Just a bad night for Papelbon

All Jonathan Papelbon wanted on Tuesday night was some work. Due mostly to the way the Red Sox have been playing, he hadn’t pitched in exactly one week.

But instead of just getting work, Papelbon got worked by the Orioles in a disaster of a ninth inning. He came on with his team trailing 5-1 in the top of the ninth.

Not long thereafter, Papelbon had given up five hits and four runs over one inning, his ERA spiking from 3.39 to 3.92. Papelbon threw 18 pitches, 13 for strikes. The Orioles were, yes, aggressive.

“I don’t think it was rusty from not pitching in a week. I thought I went out there and threw some pretty good pitches,” Papelbon said. “I thought my delivery was pretty good. I thought I threw the ball well. I thought the ball came out of my hand well. The outcome wasn’t good, but I thought the way I threw the ball was.”
“If you look at the situation in the ballgame that we’re in, it is what it is. I was coming in trying to get some work in and that team came out swinging the bats and was ambushing some first pitches and there’s nothing you can really do about that. The whole outing kind of snowballed and the leadoff hitter, broken bat bloop hit. A couple pitches that I thought were good pitches, if not balls off the plate, they were filleted the other way, next thing you know, throwing error, ball back to me, and it kind of snowballed.
Save vs. non-save situation?

“I don’t think that affected me,” Papelbon said. “You can have a different mindset going in in a save appearance than when it’s not a save appearance, but it doesn’t affect the way you throw the ball.
There was one grounder where it seemed like Papelbon had a play at the plate. Even manager Terry Francona wondered if his closer lost track of the outs. Papelbon went to first. But he says that was the only play he throught he had.
“Well, he was probably going to be safe at home and I’m out there trying to get outs,” Papelbon said. “I’m already in a situation that’s knee deep. I’m not going to risk a play at the plate when I think he’s going to be safe. I’m already in a tight spot, so I’m trying to get the outs that I can get.  


It’s disturbing that pitching has become the subject of such specialization that a pitcher can actually say, with a straight face, that “he thinks he threw well” after getting raked for 5 hits 4 runs in one-third of an inning.

I’ll tell you one thing for sure. You’d never hear Bob Gibson trying to shuck anyone like that.

I would be embarrassed if our team from last nite made it to the playoffs, for what it would say about the game of baseball. Playoff contenders step up thier game, not off a cliff!! Shoddy! Farrell to Acheinshin, “throw to Ty, what’s the worst that can happen”? Marco: “Does this mean I don’t get my 5yr, $50M contract”? Pap: “Does this mean I don’t get my 10yr, $250M contract”? Randy: “Does last Sunday count as if I didn’t get any throws against my 5yr, $50M contract”? Tom: “I got my contract but, still only earn half what the wife makes, oh well”. Shaq: “I still play Bball in the NBA, YEAH”!! GO Celtics! GO Bruins! GO BC! GO GDP!

It?s embarrassing. It?s a bad season for Papelbon. We know the bp sucks. But what happens to the offense? Just 1 run against a pitcher whose ERA is above 5. 3 runs scored in 2 games against a sub sub sub 500 team. Buck Showalter must be doing something right for the Oreos. The only bright spot is that Oki has shown sign of re-birth.

The bullpen sucked…..AGAIN! I think we have this act before. One more thing…Scutaro made another error…..Not exactly run prevention is it!

All I kept thinking about last night was how Buchholz battled all night and eventually got screwed by his teammates. This season was a debacle from the get go. Make some changes in the off-season and put this one behind us. Go Sox….

A lot of changes this offseason. No one should be and will be immuned from the change. Who knows what the Jays and the Oreos will fare next year. There will always be next year and next year.

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