Manny being Manny — again

Who can figure Manny out? The newest member of the Chicago White Sox is back in Boston for the second time this season, but far more talkative than in his first visit.

Do you know that if the Red Sox had been awarded the waiver claim for Ramirez instead of the White Sox, he would have happily come back to Boston?

“What I did here in the past is in the past. But if they claimed me, why should I say no?” Ramirez said.

For the first time, he was openly apologetic about the way his time with the Red Sox ended. You know, the swing at Youkilis, the shoving of Jack McCormick, the petulant behavior. All that stuff.

“Everything was my fault, but you have to be a real man to realize when you do wrong. It was my fault, right. I already passed that stage,” Ramirez said. “I’m happy. I’m on a new team. When I went to first base [in June], I told Youkilis, ‘What happened between you and me, that’s my fault. I’m sorry. It takes a real man to go and tell a person it was my fault  and that’s what I did.”

Ramirez is clearly more introspective than at any time before in his career.

“In life, you pass every stage,” Ramirez said. “I passed that stage and you keep growing. You look back and say I did this wrong, but what’s done is done. All you can do is go and play the game and finish your career good.”

Ramirez will be at Fenway Park all day on Saturday for a day-night doubleheader.


Well Zazu says I’m sorry…as I’m sure he will to L.A. at some point after the way he treated them. Nevertheless, it was a needed gesture but it sure took him long enough. I guess he needed some more humble pie.
Where is everyone?

Ramirez said he would have returned if Boston put in a claim for him. Of course a BIG “if”. How do we even know if Ramirez is telling the truth? After all we are talking about Ramirez!

Glad to see Delcarmen traded away, it’s about time!

With Buchholz on the hill today, Boston should win the afternoon game. I hope Francona watches Lackey close tonight. We all know what happened with Lackey in his last start. It looked like Lackey ran out of gas!

What a difference a week makes. Last Saturday at this time, Boston was coming off a nice win the night before and their playoff hopes were alive and well. With Boston playing two games today ( T.B. going against Balt. ) Boston MUST win both games today. Splitting today will not get the job done.

I hope everyone has a happy and very safe Labor Day weekend.


I miss the days when Papelbon would dominate. He survived the eighth but does he survive the ninth? I thought Bard should have started the eighth. Oki isn’t reliable enough to pitch with a lead. Not the Oki in 2010.

Boston needs to bring in Beltre, that insurance run is a MUST! Papelbon will need all the runs he can get.

I’m not sure what to say anymore about the Red Sox of 2010. It has been a very longggggg season. If the Red Sox were a horse, they would have been shot long ago.

Bard should have started the eighth, it’s just that simple. I think everyone saw it but Francona. A five out save for Papelbon, Francona fell asleep at the switch!

The Sox are mathematically alive only. Injuries are seemingly the main culprit. There are other reasons as well such as the bullpen, the inactive FO, RISP, and the field management. Even if the Sox won today, it would not have made a difference as to the standing at the season end.
There are too many questions to address for 2011. The bridge to 2011 is still on the drawing board. I don’t know if Francona knows how and when to panic. If he starts to panic and make the move, it is too late. Miracle happens. But it does every 80 years.

So many reasons why the Red Sox are going nowhere, personally I put a lot of blame on Theo! Francona has made some “bonehead” moves but overall with what he has to work with, he has done a solid job. I’ve said it on here several times, this season reminds me so much of 2006. We all know what happened in 2007 but I have my doubts when it comes to Theo and his decision making when it comes to handing out contracts! This teams payroll is almost 190 million, even if this team was healthy they were going nowhere fast! Most of us on here questioned this team coming into the season and the results are basically what we all expected.

Their are only (5) players that are untouchable. Youkilis, Pedroia, Lester, Buchholz, and Bard. I would like to see Beltre back but at what cost? The same with V. Martinez but once again at what cost? Beltre has been unreal! Martinez I like a lot but he is a catcher and he is over thirty years old, same with Beltre, over the age of 30. This Red Sox team needs to get “younger” and obviously better. Theo has his work cut out, is he the guy that can get it done?????? Clearly he’ll have his chance to turn it around. This off-season he’ll be hearing about this season from the fans. The ticket prices at Fenway are not cheap and FANS want results!!

At least the Sox know what they need to do in the off-season….Move to a new division….LOL. They have work to do and we’ll see who stays…who they re-sign or nor re-sign and who gets traded. Hopefully this off-season won’t be “A Mess” the sequel. Go Sox!

Sox are not dying…they ARE dead. This entire team is sleepwalking. Only the starting pitching is working well and they are getting no support from the team.
The loss of Youk, Ellsbury, and Pedroia are incalculable. They are driven and motivated people. Papelbon and Ortiz are all about themselves.
Theo is a complete incompetent, IMHO. Dump a shortstop who is brilliant for Scutaro? Are you insane? Don’t answer that Theo. Scutaro has played his heart out so I give him credit. Beltre was a great move but now that he’s rehabbed with the Sox, and Boros becomes Boras…he’s gone.
I don’t see 2011 as the year. I see 2012 as the year maybe but I could be wrong. I’m just sick of Theo’s Lugo, Gagne, Drew like moves. He overpays for junk and gets it. This is incompetence. Cameron? Great heart but seriously Theo…WTF? He’s 38 and walked into spring training a banged up mess. Give me a break.
Finally, the Sox are making Bill Buckner’s 1986 stunt seem like the norm. Don’t pitchers know how to throw to first base? Doesn’t anyone know how to throw a baseball? They look like fools out there.
OK, vent over. Feeling better.

