Fenway improvements

The Red Sox continue to make Fenway Park a more modern facility, which is pretty impressive for a park that was built in 1912. Here is a look at what was revealed today from the club, through a press release.

For Immediate Release
October 19, 2010
Off-Season Improvements mark completion of ten-year cycle of major, annual improvement projects;
2011 Improvements to include three new High Definition video boards and scoring systems by ANC Sports and Mitsubishi Electric
BOSTON, MA — The Boston Red Sox today announced Year X Fenway Park Improvements to “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.”  Three new state-of-the-art High Definition video display and scoring systems, upgrades to the Gate D concourse including new and extended concession areas, and the repair, waterproofing and seat replacements of the lower seating bowl in Right Field highlight the 2011 list. 

This off-season will mark the final year of major annual improvements to the ballpark, thus completing a ten-year plan.  This year’s effort fulfills a pledge made by ownership upon acquisition of the club, and reaffirmed in 2005, to improve every facet of the ballpark, while preserving and protecting the ballpark for future generations.  The improvements completed at Fenway Park over the past ten years have been designed to ensure that the park will remain structurally sound, and the home of the Boston Red Sox, for the next 30-40 years.

With a 2010-2011 off-season investment estimated at $40 million, the investment for the 10 year program is estimated to total approximately $285 million, the largest investment in the history of the almost 99-year old iconic ballpark.

“This is the last year of a ten-year series of improvements to Fenway Park that has given this venerable old ballpark new life,” said Red Sox President/CEO Larry Lucchino.  “With more seats and more standing room, wide open concourses, a reinforced structure, new and improved restroom facilities, and many more food and beverage options for our fans, Fenway Park remains vibrant and appealing leading up to its 100th Anniversary in 2012.”

New High Definition Video Display and Scoring Systems

Three new High Definition video display and scoring systems will be installed this off-season at Fenway Park and will represent a significant upgrade over the existing scoreboards.  The Red Sox selected ANC Sports to install three new state-of-the-art Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision? light emitting diode (LED) video screens. 

The largest of the three screens, measuring approximately 38 feet high by 100 feet wide, will be the main video board in centerfield and replace the existing elements of the structure above the bleachers in centerfield, which was originally constructed prior to the 1976 season.  This main scoreboard structure includes a 23 feet high by 30 feet wide video screen installed after the 1999 season, the black and white statistical display, 60 feet of LED ribbon and the static rotational sponsor signs.  This screen will have the ability to provide approximately 3800 square feet of dynamic video capabilities in a variety of formats.

Driven by ANC’s patent-pending VisionSOFT? operating system, the new main video screen above the centerfield bleachers will be able to mimic the look of the old rotational sponsor signs or dissolve into various formats such as full-screen live video, game action accompanied by real-time statistics, sponsor graphics partnered with the box scores or any combination of visuals and game information.

Two additional Diamond Vision displays will also be installed on either side of the main screen.  The existing Bank of America hitters and pitchers board in left center field will turn into a 17 feet high by 100 feet wide video screen with a new illuminated Bank of America sign atop the board.  A third video screen, 16 feet high by 30 feet wide, will connect the Ford and Dunkin Donuts sponsor signs above the bleachers in right field. These Diamond Vision video systems will prominently feature real-time information such as batter and pitcher stats, pitch speed and type, box scores, promotions, announcements, upcoming schedules and other messaging. 

“We are excited to partner with the Red Sox to enhance the fan experience at Fenway Park through our state-of-the-art signage technology,” said Jerry Cifarelli, President and Chief Executive Officer of ANC Sports Enterprises. “ANC’s revolutionary software system combined with Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision LED displays will entertain Red Sox fans with visuals as clear as their High Definition televisions at home while providing comprehensive and informative game information.”

All three signage positions will feature the Diamond Vision X8 Outdoor Video Screen. This state-of-the-art display features vibrant images through Mitsubishi Electric’s dynamic pixel processing which creates 8mm lines of resolution.

Other sports facilities where ANC Sports has installed Mitsubishi Electric High Definition video display systems include AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA; Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX; Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.; Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD; Turner Field in Atlanta, GA; U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, IL and Yankee Stadium in New York, NY.

Other Improvements Planned for 2011

Additional work being planned for this off-season includes the concrete repair, waterproofing, and seat replacements of the Right Field lower seating bowl originally constructed in 1933-34.  This will mark the completion of the repair and waterproofing of the entire lower seating bowl, a project started with the Bleachers in 2007 and continued with the original 1912 bowl in 2008 and the 1933-34 Left Field seating bowl in 2009.

