Johnny coming back to Fenway?

Could the 2004 caveman be coming back to Fenway?

David Ortiz certainly hopes so.

“Yeah,” Ortiz said. “Party like a rock star.”

While the Boston fans had a falling out with Damon after his acrimonious exit from the club in December of 2005, his former teammates still have a lot of affection for him.

The ball will be in Damon’s hands, presuming the Red Sox and Tigers can work out a trade by early Wednesday afternoon. There are only eight teams Damon can be traded to without consent, and the Red Sox aren’t one of them.

“Oh definitely,” said Red Sox slugger David Ortiz. “That’s my boy, you know that. It would be great. Johnny is a fun person to be around and I’m pretty sure he’d be excited to be back and for all those people that did him wrong, [they] can put that back together and make him forget about the Yankees thing.”

With two-thirds of Boston’s starting outfield (Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron) probably out for the season, Damon could fill an obvious need.

“Johnny’s a special player,” said Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek. “He’s pushing on Hall of Fame-type numbers. You add that with [the fact that] Johnny’s great in the clubhouse, he’s great on the field and he’s one hell of a teammate.”
The Red Sox entered Monday’s game with the Mariners trailing the Yankees by 6 games in the American League East and Tampa Bay by 5 in the AL Wild Card standings.

“It’s probably as tough of a decision for me to take right now as it was for me to leave Boston for New York,” Damon told reporters in Detroit. “It’s something that fortunately we have some time to think about it. At this moment, I’m not sure I want to leave Detroit for that. I enjoy playing here. I enjoy the kids I’m playing for, the coaching staff. But obviously [Red Sox manager Terry] Francona is amazing. But it’s something that I have think long and hard over.”

While Damon lost favor from Boston fans after departing for New York, his teammates from 2004 still rave about him.

“I didn’t really ever want to see him leave this uniform,” said Varitek. “It would be a nice opportunity. Let him do what he needs to do to see what happens.”

When the Red Sox pulled out their historic comeback from a 3-0 deficit in the 2004 AL Championship Series, Damon played a huge role, belting two homers – including a grand slam – in Game 7 at Yankee Stadium. He led off clinching Game 4 of the World Series with a home run, and the Red Sox won it all for the first time in 86 years.

It was Damon who dubbed that colorful team the “Idiots”, his long hair and shaggy beard symbolizing the group.

But after the 2005 season, when Damon was a free agent, he couldn’t come to an agreement with the Red Sox. Boston offered a four-year, $40 year deal. Damon instead went to the Yankees for four years at $52 million. Damon had four productive years in New York, helping the Yankees win last year’s World Series.

“I had a great time playing there,” Damon said. “But I think once it was apparent that I wasn’t a necessity to re-sign there, it started to get ugly. And that’s why I’ve got to think long and hard. I have to think if they do have a strong chance to make the playoffs with the guys beat up there.”

The Red Sox would be responsible for the remaining balance of Damon’s $8 million contract if a deal can be worked out. The Tigers, aside from saving the money, could also get a prospect from the Red Sox.

“The only reason why I would be considering it is to help out [the Tigers] m in the future,” Damon said. “I love the Tigers organization and I love the fact that they’re up-front and honest. If somehow they can get a good prospect back, a player that can help this team in the future, it would be beneficial for them. I would like to remain a Tiger, so I think that’s why these next hours are pretty important.”

The decision might be easier for Damon if the Red Sox were a couple of games closer. But Boston is still in contention.

“I would much rather stay in Detroit than pack up my family for five or six weeks,” said Damon. “But they’re 5 1/2 games out from the Wild Card, I believe, and if somehow if I accept it and we pulled it together and made the playoffs, that would mean a lot to the way people think of me as a ballplayer, what I can do to help change a game.”

If a trade can’t be worked out, the Red Sox will have successfully blocked Damon from going to the Yankees or the Rays. In fact, before Boston made the wavier claim, Damon wondered if he was headed to one of those two clubs.

“I was possibly thinking it was going to be Tampa or New York, but somehow Boston is still staying in this race, which makes it intriguing,” Damon said. “So it’s something I’ll have to think about. I promise I won’t think about it during the game. I’ll think about trying to get hits and stuff.”


