Saltalamacchia latest to catch injury bug

Is there any end to the injury barrage? Today’s news is that Jarrod Saltalamacchia has been placed on the disabled list with a lower right leg infection. Dusty Brown will take his place on the roster. Saltalamacchia is currently at Massachusetts General Hospital getting treated, and the hope is that they can knock this infection out within a few days.

Meanwhile, Josh Beckett made big news by getting shelled in his last two starts. But he was dominant in his first three starts off the DL so perhaps it’s not quite panic city yet. That said, the Sox desperately need Beckett to come up big tonight.

The Tigers didn’t do the Red Sox any favors in the Bronx. They are about to get swept by the Yankees.The Rays start a West Coast trip in Oakland tonight.


It’s time for Beckett to step it up! Right now Beckett is nothing more than a 5th starter. His last two starts were embarrassing! He got shelled.

T.B. did have some issues last time they were in Oakland. Dallas Braden anyone??? The A’s pitching is decent so this will be a tough four game series for a T.B. team that doesn’t have much punch in the lineup. The Rays and Yankees are still neck and neck but I still believe N.Y. is the team that will win the division.

If Dusty Brown doesn’t cut it, I say bring back Gary Allenson or Marc Sullivan. LOL! Perhaps Bill Hasselman.

The Yanks already won. The Sox have to keep pace. Dallas Braden no hit the Rays? Bring back Rich Gedman! Can someone enlighten me how one gets the leg infected so that I won’t make the mistake of getting one.

I meant Lowrie at SS, not at 2B. What? Pedroia is scratched.

Something is clearly wrong with Beckett. In 2007 he was dominate, almost untouchable. Ever since then he’s on a slow and steady decline. I wonder if its back issues. Whatever the reason, he’s an embarrassment for his salary.
The Sox injury report is a sitcom. Cameron out for the season. Ellsbury out for the season. Youk out for the season. Pedroia will be a shaky comeback. In short the Sox are done for the year. I’ve been wrong before like when I predicted that Julio Lugo would be made captain of the team (LOL).
Anyway, Beckett will have a rough night. No question about it but at least the Sox got the series win. That hasn’t happened in a while.


Not sure what your talking about when you said ” they haven’t won a series in a while”. They beat Tor. 2 out of 3 last week.


Braden tossed a perfect game against T.B. on Mother’s Day.

So anyone who joins the Red Sox roster this year gets injured, eh? Hmmm… Go figure.
Papi with another HR. I sure am glad he has kept his HR pace going! GO PAPI! GO SOX!

How long will it take before someone decides to unload DelCarmen?????

It’s funny cuz I had posted about picking up J-Rod Salty-lamacchia on this blog site on july 24th, and two weeks later,,here he is, I wonder if Ian and/or I had any influence in that, either way he’s shown talent and was a good pickup. It’s not so much an injury as something he mighta ‘picked up’ @ AAA Tijuanha when he was down there, which leg did they say? left, right,,middle? No matter, MGH will fix him up and Dusty can take the bus back to RI. Does the Accella run thru Pawtucket? Only Ted Williams knows who we may need to call next to get up here in a hurry! Yes, Beckett is painful to watch, maybe HE could bridge to the closer,,,just a thought

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