Best of Boras

One of the annual events at the Winter Meetings has become the State of
Scott Boras address. It usually isn’t planned ahead, it just sort of
happens. Today, the circumstances were ripe. Boras was at the press
conference announcing the signing of Carlos Pena with the Cubs, so the
assembled reporters gathered with him in the hall once that was over.

discussed the latest on free agent clients Adrian Beltre, Magglio
Ordonez and Rafael Soriano, while also talking about Prince Fielder’s
uncertain future, and a lot more. Here is a sampling.

“Well that’s a very busy market for Adrian. We’re in the middle of lot
of negotiations with a lot of teams for him and they’re ongoing. “

Angels are a team that could be a fit for Beltre, and Boras maintains
— contrary to recent reports — that his client still has interest in
the Oakland Athletics.

Magglio:”Actually we had a workout
today with Magglio where he got a chance to illustrate where his
baseball abilities were at, just to show he’s 100 percent. That took
place this morning. Teams got to see that. I really don’t know [how
many teams] because I haven’t gotten the report. I know that Detroit
was there for sure.”

The Red Sox are a team that could compete with the Tigers for the services of Magglio Ordonez.

“The closer market is always an interesting one in the sense that teams
never ever want anyone to know that they’re interested in a closer.
Mainly because there are few closers who are the sure 90 percent
closers available and they never get to free agency. It’s almost like a
dynamic where you don’t want anyone to know in your organization that
the candidates you have to be a closer are not efficient for the role
because you may end up with them. unlike starters, because there are
five of them. Clubs I think are very cautious about interest in closers
because it has such an impact on those who may have to do the job if
they in fact don’t get the contract with the closer that’s a free

Prince: “I can’t really address that. I think
that, in each situation, a general manager has got to look at the
probability and whether the ownership wants the player to stay vs. the
prospects and/or draft picks they may get. In each scenario, it really
depends on the judgments of the variables given to the general manager.
sometimes ownership gets to reflect on what goes on in the marketlplace
and they may evaluate their positions on what they want to do with
their existing players. We’ve certainly, had discussions last year.
Doug and I met at the GM Meetings. We continue to talk. Whether mark
and I are going to sit down, I don’t know. Doug and I are going to have
meetings further about prince’s short term and potentially long-term

Fielder is eligible for free agency at the end of
the season and Adrian Gonzalez, who was just traded to the Red Sox, is
likely to sign a contract worth roughly $154 million over seven years.

Strasburg: He
began his rehab oh, a month and a half, two months ago. Working out
every day. Our Sports fitness people are working with him daily. He’s
well into … the doctors say it’s obviously going to be the middle of
next year before he’s going to be looking to get back to things.

There was a bit of controversy about Strasburg’s mechanics following the revelation he had to have surgery.

think we’re going to leave that to the Washington Nationals. There’s a
lot of things that have been said. But we’ve been through the Tommy
John situation with a  whole host of pitchers in my career. To suggest
when you’re a young thrower with all that ability, to determine when
that occurred or why that occurred … certainly the medical staff has,
with the certainty that many prognosticators have placed out there,
they’re not quite so certain that’s the case.”

Manny Ramirez: “Manny
has certainly told me we’re out looking for a one-year contract. But
remember, too, that this is Manny Ramirez. We’re talking about a
contract that certainly will have incentives in it. But I think there
are short-term contracts for players, and there are short-term
contracts for players who have a historical history of being a great
player like Manny.  We found out Manny had some medical maladies that
had to be surgically repaired in the offseason, that we did not know
about and that he played with during the season. I think it had a
pretty big impact on his performance. He’s ready to go. he’s a guy
that’s got his full health. Obviously, he’s looking for a situation
that allows him to DH and play a bit, that he really thinks will aid
him to stay in the batter’s box.”

Carlos Beltran:  Carlos
is doing well. obviously having gone through his surgery early in the
season last year helped him. His return to play, he’s doing fine. He’s
working out with a conditioning plan daily. His plan right now is to be
a New York met. He has a no trade clause. If anything were brought to
him, I think it would depend on what the situation were. I would say
certainly now that his expectation would be to be a Met next year.”
The Red Sox have had least had mild discussions with the Mets about Beltran.

has a no-trade clause, so whatever decisions that he and Jessica make
are going to be around the idea that any other information will come
forward. I can only say that’s something the Mets would have to bring
to Carlos. To date, Carlos’ plan is to be a Met, because he does
control whether he is a Met or not. For those reasons, unless something
unforeseen happens, I would say he will be a Met.”

Johnny Damon:
“I think Johnny’s open to playing on winning teams. He definitely wants
to be a part of an organziation that’s got a chance to do something. I
think any club that he feels has a chance to win, he’d be interested


Did Bore *** speak today all I heard was blah blah… this team wants Beltre blah blah… Prince is worth blah blah… Strasburg is doing good his mechanics are blah blah… Damon wants to play for a winner (who doesnt) Theo stay away from the head case called Boras and his hyped up clients…. BTW did I say I didnt like Boras… Just my 2 cents


Boras blew smoke up everyones borass today (what else is new) I agree its his job as their agents to hype them up… With the exception of Beltre they’ve all crested the hill and are on such a down slide… Beltre may be the only one to play a full season, and i doubt even he’ll be able to duplicate last years numbers… ZAZU’s down slide will be faster than his jog to first.., All these years and now he moves fast go figure… Tom

Theo is closing in on getting the Sox back up to speed. He needs to sign Crawford for left field and move Cameron to the broadcast booth. Then he MUST get 5 good bullpen pitchers. And no more signing guys out of the nursing home or psych ward, get some real pitchers this winter.

