Elimination number has reached zero

The Red Sox gave it a valiant fight this summer, considering the barrage of injuries. But it all ended tonight. When the Yankees won at Toronto and David Price pitched a gem against the Orioles, Boston no longer had any hope of qualifying for the postseason.

This will be MLB’s first postseason since 2006 that doesn’t include the Red Sox, and just the second time since 2003.

Boston fans have had a pretty nice run the last few years, so they shouldn’t really feel that slighted.

Injuries happen, but this year the Red Sox had an unfathomable amount. Dustin Pedroia played just two games after June 25. Kevin Youkilis didn’t play any after Aug. 2. Jacoby Ellsbury wasn’t a factor all year. Josh Beckett missed two months and had a down year.

But they still had some mathematical hope until tonight. Now, they will play the final five games for pride only.

Some storylines to follow:

On Thursday night in Chicago, Jon Lester will go for his first 20-win season. Clay Buchholz will make the last start of his brilliant season on Saturday, perhaps with a chance to win the ERA title. Mike Lowell will retire after Sunday’s game, and the Red Sox will have a special ceremony for him before Saturday’s game.


After a valiant fight the Sox were finally taken off the respirator tonight. As one season goes away another one will be born. Thanks for not giving up…..I will enjoy watching the rest of the season and wonder what next year brings. Go Sox!

I don’t care about the other garbage pitchers in the bp. What’s wrong with Bard? Between Bard and Pap, how many BS all together? Bard has the velocity but was hit hard lately. I hope he is just physically tired. That’s for JF to figure it out.
Sign V-Mart and AGon. It appears that the Friars won’t make to the postseason after all.
The Sox were realistically eliminated when Pedey and Youk were knocked out.

I think Bard should be shutdown for the remainder of the season. Clearly his tank is running on empty.

Bowden with another rough outing!

Can the Red Sox get to 90 wins????

Had to expect this result with the injuries the team had to endure this year.Valiant effort but in the long run,you’re not going to go deep having to field utility personnel and youngsters all season long like the Sox had to this season.

I was at the game last night. Bard had to deal with a real tough at bat from Manny. Manny didn’t get a hit, but kept fouling off a bunch of pitches until he got a walk. I think the at bat was at least 12 or 13 pitches. Bard’s velocity was still high, but I think the Manny at bat wore him down a little as far as location. It was a tough loss, but I was glad to be there. Lackey pitched well and I got to see Tek play possibly one of his last games for the Sox. I saw Lackey in spring training, as well as a lot of the fill ins, so it was kind of a nice way to finish out the season. They hung in there for so long, I felt the need to be there to give them props. Got to see Papi poke one Plus, I got the bonus of being able to see BP before the game. So though it was sad, it was good to be there.

Let’s face it Beckett is a 6 inning pitcher at best. Where was Okajima of last night when the Sox needed him? LOL

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