Elimination Night?

For the first time this season, the Red Sox have come to the park knowing that their postseason hopes could be cover by the time the night is over.

It has felt almost inevitable for a while, and it comes with some irony that tonight’s opponent is the White Sox. While many defeats have been crushing for Boston this season, I’ll always think that the finishing blow of this season came on September 5, that Sunday afternoon at Fenway against the White Sox when Jonathan Papelbon had the 48-pitch blown save.

Last night’s game at Yankee Stadium was the last straw, just a truly crushing defeat.

With the Yankees’ game starting one hour before Boston’s, the Red Sox could be eliminated before their game even finishes. If the Red Sox win tonight and the Yankees lose, their hopes — however slight — will last one more day.

Also, Manny Ramirez’s lack of impact with the White Sox has been nothing short of striking. He is hitting .242 with one homer and two RBIs since coming over from the Dodgers.


The Red Sox were eliminated about three weeks ago! Sorry to say folks but I call it… the way I see it!

Ramirez has had NO impact in Chicago, a complete waste of money on the south side!

The Red Sox were eliminated a week ago when they lost the series to the Jays and the Oreos. Then the Sox showed sign of rebirth by taking 2 games from the Yanks. The crushing blow was the Sunday’s game. Dice-K pitched his heart out to keep the Sox afloat. The offense (one clutch hit away) and the bp let the Red Sox Nation down. If the Sox won Sunday’s night, would you say on this Tuesday morning that it’s ovah and the Yanks’ freefall continues? Yes, the Sox might eventually be eliminated, but not at this moment.
Theo got rid of MDC and Ram Ram but he didn’t replace them with equal or better pitchers. LOL sometimes I wonder where were MDC and Ram Ram when the Sox needed them. Theo blew it big time this year.
But again, assuming the Sox make the playoffs, it would just be the de ja vu of 2009 ALDS.


Even “if” the Red Sox won on Sunday night, I would still be saying the same thing. I’m not sure what games you have been watching as of late but this team has been done for a while now. As I said on here about two weeks ago or so, the Sunday night game they lost against TB put them in a bad position. They had 31 games left and if you do simple Math, it didn’t add up! Boston had to go on some sort of extended winning streak and clearly that never happened. Naturally it couldn’t happen because of their up and down starting pitching and not to mention their HORRIBLE bullpen! Lester and Buchholz are as good as anyone’s top duo but after that, who knows what you’ll get or what you’ll see!

Props to Francona for getting his team to play every game! For the Francona bashers out their, I hope this has silenced them but I doubt it! Does he make some head scratching decisions at times? Of course he does but overall he isn’t the problem. I’ve questioned some of his moves at times but that is me being a “fan” and their is nothing wrong with that.


The ownership, Larry L. and Theo blew it big time as you say. They sat on their hands, they didn’t do anything that could help this team. I assume some the players raised an eyebrow or two and maybe the coaching staff as well. The Red Sox had their highest payroll ever this year but for some strange reason didn’t want to go outside the organization and bring in some talent to help this depleted team. Theo’s “bridge year” statement….I’m guessing he would like to have that comment back!

Here is my “guess” and its not much of a guess but I suspect the Sox had a payroll limit. Theo probably couldn’t push it without some trades and I think he just didn’t want to give up talent for a few weeks…then again he considered Damon so there goes that idea I suppose.
As far as I’m concerned, every time Theo thinks “free agent” he turns into Elmer Fudd Epstein. It is truly amazing some of the junk he relishes this team with over the years. Dice-K for the FIRST time all year pitched to his talent level…and still the game was lost.
I’m always terrified of the next free agent Theo is going to pull up. Only Beltre proved his money this year. Everybody else was pure crap…although in Scutaro’s case he was in pain most of the year with a rotator cuff injury and that would explain his terrible arm and I admire him for pushing himself but I hope he didn’t risk permanent injury to his arm.

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