Audition time brings back memories

With the Red Sox set to give Lars Anderson and Josh Reddick fairly extended looks down the stretch, it brings back memories to the last time Boston was out of a pennant race at this point of the season.

That would be 2006, when a young player named Dustin Pedroia got his feet wet in the Major Leagues down the stretch.

In Pedroia’s 31-game audition, he hit .191 with two homers and seven RBIs, rotating between second base and shortstop.

Manager Terry Francona had some interesting recollections of that time before Wednesday’s game.

“He didn’t look too good,” Francona said. “I remember — that’s all I heard was this kid’s
so good. All I did was make outs and then he went to Spring Training
and he started the year and made outs and then what everybody in the
organization said was true was. He’s a tremendous player. They pretty much nailed it with him. They said he’ll probably
start slow and he’ll end up being a great player. That’s about what he

Do Francona and Pedroia ever recall those days?

“Oh yeah, I talked to him all the time,” Francona said. “He laughs now. I don’t think it was too funny then. We had given him two days off in a row and played [Alex] Cora. And [then-bench coach Brad Mills] went up to him in the shower and said something like, ‘you’re playing tomorrow kid, let’s go.’ Pedey was scared to death of Millsy at the time which is funny now when you look back. He tells that story all the time. He goes, ‘I was kind of feeling it. And then that day in Minnesota he had a couple of hits and never turned back.”


Reddick looks more comfortable this time around than he did in the past. Congrats to Lars Anderson on his first big league hit. Anderson has looked good around first, everyone says that is his weakness, not so sure about that. I don’t see a home for Anderson in Boston, I’m guessing he gets dealt this winter. I also believe that either Kalish or Reddick will get dealt away this winter as well. No reason to keep both.

Boston hammered Garza tonight, couldn’t have happened to a better guy!

Beltre and Martinez look like they will finish the season strong. Very impressed with those two. I’m not sure if they’ll be back next year but it’s been fun watching both of them this year. Both play the game hard and they leave everything they have on the field.

I mentioned above about how Martinez and Beltre leave everything on the field, I’ll put Scutaro on that list as well. Scutaro with two H.R.’s tonight, he’s been playing with a bum shoulder for a while but you don’t here him making any excuses!

Is that Balfour out there or Robert Manuel?

If the Sox don’t sign Martinez and Beltre for next year then that is the first two mistakes they will make in the off-season. With Youk, Ells, and Pedroia back Martinez and
Beltre only make that line-up stronger. Let them walk and you’ve wealkened this team before the season even starts. Add those two guys with what the Sox already have locked up……then go elsewhere where fixes are needed and I think they contend. I would trade Reddick before Kalish. We have other fodder that can go away too. Go Sox!

Hey! All!!

As a Cleveburger, I have lots of appreciation for VMart, both what he can do and how often he gets hurt. Maybe that’s the plight of someone who primarily plays catcher. We may well have been spoiled by all of the strong years put in by Tek.

In any event, I suspect that both VMart and ABeltre will both be looking for at least 4 years, $12 – $17 Mil per. I’m guessing that will be too long and too rich for Theo’s blood. Both would look great continuing in a Sox uniform, but I think the memories of how quickly Mikey L got hurt and went down will be dancing all over the FO’s brains. Hope I am wrong.

I must also say, this team is amazing. Just when you count them out, they do something totally unexpected (like jumping Matt Garza’s bones — I couldn’t agree with you more BosoxBrian — it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy!!!) and make you wonder if there is still life left. I recognize that the math continues to play out against them, and the remaining schedule is not entirely in their favor, but I hope they continue to have fun on the field.

I was listening to Amalie Benjamin yesterday. It will be said if, on their next to last homestand vs. Baltimore the Sox don’t sell out, and end their sell out streak. I thought the sell-out streak the Indians amassed was incredible, and the Sox put that in their rear view window quite some time ago.

I was also saddened last night by the thought that Wake’s 179th Sox victory may well be his last, leaving him 13 shy of Cy Young and the convict. Perhaps that record was made to be broken by one of the Sox’ young bucks, like JonL. Despite his year in ’09 and the heart he continues to show inside his Sox uniform, I don’t see the Sox bringing Wake back next year. Whenever it happens, it will be the end of an era. I sure wish the Sox would consider retiring numbers like his and Dewey Evans.

The dim light of hope is still flickering. The Sox have to keep winning and the Rays keep losing. I don’t see the Rays on a long losing streak having whatever Price as their ace. Need help from Toronto (3 games) and NY (7 games) to shut down the Rays. What’s frustrating and disappointing is that the Yanks and the Rays are clearly beatable aisde from CC (last outing beaten by Oreos at home) and Price. As the Lotto slogan says Hey you never know. Sigh……..

Hey! BosoxBrian!

How do you handicap the Buckeyes game this weekend vs. Miami? I know your feeling about the Bucks vs. the SEC. While Miami isn’t SEC, they are from the Deeeep South. Most analysts are picking the Bucks, many of them saying it won’t be close in C-busville. What are your thoughts?

I also got talked into taking BC and giving 17 pts to KSU by a die-hard Kent State local fan. Your feelings on that bet?

Back to the Sox, if both Clayboy and JonL win out in their final starts, each should be able to win 20. I think that would be quite a statement, no matter where the Sox finish. They can continue that roll tonight with a Clayboy victory! The Rays are on the road against the Jays, the Yanks are on the road vs. the Rangers. Lets see how the weekend shakes out.

GO SOX!!!!

I am sure Buchholz and Lester will shut down the A’s. But can the Sox offense score enough runs facing pitchers whose ERA is below 4?
Matt Fox (who the ^&*& is he?) era is about to begin.

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