There goes Damon putting his foot in his mouth again. He’ll come to Boston if he thinks it’ll help the Tigers. What about the team you are going to? Think they might need your help? It’ll help the Tigers all right. The Sox pay his remaining $8M and they get a prospect. The Sox get him for 6 weeks and that’s it. $8M for 6 weeks of who knows what. Certainly he’s not in the Sox plans for next year. The Tigers were the ones who put you on waivers in the first place and you are worried about helping them…..forget him Theo!!!!!! Let the youngsters play….they’ve carried the Sox this far…no need for a caveman circus at this point. Go Sox!

“…if I accept it and we pulled it together and made the playoffs, that would mean a lot to the way people think of me as a ballplayer, what I can do to help change a game.”

Lol, right Johnny, because if the Sox make the playoffs it will be thanks to you. And the Yankees won last year thanks to you. And if this economy turns around it will be -obviously- thanks to you. Thank you Johnny!

Anyone who doesn’t think Theo is an idiot should look at Damon. Damon is absolutely right. They would pay him about $8 million for six weeks (hu??) and give up a hot young prospect to the Tigers. Theo, have you been drilling holes in your head again? You know I stated how important it was to preserve what gray matter is left.
Damon doesn’t WANT to play for the Sox. Get the HINT! He is VERY clear about that. Yes he has a big ego but he’s right. This will help the TIgers and NOT the Red Sox.
Rant done!

Lackey eats up 8 more innings…way to go!!!!! Maybe if Damon doesn’t come over to the Sox we can try Manny next. LOL!!!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!!

LugoLackey had 8 strong innings against a hapless team. Lackey was hurt by the defense (himself and Lowrie) but also helped by the defense. Let?s see what Beckett can do to a weak team.
No doubt the young fill-ins have done adequately. But I personally think the Sox need another veteran especially from the left side of the plate to anchor the OF down the stretch. Nava and Kalish are adequate defensively but their bats are silent since their grand entries. Kalish was horrible at the plate last night. Can Damon be that veteran Theo is looking for? The rental cost $1M+ and a prospect if Damon is willing. Putting personal feeling aside, I say go for it. Go Beckett. Go Sox.

I think the Sox put in the claim for Damon just to block the Rays and NY from acquiring Damon.
Theo did spent too much $$$$$$$$$$$$$. But Theo’s acquistions worked out admirably this year, Beltre, Cameron (who knows what Cam can do if healthy), Hall, and even Lackey.

How could I leave out Scutaro? Keep Okajima on the DL and move him to 60 day DL.

There is no question that the Sox need a vet to assist. They are a young team but they have Ortiz and Lowell out there as well as well as the forgotten Wakefield.
Nevertheless to give up a prospect for Damon who could easily get a convenient injury and sit on the bench is too much of a risk. It’s OK not to go to the playoffs when that prospect could be your next Dustin Pedroia.

Hey! 007chow!

I agree with you (the heck with BosoxBrian..(lol). I think the claim on Damon is just a blocking move. If he came, where would they put him? They already have a lefthanded DH who produces more than JohnnyD would. The outfield??? Five years ago when he left it was said of Damon…he looks like Jesus, throws like Mary and behaves like Judas..Does the FO really think his arm has gotten stronger since he left? Are they going to throw a 1st baseman’s mitt at him, and platoon him with Mikey L?…that’s a lot of dough to spend for a 1st baseman…Interesting though the positive reactions of some of the players…and the foot in mouth statements Johnny D makes. I do think he’d go back to the Yanks if he had a chance…or to the Rays just to spite the Sox. Not to deny that he was a heckuva lead off hitter when he played for the Sox, which the Sox could use and move Scutaro to 2nd and JD back down to his more normal position in the line-up. Still…I’m with you, I doubt it will happen. I’ve got to believe the Sox would offer virtually nothing, and demand the Tigers pick up most of his remaining salary. At that point, what choice would the Tigers have but to pull him back. It seems like only yesterday that the Tigers were pronounced runaway champs of the AL after they acquired Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. What happened? Didn’t they finish like last in their division that year, and have done nothing since? There are hints around that Leyland will be done this year. Breaking up that old gang of mine? Maybe the Tiger the Sox should be inquiring about is Miguel Cabrera…What kind of prospects would you consider turning over to get Cabrera at 1st base, rather than Adrian Gonzalez? 31 HRs, 103 RBI’s, 89 Runs scored, and batting .341. He’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the AL Triple Crown categories. I hope Theo begins an extended dialogue with the Tigers’ FO which doesn’t end with Johnny D go to the Sox. Let’s see.

