Buchholz flat-lines in Oakland

Maybe Clay Buchholz is hitting a wall. Six days after not having his usual sharpness in a start against the White Sox, Buchholz was simply awful tonight, recording just three outs before being lifted.

As the Red Sox slip from contenders to non-contenders, you wonder if Buchholz will skip a start or two here with an eye toward next year.

This was the shortest start of his career. The only other start he recorded just three outs was the game in San Francisco earlier this year when he injured his hamstring while running the bases.


Too bad for Clay,

Being the best pitcher on the team, Clay made Dice-K look like a superstar last night. Did he talk to Farrell too long about pitching techniques? Whatever the reason, its too bad for him. perhaps he’s just exhausted. Who knows. The losses/wins don’t really matter at this point. Sox are long gone from the race but its still nice to go out in style.

Too bad for the Sox all year, nobody else is that strong this year, including the Yanks. This would have been great year to grab another title. Now we will probably have to sit through another year of watching the Yanks puff their chests out — cause they can probably score a few more runs than the rest of the “not-so-strong” field this year.

I am not sure the Sox can rebuild even by next year. Lots of us have been wondering about the bullpen for at least two years now, and especially this year, and wondering why Theo and crew did not fix that in the off season last year. Now we have to replace the entire bullpen (imo) save one, Bard. Not sure you can do that, and sign or replace Theo, Beltre, Drew, wonder if Ortiz will have another ok year — not with the Sox financial tendencies. Then what do have with Dice-K, John-L, Wake (he is done), Beckett (been a couple of years since he had a decent season)?

Task looks daunting to me.

I meant V-Mart, Beltre, Drew above — not Theo, Beltre, Drew — but that may not be a bad idea come to think of it, LOL.

With many of our starters not performing up to expectations or their own capabilities, Buch was a very consistent performer, living up nicely to Dave’s calling him an “ace”. That made last night’s outing all the more disappointing. I am happy that Beckett showed some signs of getting back on the beam for next year, and I think Lester will do likewise. I look for Buch to get back on track quickly, also (unless he is injured, in which case I hope he is shut down).
I hope we can see some sold performances from our starters down the stretch to finish the season. If we also get some starts from Doubront, that would be OK with me– giving him some more starts against our division foes this month could give him some much-needed experience for next year. GO SOX!

I don’t believe that the Sox will be better next year. Maybe so, but so will the other teams. This year’s NY and TB are good but not great teams and are beatable. The Sox missed the opportunity when it was there.
Aside from the injuries, this is the year of organization failure, the FO, pitching coach, hitting coach, coaches, manager, medical staff all failed to live up to the expectations to put it politely. I don’t mind seeing a house cleaning change.

Not sure what Buchholz’s chances of the Cy Young were before the start last night but I think we can all agree that he flushed it down the toilet last night with his pathetic performance. Personally I think it will be the hefty lefty that wears pinstripes that wins the Cy Young. David Price is in the running as well.

Boston is playing out the string and have been for about two weeks. Most of these players can’t wait for this season to end. Does it matter if Boston finishes seven games out of the W.C. or twelve games? 2006 season was the last time Boston missed the playoffs and that season had zero impact the following season.

David Bowie’s song…. “changes”– that will happen in Boston this winter!

D. Benjamin…

I’ll go with Ohio State today over the criminals from Miami. lol. B.C. will win over the Golden Flashes but cover the 17…no idea if that will happen! Kent State has had some big names over the years play there.

Ohio State 24
Miami 16

B.C. 31
Kent State 13

I’ll go with the Pats against the Bengals. Should be a good one in N.E. tomorrow!

DGN is right, though, that we have to gut the entire BP (except Bard, I agree), or the starters’ best efforts will be for naught.

Solutions for 2011? Might as well lay it on the line early.

The outfield seems easiest to settle:
LF – Nava
CF – Elsbury
RF – Kalish
Then backups. Maybe trade Elsbury for a really sweet deal for a power bat. But keep the power bat of Kalish, and Nava has a beautiful classic swing, so that has to pay dividends down the line.

The infield, surprisingly could be swapped out entirely. Youk and Pedey are mainstays because of contracts, tenacity, production, but there are equivalents out there if necessary. Was this year an anomaly for Beltre?
1B-Youk (or A-Gonz, yea right)
3B-Beltre (or Youk if we get A-Gonz)

Bullpen – all new except Bard — toughest off season task

Starting Pitchers — all the same due to contracts, can’t move Dice-K or Wake anyway.

Varitek — one more year, he wants to, we need him
Regular — TBD
V-Mart — not sold on him — how many base runners has he thrown out? Not sure he is worth the price. Find our next Varitek.

