Hit me with any and all questions

With the Hot Stove season getting ready to start in full force once the World Series ends, I’m going to resume Red Sox in-box, which means I want any questions you have for possible inclusion in the next entry.

My plan is to run an in-box — or mailbag as some of you might know it as — each Monday during the off-season. It might run on other days certain weeks, but for consistency sake, I will mostly try to keep it as a Monday feature.

To get the ball rolling, please e-mail any questions you have, and include your first name, last initial and hometown, to the following e-mail address: redsoxinbox@yahoo.com



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I think this is a great idea. One thing I am looking to find out is how to reach more Red Sox fans. I just published a book chronicling my adventures of traveling to every Major League Baseball park (mostly following the Red Sox) and want to share it with other Red Sox fans. I have a website http://www.adventuresofabaseballfan.com where I am marketing my book but also sharing pictures and more stories about my travels. I am interested in gathering information for a possible follow up book to include stories from other fans. Any one interested in can go to the website and contact me from there! I look forward to seeing what is going on with the Red Sox in the off season and to an exciting 2011 season!

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