. Dustin Pedroia is back in Boston’s lineup, batting second, and on his 27th birthday no less.

Now I’ll ask all of you this. Will his return spark a return back to the heart of contention? Or is it just too late, and are there just too many other injuries for the Red Sox to compete with New York and Tampa Bay?

Let me know what all of you think. I’m taking an unofficial poll of Red Sox Nation right here tonight!


Will Pedey spark the RedSox?? Ian.. O F C O U R S E !!!
I am really looking forward to seeing the Pint sized Punch of Power back in his normal place… I think that we all must fel the same; WE’VE MISSED PEDROIA THE DESTROYAH!!

It’s never over till it’s over. I hope Pedey can provide that spark. If an one player can motivate a team you have to give Pedey that credit. Sure the Yanks and TB are tough but we still have afew games to play with them. However, Tito and Theo have to start using their heads nd make some moves- e.g.,., getting rid of DelCarmen and Rodriguez.


Who is this Rodgriguez guy you are talking about? If your talking about Ramirez, he got traded to S.F. back on July 31.

Pedroia can only help, especially around the bag at second base. The Red Sox need a “spark” and if anyone could provide one, it would be Pedroia. Hall did well at the plate but his defense sucked! Lowrie did hold his own when filling in for Pedroia as well but it’s great to see the little guy in the lineup.

It’s the start of a nine game homestand and I believe Boston MUST win seven or eight of the nine. T.B. and N.Y. aren’t exactly on fire so if Boston got their act together, they could sneak in and grab the w.c. Obviously it’s an uphill battle but I believe Boston still has a chance and that is all you can ask for! I’ve seen stranger things happen before in baseball.

Congrats to Kalish! In 2011 I would like too see Kalish in c.f. and Crawford in l.f. Buchholz with another solid outing. “Cy” Buchholz??? Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmm.

T.B. and N.Y. are kicking butt tonight so nothing gained but nothing lost. All Boston can do is go out and win, don’t worry about the teams your chasing. If Boston puts together a nice little winning streak, the rest will take care of itself. That is how I see it.

Great win tonight for the Red Sox! Ace 1-A, Buch, did a great job tonight!
Great to see Dustin back in the lineup, even with a relatively quiet night at the plate. Welcome back, Dustin!
I am not so impressed, in itself, if we beat the Angels. They are, after all, only a .500 team. If we DON’T beat them, we have more to be concerned about. But we have several games left against NY and Tampa, and if Dustin can be something of a “spark plug” to get this team hot down the stretch, that’s great. One game at a time, and we can chip away.

Boston seems to always take the first game in a series and then fizzle like a leaking tire. I’ll be more convinced if the Red Sox can take L.A.
The Angels have to be one of the worst teams in baseball to get shutout in the 9th and 8th by Boston’s ‘elite’ bullpen.
Kalish is showing great fire and is earning the hype he’s getting. Clay is the ace folks and certainly is has nothing to prove at this point but I think everyone will be convinced if he is able to take a tough team like the Yankees and Rays. So far he’s been the rock.
I still don’t see the Sox getting the w.c. nor do I feel they deserve it. They have earned 3rd place.
I commend Tito for pulling this team together despite the horrific battering ram of injuries.

Pedroia with a very inauspicious and uninspiring return to the lineup tonight. He’s played two games in two months so I think to expect anything more for a couple of weeks would be asking a lot. We’ll see how the foot holds up as he beats it up day after day which is a lot different than running around in practice.

Brian, I doubt you’ll see Carl Crawford in Boston next year. He’s going to command huge dollars and there’s no need for the Sox to do that when they have the talent like Kalish and Ellsbury in the house for a lot less. I wouldn’t underestimate Ellsbury, nor would I overestimate Kalish at this point. There has been very little to go on for both of them this season. There is nobody in baseball who covers as much ground in CF as Ellsbury does. He’s going to hit .300, steal a bunch of bases, and score a bunch of runs. Crawford shows a little more pop, but remember he plays in that ban box in Tampa. It’s likely that Crawford will make more than Ellsbury and Kalish combined, even though Ells will be arbitration eligible.

If the Sox do deal Ellsbury, I think it would be as a package to San Diego in an attempt to get Gozalez. Given the choice, the thing the Sox would rather pay him than Beltre. Youk could move to third, but then the Sox need another quality outfielder. That considered, the Sox might be better off keeping Beltre and Ellsbury. We’ll see.

What the Sox have to quit doing is paying huge dollars to mediocre players such as Drew, Lugo, and Lackey. I’m afraid even Josh Beckett might fall into that category at this point. Drew has been a good player for the Sox, but not worth what he’s being paid. Lugo isn’t worth mentioning, and Lackey is what Lackey has always been. I don’t know what anyone was expecting from him. We’ll see if Beckett can come back and earn his millions.

I could see Papelbon being shipped off. Bard can close. Hell, anyone can close as well as Papelbon has this year. He could also be packaged in a deal for Gonzalez. If Dubront and Bowden can fill a couple of bullpen holes, that could go a long way toward getting rid of Papelbon. That would be OK with me. I’m tired of staying up to watch 9th innings that take 30 minutes to complete.