DH – Ortiz — ok, keep him one more year, for everything he means and has done. But in a era when pure DH’s are dinosaurs, and folks are constantly out due to injuries, probably should trade him (while he has some value) for another bat with equal numbers, who can play more offensive positions. However, will the SOX stick with a player that has given them so much over the years?

I know want Carl Crawford, unless he is leaving period. He should stay in Tampa Bay. Let them have our team, lets build are own, not take from others as the Yanks constantly do.

Yikes, too may typos above — trying again. I don’t want Carl Crawford, unless his is leaving period. He should stay in Tampa. Let them have their team, lets build are own, not rob key players from others, as the Yanks constantly do.

This whole thread is ridiculous. Brownie, you really coughed up a furball with this post. Clay Buccholz has had a couple of bad starts in a row? His outing vs Chicago was lacking in “sharpness”?

Let’s see: in Chicago on Sept. 4th, Clay Buchholz threw 95 pitches through 5.0 innings, gave up 2 runs on 6 hits in a game in which the Red Sox scored one – ONE – run. Walked one and struck out 2. If that’s a lousy start, I’ll take starts like that from any pitcher, any day.

And now to take out the clowns who call themselves “Red Sox fans” and who responded to this post:
You guys and girls must all share half a brain with a split-brain monkey. The first monkey implies that John Farrell “ruined” Daisuke by talking to him. What a joke. Daisuke is simply just not the dominant pitcher he was expected to be. You could say he was a disappointment, but that would only be true if you were one of the many, many fools who believed all the absurd hype that surrounded Matsuzaka from the get-go. No one could live up to those expectations.

greg1969 says he doesn’t “that the Sox will be better next year.” Then just to hedge his bets, he does a quick 180 and says “Maybe [the Sox will be better], but so will the other teams.” Tampa Bay’s pitching staff and position players will in fact be decimated next year due to free agents being lured away to other teams, possibly – including Boston. Tampa will most likely be a worse team next year. The Yankees will always be the Yankees.

Then greg goes on to indict the entire Red Sox organization for “fail[ing] to live up to expectations”. He wants a complete revamping of the entire Red Sox organization. Never mind that in spite of losing half the starting lineup to injuries for most of the season, this team is still in contention in the toughest division in MLB. Terry Francona deserves a Manager of the Year award for what he has been able to achieve with this banged-up team this year. And Theo Epstein has consistently selected talented rookies to fill in for our injured players all year, never mind the brilliant decision to acquire Adrian Beltre, without whom, IMHO, this season would have been over in July! If you think that John Farrell has been a disaster as pitching coach, then please realize that you are alone in the world with that ignorant opinion. If the Red Sox fired him, he’d be hired in about 5 minutes, probably by the New York Yankees.

greg, thank god that you will never get anywhere near a position where you will have any say in any baseball decisions that will ever be made regarding the Red Sox. You are so wrong that it’s hard to even put it in words.

007chow states boldly that “[m]ost of these players can’t wait for this season to end”. Where the hell do you get that information? You pulled it out of your ***, that’s where you got it, and it’s where you get all your worthless “opinions”. He then goes all Nostradamus on us and says “”changes […] will happen in Boston this winter!” The Red Sox don’t have to change a damned thing. If they simply come back healthy next year, this same roster could easily win the division. With all these injuries and we’re only 9 games out of first? You think this means there’ll be wholesale changes this winter? You’re nuts! All they need to “change” is that Youkilis, Ellsbury, Pedroia and Varitek don’t get injured next year and miss half the season!

bosoxbrian has to put in his 2 cents: “we have to gut the entire BP (except Bard […]). I don’t know whether to laugh or throw up at the suggestion that the Red Sox bullpen has been anything less than excellent all year. They’ve blown some games, spectacularly, but to even hint that the reason the Red Sox are not in first place in the AL East is due to the worthlessness of our bullpen (widely acknowledged to be one of the very best in the game!) is to reveal your utter lack of knowledge of the game of baseball.

Who should we get “rid” of? Atchison and his 3.76 ERA? The talented rookie Doubront? Okajima? His ERA in the last 10 games is 3.24! Wakefield? The winningest pitcher in Red Sox history, always ready to come in at any time in any game and give you everything he has to give you? His ERA in the last 10 games is 3.94! In case you don’t realize it, these recent numbers would be considered very decent ERAs for STARTING pitchers on any ballclub!

All of you guys need to pull your heads out of your ***** once in a while and breathe some fresh air. None of your “recommendations” will be taken seriously by anyone in Red Sox management, (thank god!) because you are sooooo frickin’ stupid! You must have been listening to the blowhards on Boston sports radio or the “knights of the pen” doing their best to drive the Globe and Herald into the ground.