Existing Dugout, Field Box and Loge Box seats will be replaced by new seats with cup holders on a new concrete base.  Dugout and Field Box seats will also be padded.  As in previous years, Grandstand seats in Right Field will be refurbished and fitted with self-rising mechanisms that enable the seat to retract automatically once a patron stands up.  This will allow for more room in the seating rows and improved mobility for fans entering or exiting the rows. 

Other projects underway include new and expanded concession and merchandise stands in the Gate D area and a repaired and upgraded ground level concourse stretching from Gate D to Gate C that will include utility upgrades, new concrete concourse flooring and life safety improvements.

All off-season improvements were designed by D’Agostino Izzo & Quirk of Somerville, MA, and overseen by Ipswich Associates of Boston, MA, who will serve as the Program Manager.  The concrete repair work will be completed by NER Construction of Wilmington, MA.  The General Contractor for the off-season projects will be Walsh Brothers of Boston, MA.

Fenway Park Improvements 2002-2011: 

Fenway Park has undergone a series of annual improvements since the New England Sports Ventures (NESV) purchased the team in 2002.  The group assembled by John Henry, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino was the only candidate vying for ownership of the ballclub that proposed to save and improve Fenway Park, America’s oldest and smallest ballpark.  The team has since focused on a series of improvements, with goals of increasing capacity by at least 10%; improving fan amenities such as concessions, restrooms and entry points; ADA accessibility and circulation including elevators and stairs; and, also improving the ballpark exterior with new year-round restaurants, wider sidewalks, street trees and lighting. 

Most notable among these improvements are:

2002: New Dugout Seats; Yawkey Way Concourse.
2003: Green Monster Seats; Big Concourse; Expand
ed Dugout Seats; New Green Monster Manual Scoreboard.
2004: Right Field Roof Deck; Third Base Concourse.
2005: First Base Deck; ‘Game On’ Restaurant; New Playing Field
2006: EMC Club; State Street Pavilion Level; Renovated Private Suites; Distributed Sound System
2007: Steiner Third Base Deck; Renovated Private Suites
2008: Expansion of Seating on State Street Pavilion Level, Coca-Cola Corner; Concrete Repair and Waterproofing of Bleachers and new seats; ‘The Bleacher Bar’.
2009: Right Field Roof Box Expansion; Concrete Repair and Waterproofing of the original 1912 Seating Bowl and new seats; Repairs to the Jeano Building, including the replacement of its roof and restoration of the windows and doors; New Front Row Seats. 
2010: Concrete Repair and Waterproofing of the 1933-34 left Field Lower Seating Bowl; New Home Plate Deck, Concession Stands and Restrooms.


I am very happy that the present ownership did this work over the past 10 years to preserve Fenway, and at the same time, modernize it for the present era. I hope it does thrive for another 30+ years! (Maybe in that time, I’ll get to see it!)😉 GO SOX 2011!

Everyone has been saying that Cliff Lee will be a Yankee. Not so fast. I will not be a bit surprised if Lee will remain as a Ranger. Who can match the big $$ that the Yanks will be dumping on Lee? But Lee wants to play with a contending team. The Yankees is an old team and the Rangers are young and the way the Yankees are being slaughtered by the Rangers. Who knows? Still, Nolan Ryan has to dole out a lot of $$$ to retain Lee but doesn?t have to match the Yanks offer. Remember Texas is state and local income tax free compares to the exorbitant tax rate in NY and NYC. The tax saving could make up the difference. Also Clifton is from Arkansas. Let?s pray that Clifton P. Lee remains as a Ranger.

I hope you are right. Lee could be a Red Sox if the Sox are smart. The lefthanded power will be helpful considering how pathetic Dice-K and Beckett have become as right arms. I would like to see that happen but face it…Lee will go where the money calls him. He, like all players in the majors want the cash over everything else knowing that their income ends once they leave the game. Then again, Mike Lowell proved me wrong on that one but Jason Bay certainly followed the dollars.

Andy, you could indeed be correct in your thinking that the Rangers might sign Lee, esp. now that their $$ issues are resolved. I would not be surprised to see him remain with the Rangers, either, even though the Yankees are a real possibility. My hunch, though, is that none of those will happen, nor the Red Sox. I would not be surprised if Lee were to return to Philly. But what do I know?😉 We’ll see!
GO SOX 2011!

To me, Fenway Park is rapidly becoming something other than Fenway Park. I know there’s a need to keep up with the Jones, but like most other things, including the way the game is played, change is winning out. It’s all about the dollar. Another proposed change is to widen the bullpens which will move the right field wall in about 10 feet. Ted Williams is rolling over in his grave, and Yaz is breathing fire. This moves the fence in to the inside edge of the warning track. How many balls were caught on the warning track last year that will now be home runs? I don’t like what’s happening to Fenway. How many freaking diamond vision TV’s do they need?