You are right. I meant Ramirez. I guess I get him confused with A-rod – just kidding. I’m glad we unloaded him. Now if get can only get rid of DelCarmen. The Sox just have to keep winning and try not to watch what the Yanks and TB do. In any event, we still have a few games with both of them. Let’s take and win one game at a time.

Buchholz on the year in 20 starts has given up only 35 earned runs. Still leads the A.L. in E.R.A. Buchholz gets his 13th win of the year, same number of wins for Lackey and Beckett combined. Oh by the way, you add up Becketts and Lackeys salary for this season, 28 million! Ouch.


Thank you. It doesn’t take a mathematics genius to buy players and yet year after year, Theo continues to dump money on Yugo’s. Part of the problem is that he has a huge budget to work with yet squanders it.
Thanks for the writeup on Clay. Tell me he doesn’t have Boras as an agent.
The more I see the Sox the more I miss Masterson. He’d be one hell of a player in the bullpen and we really need a reliable arm.
The Sox next year I see doing the same. Dumping money on junk and letting go of players that can handle this team. Theo Epstein needs a pink slip. From Gagne to Lugo to Drew (overpaid but decent) to Lackey, he’s made one boneheaded move after another. Henry can’t be much smarter if he can’t see what’s happening.
Bard can probably close as good as anyone else but I fear burning him out. I wonder if the overuse of Papelbon led to his demise or did Papelbon do it to himself.
Going to be an interesting Winter.

Lots of ‘pepper’ around the diamond, can we get back to Ians ?.I feel like they brought Pede up now cus it’s kinda like pawsox bball @ fenway for this homestand. We’ve ‘owned’ these teams and he might as well take his swings back in the ‘bigs’. Why is it they always put up the “stop” sign after the fiery crash?, I saw where ‘New Balance’ built a shoe cover that coulda saved him, why they didn’t give one to Tek?? Martinez? They built it in 4 days!! maybe they should put ‘kevlar’ into cleats. Can we win all 9? you bet ya duppa! Whoeva has tixs to those octoba games is gonna make some serious moulla!! wanta bet? sell them to me for “double” face rite now. Ellen, what do you think of J-Rod? it’s like Jarrod, it’s not Salty, and it has presidence. Congrats to Ryan but, Tony C who? I guess I’m old, ask your dads.. i hear a 10yo girl singing opera,,,and she’s not the least bit fat, are you the same group that thought it was over when we were down 0-3 in the 04 playoffs? (I had tixs and hotel for STL). The Newbie’s got us a win tonite and we’ll string together a few more before our trip to St. Pete, then it’s all ‘easy-breezy’, except for ‘”a couple of few”‘. Consider the ‘mustard seed’!

Bucky is the best RHP in the AL if not the MLB. Take one win at a time. The Sox have 6 games each to play with the NY and TB. I believe the NY have 6 games with TB as well and one team has to lose. Lackey has been pitching fine lately. Can Beckett beat a “weak” team with his not so overpowering FB? We shall see.


Personally I don’t see Crawford in Boston as well. That team that wears pinstripes will ink him to a long term deal. Crawford is a type of player that Boston needs though, he can beat you in a lot of different ways. Crawford would be a “great fit” in Boston! I think your selling Crawford short, when you say ” he plays in that ban box”.

To get A. Gonzalez Boston will have to give up a bunch, they’ll be other teams interested as well. For starters S.D. will be asking about Kalish, Kelly and others. Then “when” and “if” Boston did trade for Gonzalez, they’ll have to sign him to a big $$$$$ deal in the neighborhood of Ryan Howard’s deal and probably a little more. Gonzalez would be a great fit in Boston. Not only can the guy flat out hit but he has a great glove at first. Gonzalez is putting up big numbers in S.D. and he has no protection in that lineup. Just think what he would do if he played 81 games in Boston.

The issue with Beltre is he has Boras as his agent and he’ll be looking for a big $$$$ deal this winter. Not sure if that would be wise to do. Boras usually gets what he is looking for, like him or not. Obviously their will be a lot of changes on this team this winter. I wonder if Theo can get the job done. I have always had a lot of confidence in him and the baseball ops. dept. but recently, not so sure about this front office anymore!

Hey now, if the Sox don’t get Crawford, there is still a very viable outfield upgrade in Jayson Werth. Everyone is calling for Drew’s demise, so what do you think of this outfield: Kalish, Ellsbury, Werth. Yes, I think Kalish could start next year, he has really impressed me. Not just with single instances like his grand slam, but his demeanor reminds me of a young Trot Nixon, he plays his heart out, and he’s got good speed to go with the pop in his bat, and one hell of an arm.

Some of you will remember me from earlier in the season, where I disagreed with everything you all said.😉 I’m trying not to do that as much, cause, well, its rude, but I do have one issue: whats everyones beef with Theo Epstein?