One more thing. DON”T play Clay on short rest. Don’t screw up this golden arm for a pointless loss with the Rays. This is STUPID. What chance in heck do the Sox have in getting the wild card? The way they are playing even the Boston College could beat the tar out of them. They don’t deserve to be in the playoffs if they can’t even get a game in without 1 – 2 throwing errors.

I forgot to mention errors, throwing errors, fielding errors. I have never seen the Red Sox have made so many errors in a season. The Sox could easily have won 2 out of 3 in the CW series. What else could you ask the starters to do but to pitch a shutout.
I said it many times the youngsters are ok but won’t hold down the stretch. Did Theo do any anything to acquire a vet OF other than an attempt on JD? No! But again what’s available out there. I know this is a bridge year. Where is the bridge?
Francona is not the reason why the Sox faltered although I can count or remember at least 5 games that his boneheaded moves that directly cost the games. 5 out of 162 not a big deal.
Sweep the Rays and keep the dim hope alive. But do the Sox have the talent to sweep the Rays? Asumming they do, the Sox are just playing spoiler at best. It’s ovah. Prove me wrong.

If anything this season answers an important question — certain players can’t be replaced. Dustin Pedroia, Ellsbury, Youk are too valuable to the team.
One thing we can say is that the starting pitching is as good as it gets. Too bad the rest of the team stinks. We can’t hit, field, or bullpen. The season was over after the Rays series. The Sox showed they can’t be tough teams. Chicago is a tough team but they mowed over Boston as if the Red Sox were a light breeze.
Next year is going to be a good year of Lugo Epstein gets fired and someone competent gets in. I’m also tired of John Farrell. These pitchers can’t do the basics and can’t recover from their struggles. I feel Farrell may have a pink slip if things don’t change.


Zero chance the Red Sox prove you wrong. Boston is DONE like dinner and they have been done for roughly one week. You are 100% correct when you said, they can be a spoiler and that is all this Red Sox team will be from this point moving forward. All sorts of errors on this team this season, some on the field, some in the dugout and clearly many in the front office!

A “tall order” for Boston tonight!


A tall order is a triple cheeseburger with fries and a shake. This is like trying to fit the empire state building in your stomach. Rays are going to walk over the Sox for the next few days. Sox just don’t have it anymore. I know they’re trying but Beevis and Butthead (Theo and Farrell in this case) can only take you so far

IMO, the biggest problem the Sox had is an assortment of every expensive contracts…… Although, it’s true that Ortiz and Lowell’s deals are over this year, it’s also true that Theo ratcheted up the Sox payroll to $170 mill from $120 mill last year and it’s hard to see the value…Then, when the injuries hit, and you guys did have your share, it appeared there was no additional money to add the pieces needed to compete.

In addition going forward, there’s still the contracts of Dice-K, Beckett, Lackey & Drew dragging you down and frankly none of them are trade-able because of player performance…You have a ton of money committed to 3 pitchers who all look like 5th starters, not the front of rotation guys they’re being paid as…Will they rebound-maybe, but will they rebound $150 mill. worth-no how, no way and you’re hung with 1 of them till 2013 and the other 2 until 2015…. In addition, Papelbon’s contract has been very badly managed and you’re now got a kid coming off a 9.3 mill. contract, looking for a raise-how did that happen?

When the season’s over and you’re all looking for where to put the blame, imo, 90-95% of it is in Theo’s lap and it doesn’t get better until you really solve the problem, not in the AL East…..Does Theo really have the balls to dump Beckett, Dice-K and Lackey and drop down in the standings for a year or so to start the process over???…I’d say he’ll do it within 5 minutes of our Toronto GM dumping Wells contract and I can’t see that happening any time soon.


I’m not sure I would call a tall order a triple cheeseburger with fries and a shake, I would call it HEAVEN! lol.

The Red Sox have officially waved the white flag! If Boston thought they still had a chance, the lineup would have been different for tonight’s game. I agree with the Red Sox though ( haven’t agreed with them much this season ) they called up Anderson and let’s see what he can do against some big league pitching. I hope Anderson gets a lot of the playing time at first base.

I’m convinced I could steal a base or two against Boston. Martinez isn’t the best throwing catcher but I believe you would see the same result if Carlton Fisk was behind the plate but then again Fisk is sixty-two years old.

I feel bad for some of the “hard core” fans, paying big $$$$$ and Boston has officially waved the white flag! I hope Wakefield gets the start on Wed. night instead of Buchholz. Why have Buchholz take the hill on Wednesday??? It makes no sense but then again this is the Red Sox brain trust so who knows what they are thinking!

Why did Drew throw it to home? Drew hasn’t been very good at the plate and now his “bonehead” decision could lead to another run. Then again Crawford would have stole second base eventually. lol.

Back to back! Gotta love it.

Niemann throwing some meatballs.

Niemann is all over the place. Safe to say if T.B. makes the playoffs, he’ll be pitching out of the bullpen.

Martinez has struggled with the bases loaded this year but not this time! Way to go Victor!

I don’t call it heaven, I call it my first heart attack (LOL).
Smart move for the Sox to throw in the towel. Start thinking about next year is the way to go. I’m sure Tito wants to put on a show tonight. Would like to see Tim take the hill. Give Clay the rest.

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