Makes you wonder though, if Zazu is put out there and isn’t claimed by any NL teams, would the Sox put in a claim to keep him from the Yanks or the Rays? Wouldn’t it blow a lot of minds to see Johnny and Zazu making up 2/3rds of the Sox OF again???

Maybe DelCarmen or Okajima will be in the mix with this. Who does Detroit have in their pen?? or in their pen down on the farm?

I read the article (there are 2) on MLBTrade Rumors. Johnny Damon leaves himself enough wiggle room in most of his quotes to where he doesn’t really pledge his allegiance to any one team. Something in his “language” leads me to believe he will be back with the RedSox real soon. Nothing exact, just some of the things he DIDN’T say. Maybe it’s just the way I took the artcle and the quotes.

also it’s nice to see something stay the same… THE WRONG POSTING TIMES ON OUR POSTS. It’s 11:56 am and this “thing” is posting me at 1:13 or something.

Why not let the Tigers keep Damon- we can give them DelCarmen to seal the deal. LugoLackey is a mouthful- how about Lugkey??? It goes with the tires.

All we can do is keep winning. Let the Yanks and TB play out. Our turn will come when we meet them head-to-head.

The claim was placed to block the Rays and the Yanks. But it?s not to say that Theo has no interest in Damon at all. The Tigers may let Damon go to save $1.8M and for a prospect. Damon cannot be worse than the youngsters hitting wise. Is Damon the difference maker? I doubt it. But if JD is out for some reason, I don?t think it will pan out well with three AAA+ OFers patrolling the OF down the stretch. The Rays, Yanks and the Sox have 6 games to play with one another. Anything can and will happen.

Also, the Jays seem to own the Yanks. Aside from this series, the Yanks have to play the Jays 2 more series. But again, the Sox have to win to gain ground on the Yanks.

Talk about a tempest in a teapot, you know as soon as Damon opens his mouth even his mom cringes fearing the worst. As Art Linkletter would say: Johnny says the darndest things!
Anyway, I have a solution to the problem: since the Sox are paying Lugo’s salary I think that entitles them to have a say in where he(Lugo) works. So Theo should demand that the Tigers take Lugo from the O’s. I’m sure the state of Maryland wouldn’t mind too much.
But as Senor Chow says, none of it matters if the Sox don’t win tonight and every night.

Based on what I have read, the Tigers are telling Damon that the claim was not a blocking move and the the Sox wanted him. Did B Wagner also say that he was staying with the Mets?
Damon or no Damon, the Sox HAVE to win the game tonight first. Go Sox.

Demand Tigers take Lugo and throw in Delcarman and Okajima as freebies as well.
Damon won’t come unless he plays everyday. Go Beckett!

I know I havent commented alot this year but at this stage to stay pat with what you have means finishing 3rd, which in my eyes is no disgrace with a team that fought all year… Damon left a bad taste in everyones mouth for 4 years… Theo we dont need a 6 week rent-a-player like him. Save the 1.2 mil you would spend on him and your prospects… There’s no shame in the season they had…. Lets take our toys go home and dream of spring training and all the new toys santa Theo will leave us for this xmas… There is alot of freed up money so hopefully Theo knows we been good…
I missed you guys and its nice to be back… Tom

So why wouldn’t Damon accept a trade to the Sox?

Andy, no 3 for 1 trades! As a side note, it’s sad how Oki has fallen off the cliff, being shoved down the Tiger’s throats like some green meat from the back of the fridge.. He was a stud in ’07, I’ll never forget that. Anyway, since 3 for 1 trades are not my cup of tea, I say the Tigers should throw in…..oh, I don’t know,,,,, how about Verlander? Cabrera would be nice, but too much baggage there. Verlander will have to do.

Welcome back Tom!
Nothing wrong in third place considering that in any other division the Sox would be in first place (or near first place). This is a battered team so I give them some leniency.
I like the idea of what Theo is doing but would the Yankees or anybody else want Damon back? I mean the man is a D.H. now and we’d force him to play the outfield when his body can’t take it. Who are we kidding? Nobody would think this is a good move…IMHO.

Also add that Damon only hit 7 hr’s this year. He’s only hitting .272. The numbers don’t add up for me.

Hi Tom, good to see you again.

Thank you for the warm welcome back… Aside from my newly diagnossed medical conditions (and my persistant wife watching my blood pressure) Watching baseball this year hasnt been alot of fun, every time I’d yell at the tv she’d hide the clicker lol… I’m learning to mumble under my breath hehehe, It’s good to be back hopefully the stretch run will be a blast, if not we’ll still be here. Hope the summer was good for everyone, I look forward to the banter!!!

