Cam on Camera

In perhaps a look at his future after baseball, Mike Cameron will shift into the role of broadcaster for MLB Network this weekend. Boston’s outfielder will join MLB Network’s MLB Tonight as an in-studio guest on Friday and Saturday.

Cameron is always an insightful quote, so his views on the LCS should be interesting.

I’m sure Cameron would much rather be playing in the postseason than commenting on it, but such is life. It was a tough year for him from start to finish, thanks to a painful lower abdomen injury that ended his season for good on July 30.

In other news, Darnell McDonald underwent surgery yesterday to repair a tear of the ulnar collateral ligament in his right thumb. McDonald should be fine by Spring Training.


It sure is quiet here.

Anyway, I watched a playoff game last night for the first time this year. What an amazing performance by Cliff Lee! I can’t remember one pitch that was in the middle of the plate. It was as if he had read all of Garry’s posts and taken everything to heart. Mix speeds. hit the corners, throw strikes. Astounding!

Hey Arnie,

The boards have been DEAD since the season end. Where are all the Red Sox fans? Good to see you. Cliff Lee will be in NYC next year unless the Red Sox make a bid for him. I say do it and dump Dice-K.

Yea, I read a pre-game article and the writer said he will be a Yankee next year. The announcers during the game were saying he will be a Yankee next year, they’ll be throwing money at him.
Something is just not right with that. MLB needs to address it. Baseball is doing well as a business, and I have no problem with that, but as a GAME it is tainted by the system they have for free agency. Just like baseball as a game was tainted by the steroids. They should deal with it. But the owners and the players union are not willing to do anything. A system that is similar to football would help.

By the way,,,,, Hi Dave!!

Hey, Dave and Arnie!
The boards have been quiet because the pitching performances have been leaving audiences speechless!😉 Cliff Lee’s performance, as great as it was, hasn’t been the only show in town, with Halladay throwing a no-no (and near perfecto) in the NLDS, and Lincicum doing an admirable job keeping pace. The pitching has been GREAT this post-season, and it has been FUN to watch! It was also nice to watch the Rays get bounced.😉
GO SOX 2011!

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