Where is Sherm Feller?

Another factor for Lee will be endorsements.

And yet another will be the tons of $$$ Arte Moreno will spend to get his Angels back on top in the AL West. Right now the Rangers are where the 2008 Rays were.

Garry, another proposal at Fenway was to put a 2 foot diameter hole about 3/4 of the way up the green monster and if a Sox player hits a ball through the hole an effigy of Zazu will pop up and burst into flames! If an opposing player hits a ball through the hole the sprinkler system in the visitor’s clubhouse goes off. I like it!!

Anyone want to wager 5 premium chocolate bars to 3 cigars that Cliff Lee ends up in pinstripes next year?? He’ll probably be looking at 5 years at 27 mil per. Or more. Who wouldn’t take that kind of raise?

Garry, how is the leg doing?

Hi all.. HI ARNIE!!!!!!!!
I ‘ll take that bet (with a little tweaking of course, I don’t smoke cigars, lol). I think that Nolan Ryan has the smarts and the money to keep Cliff Lee a Ranger for about 4 more years. The way I see this is, Here is a man (Nolan Ryan) who has sat and watched the Rangers for YEARS be the doormat for the rest of the American League. Now HE’S IN CHARGE!!! I think that you will see some money spent on Lee, I don’t see any other holes in their game plan.

Oh, and as far as the improvements to Fenway??? Hadn’t they better make the improvements in the personnel and roster BEFORE they do any more in the stadium?? Or are we going to swap out players with the “football club”???

OK Ellen, here’s how the bet works: If Cliff Lee stays with the Rangers I send you 5 premium chocolate bars. If Lee ends up in pinsstripes you send me 3 cigars. OK?

How is your back feeling?

The improvements are great! Kudos to the ownership! Since when was money not a factor in baseball? That goes for acquisition of expensive players and renovations…please…

Congrats to the Texas Rangers! The Yanks could easily be swept by the Rangers. Ron Washington gave Game 1 away.
The Yanks weren’t as good as advertised and were limping into the series. If Theo knew that the Yanks were a sub 500 team since August 1, he might have done something differently.

Rangers V Giants. Once the playoffs had been set, this is the one that I wanted. The Rangers have come close the past couple of years, and the Giants have just clawed their way through. Hats off to both teams. It’s nice to see new teams in the Series. Lots to cheer for. But do you root for the Rangers because of your A L ties?? Or do you root for the Giants?? I don’t know yet. What I do know is that baseball is almost over for another 6 months. What’s a girl to do??

If anyone who predicted that the Rangers and the Giants would be in the WS before the season started, he is either a genius or an idiot. I am rooting for the Rangers not only b/c I am an AL guy but it would significantly increase the odds to keep Lee at Texas.
I heard V-Mart turned down the Sox’s 2 year offer. V-Mart wanted 4 years. V-Mart is the best free agent catcher. The FO should realize that the Yanks are looking for a catcher as well. Victor and CC are good friends. If the Yanks were to sign Lee at any cost, beware of the Indians connection.

With all the talk of the game, we’ve all forgotten the fact that John Farrell is now a Blue Jays manager. Whatever happens, its not surprising that John Farrell left the team. His time was done on the team and Henry gave a conciliatory message without getting too personal on the subject. Is he sad to see him go?
I’m rooting for the Rangers mainly for Ryan who is a class act and deserves the win. He also wanted Clay B. desperately and we can see why. Clay is top notch in the game.
V-Mart will be gone to the Yanks. Sox will be without a catcher of any merit fumbling around for a place in the sun. Theo just isn’t smart enough to make the logical decisions otherwise A-Gonz would have been with the Sox instead of ScatterThrow and Lugo. Same old Theo.
I suspect Ryan will want to keep Lee but the Yanks have endless pockets and will grab him, if anything to avoid having to face him. Pitchers, I believe, are generally overpriced as are all baseball players. With an economy in ruins, we’re dumping millions out to players who entertain us and that’s it. Doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

Andy…….what kind of team would the Indians be if they were able to keep the players they have had to dump? I think if you took all the former Indians around the league and put them back together, you might have the best team in baseball.

You have to wonder about players like Orlando Cabrera, Alex Gonzalez and Cliff Lee. These are top notch players who can’t seem to find a home. The Sox could have kept Cabrera and avoided all the SS issues they’ve had over the past six years…….Or they could have kept Gonzo for half of what they’re paying Scutaro…..

It would be nice to have some investigatgive reporting going on around here. It would be nice to find out how Youk, Pedroia and Ellsbury are doing with their injuries. I know none of them are doing baseball related stuff, but what’s going on with them.