I went over to just to see what the word is from the caveman himself…..oddly, his name was misspelled on his own website, it was crossed out twice but he got it right the third time,,,, where was I??… oh yes, the words of Johnny D himself, “Sure I could win the World Series for Boston. But do I want to? Hmmm,,,not sayin’ it wouldn’t be fun, hangin’ with my old party buds, but ya gotta understand, I mean, what about all the other teams that want me to win the World Series for them? They have feelings too. I have to think. Maybe I’ll stay here and win it for the Tigers. Yea, that’s the ticket! I’ll win the World Series here!!”
Personally, I think he has delusions of grandeur mixed in equal parts with delirium tremens.

The Damon saga is ovah for now. Beckett has to pitch not only for his own sake but pitch a gem for the team. And Nava and Kalish better start hitting and JD has to play everyday.

Wow….for once Damon said he did not want to do something and he did what he said…….he must have had surgery in the off-season to sew up the other side of his mouth so he is talking out of only one side of it now. Anyways…thanks Johnny for not gracing us with your presence. Despite the major injuries…..this team has done just fine without you for the first 41/2 months of the season…we’ll find some way to get through the last 6 weeks without you. Go Sox!

BTW….Tek says Damon is closing in on HOF numbers. The only thing I see as even close is he needs 462 hits to reach 3000. Other than that his numbers aren’t HOF numbers and he still has to stay healthy to get those hits….the way he’s goinhg that’s 21/2 more seasons at least. Maybe….Go Sox!

Hey everyone,
I still stand confused at Theo’s logic. It was, in the end, a safe bet but a confusing one. WHY? would the Yankees even consider Damon. They let him GO! Why would the Rays want Damon. They are a very healthy team right now. Despite their weaknesses, they are still stronger than the Sox. Maybe he was just being cautious…with Damon?

Phil, if you don’t like “LugoLackey”, you can always go with Garry’s name for him, “LackeyLuster”!😉 I’m glad Lackey did well last night, and ate up 8 IP. If he can do that on a regular basis, we won’t need the nicknames at all!
I am SO glad Damon vetoed the proposed deal. Dave is right, the numbers don’t add up for Damon to be a benefit to the team, let alone as a Rent-A-Player.
Good to see you posting again, Tom! Hang tough, and stop by more often!

Too bad Johnny won’t be coming to Boston. He would have made excellent comic relief for us. I guess Lugo will have to do for now, sigh.

Hey Tom,

Lackey Luster is also a mouthful but I always felt Lugo Lackey summed him up perfectly. You could also do Lugokey if you want or Julio Lackey or LackLugo but I always liked Lugo Lackey myself.

ALso want to add a tough double header today. Beckett vs. the Mariners. If he can’t beat Seattle, we’re in serious trouble…or should I say Beckett is. He’s a heck of a pitcher but since 2007 we’re all asking what happened? I guess it shows how rare it is to be a stellar pitcher for a long period of time.

Let me chime in with my thoughts about Damon. I’m not sure where some you were getting your information fro but if Damon did agree to play with the Red Sox, Boston would have to pay him roughly 1.8 million dollars, some of you said ” 8 million “. That’s the contract he signed with Detroit during the winter. I disagree with others when they said that Boston claimed Damon to block him from T.B. and N.Y. From what I have read in the last day or so, Boston wanted Damon on their team for the final six weeks or so. Obviously Damon wanted nothing to do with Boston and that is his right. I believe he would have been a good fit for this team in the last six weeks or so. The production from l.f. this year has been TERRIBLE! Boston paying someone around 1.8 million for the final six weeks or so was well within their budget. I still believe like many of you on here that Boston needs to add an arm to the bullpen. Theo did the right thing when he didn’t pull the trigger to get a bullpen arm back in late July, the asking price was way high! I assume the price has gone down dramatically and perhaps Boston could pull off a trade for a bullpen arm, not only for the final six weeks but for 2011!

Damon is a guy that plays hard every single game, you never ever see him loaf. Even on a routine ground ball to second, he busts his butt down the line and that is all I can ask for as a fan! The only player that left ( among the productive players ) that I would NEVER EVER want back is Zazu, his final days in Boston were a total disgrace!! He QUIT on his team!!

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