Someone posted this: “The Sox next year I see doing the same. Dumping money on junk and letting go of players that can handle this team. Theo Epstein needs a pink slip. From Gagne to Lugo to Drew (overpaid but decent) to Lackey, he’s made one boneheaded move after another. Henry can’t be much smarter if he can’t see what’s happening.”

When Theo signed Lackey this year (as well as the possibly misadvised Beckett extension), he also signed Scutaro, who has been indispensable as our CONSISTENT shortstop. He has a ridiculously low swing-and-miss percentage, and he always gives a good at-bat. Looking past his errors, he’s been at least average on defense. And then there is Beltre, having an MVP worthy season. Atchison was also signed by Epstein, who hasn’t been thrilling but has been one of the more dependable bullpen pieces. My point is not that Theo is the genius wonder-boy he was originally touted as. My point is that as well as the bonehead moves, he’s made plenty of good signings. Have a little more faith, jeez. Are we that conceited now that a third place finish and 90+ wins in the toughest division in baseball is considered a failure?? This is not the Red Sox spirit I’ve come to know and love. Theo has done a tremendous job of always fielding a strong team. Every general manager has their bonehead moves, but its the quality of his good moves that determines how good he is at his job. The smartest move I thought he made this year, btw, was to NOT make one at the deadline. Most of the upgrades needed would be coming through injuries soon, and besides he knew it was hasty to make a big play, considering where we were in the standings, and how injured we were. Now we might not make the playoffs this year, guys. But we are very well set up for 2011, Theo is going to spend big in the winter, and most of our setbacks this year have been of the unavoidable variety.

We have seriously a very good AAA+ outfielders Hall, Kalish, McD against Kazmir.

Glad to see Papi antiicipating going to the opposite field on outside pitches, particularly here at Fenway. Hope Lackey can hold them down. We have been getting the men on base but can’t seem to bring them around.

I have a gripe with Francona ( sorry Tito lovers ) Why is Drew sitting tonight? I know… I know Drew is 3 for 14 lifetime against Kazmir but it was Drew that took Kazmir deep last October. Kazmir is a below average lefty and a pitcher that Drew can handle. This will be the second game he has sat in the last three games because a “lefty” is on the hill. Boston pays this guy 14 million per season and he sits when they face lefties. Why? Against Sabathia and Price I understand but other than that, put him in that lineup. As of late Drew has been hitting quite well, another reason to play him. But Tito knows best, right?

Well, lets see. Hall hit a home run in the 4th, and Drew pinch-hit and walked (also acting as a helpful defensive replacement) in the 7th, so yeah. I think Francona knows best.

Hall didn’t replace Drew in the lineup, so please get your “facts” straight. It was McDonald who replaced Drew in the lineup. Drew was “acting” ( Did he win best supporting “actor” as a r.f.??? ) What did Drew do defensively that was so great? Drew should have been in that lineup from the get go.

I agree with Remy and Orsillo when they said ” Papelbon had his best stuff tonight”. Papelbon was bringing it tonight!

The Sox took away a win from Lackey and gave it back to him last night. All even up. Lackey did settle down after the 3 run bomb. If he would to give up another run, the score might be different.
The turning point was Beltre’s 2 run dinger to pull the Sox within 1 run. The Angels gift wrapped 2 runs by way of WP and HBP in the 7th. Ths Sox could have broken the game wide open.
Does anyone still want Bard to be the closer? Bard was saved by Nava’s diving catch. Paps was perfect.
Yes, JD should play everyday if physically able. Uncle Tito is saving JD for Beckett. If I were the manager today, I’d like to have Nava, Kalish, and JD in the OF. Lowrie as ss, V-Mart at 1B, and Salty catching. Scutaro and Lowell get a night off.

Note to Beckett: Pitch carefully and timidly if needed to Abreu, Matsui, and Napoli.
The Angels lineup w/o Vlad, Figgins, Morales doesn’t scare me.
Did Hall’s HR break anything, something? It went farther than McD’s.

Francona must be doing something right to have this team 17 games over .500. ….Go Sox….

Lackey is paid a boatload of money to act like a little league pitcher. He’s terrible and needs about twenty runs a game to stay in it.
Beckett, his evil twin will need huge run support to even have a hope of winning. Look for Beckett to give up 5 – 7 runs if he’s lucky. Fortunately he’s not facing the Yankees who could act like the large batter in the old Bugs Bunny cartoon who hit everything that Bugs threw at him.
Nava is proving to be a nice addition to the team. Hall is also showing he’s a decent player.
Players who we probably won’t see next year are Cameron and sadly Tim Wakefield. The handwriting is on the wall for the poor guy and he’s left to rot in the pen. He deserves better.
Papelbon had a vintage night. Too bad he can’t do it on a regular basic.

Nava turned his mishaps into fortunes. First at bat I couldn?t believe Nava took 2 strikes in the strike zone with bases loaded and 1 out. If he didn?t get hit, Nava could possibly be kkked or hit a grand slam. Then he misjudged the ball and took a step back and drove for the ball. What if he let the ball get by him, 2 runs would have been scored.

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