Probably no surprise that I’m an AL guy and will be rooting for the Rangers! I was a big Lone Ranger fan too!!!

How will those young Texas hitters fare against Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez, and Bumgardner? I’ll be tuned to see!

I am so grateful for the updates surrounding the Red Sox through out the season and beyond. I live in New York and without this type blog it would be much more difficult to find things out. In that vain I am looking for some help reaching fellow baseball/Red Sox fans. I have just published a book chronicling my adventures of traveling to every mlb park (mostly following the Red Sox) and want to get the word out. I have a blog and website http://www.adventuresofabaseballfan.com where I am marketing the book, sharing photos and more about my adventures. I am considering a second book sharing stories from others about their travels. Anyone interested please visit the site to contact me. I am very proud of the Red Sox and look forward to next year!

This Farrell episode came from nowhere. I think as the Farrell story unfolds there are more questions to be answered. More intriguing was John Henry?s sending congratulatory email before the formal announcement has been made as if JH is in a hurry to get rid of Farrell. Who is the next one to go? What?s the inside scoop?

The loss of Farrell does not surprise me. He was due. He’s manager material. What does surprise me is the way its been handled. Henry gave very little personal feelings as if “great guy but go away.” I have no idea why? Was it Garry’s demand that we fire Farrell🙂

Yes, the way the matter was handled surprised me. JH couldn?t wait to drop JF like a hot potato. Not long ago Farrell turned down I forgot what team?s invitation for the managerial job and wanted to remain as a pitching coach. Truthfully I am not excited to see Farrell go but I am not unhappy about his leaving either. Let see how effective Francona can be without Farrell. Some one has to write an expose about Farrell’s departure.

The Indians have taken the place of the old Montreal Expos. As soon as they had to pay someone they lost them…kind of like the Rays too. The Expos had Tim Raines, Andre Dawson, Ellis Valentine, Pedro Martinez, Vladimar Guerrerro, Orlando Cabrera, Randy Johnson, Warren Cromartie and a slew of others I am sure I have forgotten. Although they were not all in the same time frame and Randy Johnson was not yet known…they sure let a lot of talent go away! Their fan attendance was worse than Tampa’s so that was a factor. If the Sox don’t wake up and sign Victor that will be a bad thing. That’s scary. It’ll be interesting and Theo has a lot to prove. He can’t keep operating like he is right now…he’s trying to hit a gold mine with a lucky pick-up so he looks smart and it’s not working. Get some proven talent and move on. Spend the $$$$$$ wisely and quit throwing it away….then you’ll look smart. I was a huge Theo homer but he has worn me out. Go Sox!

Unless Farrell retains the guy in Toronto now, 60% of the AL East will have new pitching coaches. Eiland is not coming back in NY.

Well, Garry, looks like you got your wish, as Farrell has moved on. I suppose I am with Andy– neither excited, nor disappointed, that Farrell is gone, largely because I don’t know that the next guy is going to be that much better (or worse). I’ll be interested to see who the next guy will be, but I am not so sure the philosophy Farrell used will change. If not, we could be seeing the some of the same issues crop up.
As far as the Indians are concerned, that is an impressive list of folks who have, at one time or another, been with the team. The team that seems comparable to me, letting that much talent go through its system only to see it leave, is the Florida Marlins. It was like the Marlins were the farm team for the rest of baseball– once they “proved themselves” and won a WS (both in 97 and 03), they were shipped out to those who’d pay them.
One other thing on Orlando Cabrera. I wish we’d signed him after 04, and not started the SS carousel. Brian has mentioned, though, that if we had signed him and hadn’t gotten the draft pick instead, that we would not have had Jacoby Ellsbury–at least not the way we got him.
GO SOX, 2011!

Here’s a late afternoon laugh:
Cliff Lee’s Wife Offended By Yankees Fans
By Tim Dierkes [October 26, 2010 at 10:01am CST]

The famous ?W? Factor. What it comes down to is how much Lee cares about the loads of cash and contract years dumped on him. If $$$ is what Lee cares, he will be a Yankee.
Curt Young was interviewed for the pitching coach job. Wonder if Dave Eiland is on the list of candidates. lol.

I think the reason the Farrell signing came out here before Toronto is there were more things to do in Toronto before announcing the signing-mainly the retention of last years pitching coach Bruce Walton & second the retention of Brian Butterfield who was last years infield guru and 3rd base coach.

Our new GM-Alex Anthopoulos is significantly different than our old one and refuses to announce or leak anything until it’s totally completed-a refreshing difference…I must tell you, the initial moves made by Farrell in retaining these guys and they way he did it shows excellent management capabilities on his part. Of course, all that means is he’s off to a good start…

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