And Brownie, you’re an enabler for all these half-wits. Shame on you.



Houndcat, you might want to associate the correct IDs with the correct quotes. Better yet, save you “love” for somewhere else. You just show yourself to be the fool. You are not GM material either. GO SOX!

There are a variety of ways to express your opinion without tearing into everyone simply because your opinion does not match everybody else. That may have worked for you in junior high school, but that’s not what grownups do. Its something we all have to go through to get along in the world. Just a suggestion.

You’re taking yourself and this blog a little too seriously! This is a place for people to come and voice their opinions, cheer the Sox on , and share their Sox fandom.
And no one here would even remotely suggest their recommendations should or would be taken seriously by the Sox management.
Take Dave’s advice.

I tried to submit a second post correcting the erroneous attributions of the quotes but it didn’t go through. It really doesn’t matter anyway because you all agree with each other on 99 percent of the points made in your comments posted above.

If this is a place to publish your opinions then don’t cry when someone calls you out on your asinine, poorly thought-out, and flat out wrong ideas. In order to “get along in the world” I guess I should just pretend to agree with every imbecile I meet. Don’t want to hurt their “feelings”… ********! I’d like to embarrass you all into silence for the sake of intelligent discussion on the game of baseball, but I see that you are beyond the reach of criticism. Why don’t you try to defend your “opinions” against my critique of them? You must be either: 1) aware of the weakness of your arguments, 2) too lazy to bother defending yourself or 3) too damn stupid to even attempt a defense.

“This is the place to come and cheer the Sox on” blah blah. You’re not cheering the Sox on, you’re trying to create a consensus of opinion that is calling for the wholesale firing of practically everyone on the team, from Theo Epstein to John Farrell to the entire bullpen, to who knows what else. If you cal that “cheering on” the Red Sox, then you seriously need a refresher course on basic English.

Just a suggestion.



First off, it’s not your opinion that I find distastefull, rather it’s the way you express it. Try giving us your thoughts without the insults. Is this the way you normally talk to people?
As far as Theo is concerned, he has made some great moves: Schilling, Papi, the Nomar trade, Beltre,,,,,,but also he has served up some stinkers: Gagne, Lugo, Renteria, Smoltz, Penny, even Drew could be tossed in there when you consider his inflated paycheck.
The bullpen: Ramirez and Delcarmen pitched themselves out of town, Okajima was not doing well until he came off the DL recently, Papelbon struggled until the last few weeks, Bowden has struggled. Atchison has done very well, with a couple mishaps along the way. In their defense, the bullpen has been asked too many times to come in early, the starters have not gone deep enough into the games on a consistent basis. Wake has gotten a bum deal this year, he deserved better.
Overall, the Sox have done remarkably well considering the injuries. They should be praised. The didn’t quit.


LOL! What have you been watching? You said that the bullpen is one of the best in baseball. Are you kidding me? After that comment, I never read another thing you wrote because you know nothing! You don’t think the Red Sox have to change anything. LOL!! Changes my friend will happen….. GURANTEED!

Fans are fans. Many of us here (yours truly included)commented out of frustration which did not necessarily mean what we wrote. But one thing in common is that we love the Red Sox. Red Sox baseball is not just a game. It’s a part of our daily life.
Injuries, bullpen, FO, and RISP are the main culprits for the disappointing season. Yes, there will be change. It’s just a question of where and how. Go Sox 2011.

A refeshing win for the Red Sox. Yes it doesn’t count but this was like drinking a cold beer on a hot day.
For one, the Sox didn’t make a single recorded error. Never thought I’d be saying that🙂
For two, the bullpen didn’t crumble.
For three, while Beckett was not outstanding, he held it to three runs against a decent hitting team and that is a great reprieve from past explosions.
For four, Atkinson didn’t give up a run and is proving to be a steady beat in the irregular flutter of bullpen activity.
All in all, it was a breath of fresh air for the team. They looked better out there and it was nice to see Tito use pinch hitters and play around with the lineup to get that win.

Not to take away a win, the A’s lineup is full of outs. A’s pitching is much stronger than hitting.
The Yanks were just swept by the Tex and lost 2 out of 3 to the Oreos. If the Yanks win the division, they will face the Tex in the div playoffs.
Whoever wins tonight’s game between the Yanks and the Rays will likely win the Cy Young, CC or David Price.

If the season ended yesterday and the Sox were in the NL, the Sox would still miss the playoffs. That’s how disappointing the season goes.

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