Big Papi is back

The Red Sox ended all of the suspense with more than 10 hours before tonight’s midnight deadline, revealing that they intend to pick up David Ortiz’s $12.5 million club option.

Considering the market for DH’s, and what Vladimir Guerrero and Hideki Matsui signed for last year, the case could clearly be made that Ortiz would have signed for less than $12.5 million if he became a free agent. But it’s a good business move by the Red Sox. Ortiz was not a free agent. By exercising the option, the Red Sox made sure of that, eliminating any chance he can play for another team in 2011.

General manager Theo Epstein was pretty candid in saying that Ortiz’s legacy and impact on the franchise played a role in the club taking on an option that was perhaps a little above market value.

When you look at the numbers Ortiz put up in 2010 — 32 homers, 102 RBIS and an .899 OPS — it looks like he still has something left in the tank. If the Red Sox had declined the option, perhaps they could have gotten him back at a lower rate. But they also would have been forced to negotiate with any other team that might have had interest.

This way, they guarantee that the relationship continues with one of the most impactful players the team has had in recent years.


The purchase of David Ortiz is mystifying to me. He can’t run, he can’t field and he can’t hit to the left side (e.g. to the opposite field) and he certainly isn’t a team player. He has a large ego and has far too much expectations of him than he can possibly deliver.
However, from David’s point of view, he can’t run, he can’t field so who would want him at his age at that salary level? Answer -> Apparently the Red Sox. David also chose a short term goal vs. long term security. If I were him, I would have ran to the first team that gave me a four year contract at a decent salary vs. a one year deal. I think both sides lost. Ortiz isn’t getting any younger or more humble.
Let us not forget the loss of Sparky Anderson. While I learned of him from the Red’s years, my years in Michigan gave me an intimate look at Sparky as part of the Tigers organization. He came across as a tireless worker and always optimistic of the team. It’s too bad he died so relatively young. I’m glad the family decided to keep the details out of the public eye. I want to remember his life not his death.

Theo is not interested in the K extenion. Let’s take one year at a time which makes Big Papi the highest paid DH. That’s Henry’s $$.
I don’t see the point of acquiring Brent (what’s his last nme) from the Tigers to back up Scutaro? We have Jose Iglesia. I know it doesn’t cost much.
It’s time for Theo to shop at the Bloomingdale and Saks Fifth Avenue, not at the Filene’s Basement, nothing personal against some of us who shop at the FB. lol.

According to an article in the Boston Globe, Big Papi’s signing was as much a business decision based on the organization not the team. In other words, David Ortiz brings in headlines and is newsworthy and someone the fans enjoy watching so, despite his weakening years, he draws in a crowd and that’s why they paid him.
In addition, giving him a lower salary would imply Ortiz being unhappy and complaining to the press when they need Ortiz to present the Sox in a positive light. Now Ortiz will play hard and be paid well and will bring in the headlines and perhaps help the Sox image.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

To all the Veterans who read this blog: Enjoy your day, you deserve it. Thanks.

I hope Theo has finished shopping at Filene’s Basement. I don’t see the point of acquiring Andrew Miller, a lefty reliever for a lefty reliever with comparable ERA. What do I know?
Theo, bring your shopping cart to Bloomingdale’s and get Beltre and V-Mart or at least one of them.

Theo’s at it again!
Let’s see, a reliever with an above 5 ERA and who has control problems??? YES!!! Just what we need! Welcome aboard Andrew Miller.

Oh boy,
Well we do have a great pitching coach now but once again Elmer Fudd Epstein is hard at work “improving” the team. I understand Sylvester the cat and Tweetie Bird are also on the free agent market. Go Theo!
I say don’t waste your time with Beltre. Once his pockets are filled he won’t care at all. This was all a sales job from Scott Boras on that one year contract and Beltre knows where the money strings are. I’m sure a lot of teams will dump money on Beltre only to get a mediocre player. Consider Jason Bay and his long term contract. In fairness to Jason, the Mets ballpark is unsuited to his style of hitting and his season ending injury was sad news.

I don’t know that the trade for Andrew Miller will be a good one, but I don’t see a big problem with the trade. Dustin Richardson was not exactly setting the Red Sox relief corps on its ear, so the trade seems to be, at worst, a wash. If so, he will likely be released the same way that Schoenweis ultimately was. But perhaps he’ll be a workhorse like Atchison was. (I am glad to see we are likely to keep Atch on board– if he does as well as he did last year, I’ll be happy). I hope Miller can do likewise– perhaps he’ll be a nice surprise. And hey, he is on the south side of 30, like Hermida was– perhaps he’ll fare better than Hermida did.
Which brings me to Beltre. Yeah, I think we’ll re-sign him, and I don’t think that is a bad thing. I do wish, however, that we could have his bat without his glove. He certainly earned that Silver Slugger Award, props to him. I would hope, though, that he has figured out that he doesn’t have to make EVERY catch on the left side of the field. (Make more of the routine plays, please, Adrian.) We might keep our players healthier that way. Just sayin’…

Could be that they acquired Miller as a trade piece. I saw that Toronto is looking for a lefty reliever and word is that the RedSox are interested in getting John Buck (catcher). Who knows??…
But anyway, the off season should be an interesting one!!!

Dave, your concerns about Beltre not playing hard once he gets his big contract certainly have merit considering human nature; how could we expect him to put in the same effort when he is set for life? On the other hand, I have noticed that people will work hard and be competetive no matter if they are being paid or not if it is in their nature to do so. Beltre has shown that he hustles on every play, that’s his way of playing and I doubt it will change even when he gets the big payoff.

I see the Sox claimed Taylor Buchholz.
When he was with the Rockies in ’08 he was their 8th inning guy and he was very very good; he threw strikes and got outs. If he can come back to his old pre-surgery form he will be a great addition to the bullpen.

Oh great, Taylor Buchholz relieves Clay Buchholz in the 8th and spoils Clay’s shutout by surrendering a leadoff HR by Lugo.
Is there a pitcher names Jon Lester or similar name? If so let Theo know.

Not to mention, Arnie, that we could have “The Buch Twins” (Clay and Taylor) pitching in the same game. CBuch and TBuch… hmmm…
Hopefully, he’ll be a good addition to the BP. Or, as Ellen mentioned, perhaps he and/ or Miller could be trade bait. I would hope that we’d get a BP arm in return, though, if we do trade any of them. We have our hands full already with re-stocking the BP.

I see that the RedSox have claimed Taylor Buchholz.. (same spelling of the last name as Clay-boy, but no relation, I’ve discovered)
I think that a packaged trade could be in the works. Hmmmm, Taylor Buchholz and Andrew Miller plus who???? Things could be brewing on the Hot Stove!

If the Sox trade for John Buck….does Victor Martinez have the skills to play first base for an entire season? That would be awesome because then the 2 year plan kicks in. 2012…..Buck at C, Gonzalez at 1B and Martinez DH and no Papi for 2012. That would be nice. It could happen if Martinez could plug the hole at 1B for one year. That of course could only happen if the Sox pick up Buck or something equivalent and Martinez could handle 1B. I know….way off base for a 2 year plan but that’s why I like the hot stove. My mind is allowed to wander!!!! I also would love to see a healthy Jed Lowrie for 2011. I think he is hands down a better option than Scatterthrow. Go Sox.

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