Theo……fisrt of all Boreass is not going to say that any of his players are not healthy…..second of all…step away from Ordonez…he can’t stay on the field and we had our share of that last year. Stay the course…..Go Sox!

I’m glad I didn’t eat dinner before I read this article otherwise I would have hurled. The spin on Manny was desperate and Johnny Damon wasn’t that far behind. Boras’s players sound like the second hand rack.

Dave, PFC (“Par For the Course”) for Bornass– he’s simply blowing smoke again. I don’t expect anything else. The fact that he can say some of these things with a straight face just makes for some comedy: “I think Johnny is open to playing on winning teams”. REALLY??? Well said, Sherlock– DOH!πŸ˜‰
Ellen, I second Arnie from the last thread– you are OK, right? This is not an impostor speaking?πŸ˜‰

I do think that Beltre and Soriano will do well for themselves. Beltre does seem to be waiting for a “better offer” that may not come, though. I am marvelling that Beltre did not accept the offer from the tight-fisted A’s.

The Rays dismantling continues. Carlos Pena to the Cubs, Jason Bartlett to the Padres.

Dave, do you expect Bare-*** to say, “Zazu is an aging psychopath who still has some life in his bat.” Or, “Johnny Damon is a narcissist who’s way past his prime, but gosh darn it, he can help a team win!” Or, “Prince is in the cytokinesis stage of mitosis and will soon be TWO players so sign him now and get the second Prince free!!” (Little known fact: Prince Fielder is a vegetarian, so I hear. How does he get enough calories to maintain his girth?)

Checked one more time before I went to bed late here in Nevada….rumours are the Sox signed Crawford to 7 YR $142M….hope it’s true and hope they keep Ellsbury….Go Sox!!!

WOW! Gonzo AND Crawford! WOW! GO SOX!

Well you gotta admire the Sox for going all in — but I am not real fond of this move: (a) can’t tell the difference between the Yanks and the Sox now poaching the best players from other teams — but I guess you could argue he was going somewhere, so why not us (b) if we are willing to throw that kinda money around — why not go after Lee — Kalish and Nava were pretty good with the bat and both fast (c) don’t think Crawford has been that good in the post season in his three appearances — that concerns me.

I would have rather spent all our money on pitching, obviously bullpen, but even SP — we all know what it is like to ride a season out with Dice-K and Wakefiled as integral pieces.

I guess the Sox just buy value when they see it available — can’t argue with that. But I see Crawford as a Ray, would have been nice to leave him there, keep teams intact more. Oh well different era I suppose.

dgn: I,for one, am not going to look this gift horse in the mouth! If nothing else, this guy is no longer going to embarrass the Sox as he steals 8 bases a game against us Now he’ll be doing that for us! With Ellsbury healthy and Crawford also in the line up, how many bases are going to be stolen (and Pedey too!)?? To me that says a lot right there. As far as leaving Crawford as a Ray?, The Rays have the money to compete and have chosen not to. They have let three of their core leave or have traded them: Pena, Bartlett and Crawford.
I know that we need bullpen help but I believe that will too be taken care of.
Theo has done what we CRIED and SCREAMED for last season by going out and getting the bat(s). Who knows what these players will be like at the end of their respective contracts, but I believe that they will have gotten their moneys worth (although we all know that in the “real” world, NO ONE is worth this kind of money).
All the “experts” had Crawford going to the Angels and once again the experts have been proven wrong!
Welcome Carl Crawford!!
And Thank You Theo Epstein and company!

Hey Greg/Arnie, yes I’m okay, I guess I have just finally gotten over my “mad” about Trot, lol!!

ps: I really hope that Cliff Lee goes to the Rangers and the Yankees get closed out of this free agent season!!
I know that Lee realizes that even if the Rangers offer him a little less money than the Yankees, that there is NO STATE INCOME TAX in Texas as there is in N.Y. That in itself at his income level would be millions saved over the life of the contract!

Theo is on the roll. Get the bullpen fixed and the Sox are as good as the Yanks if not better. I see the AL East is back to the two team race. I don?t see the Rays can remain competitive w/o Crawford and Carlos Pena unless they acquire equal replacements.

I couldnt disagree more dg… The Redsox and Yankees are premier teams, you gotta spend money, to put a product on the field that will fill seats… As any die hard fan would want, RS fans want the best, demand the best, and settle for nothing but the best… Kalish & Nava are good ball players but you do have to get to the post season before you can be good in it… If I’m not mistaken there was no post season last year…. There wasnt even a 2nd place… The AL East does not guarentee a playoff berth by finishing 2nd and other teams are making moves now, you got to keep up with the Jones’ even if means over spending… The SP will right itself and I’m sure that Theo has other BP ideas… All I can say is Thank You Santa Theo, nothing better than a full stocking and good to know you’re finally paying attention to us… Just my 2 cents and my soap box lol…

Don’t get me wrong — I am grateful for these moves — my post sounded more negative than I meant it to be when I re-read it. And the seven year contract means that Theo and mgt are really trying to re-establish the team for years, so that is good thing as well. I just like baseball teams to retain their core and not get like the Yankees and every year go poach all the so-called best players. But as one of you mentioned above, in the AL east you have to, or you will get crushed by Yankees spending habit.

Also, its a very tall challenge to be strong at every position. Lets argue that somehow Theo does restock the bullpen as well this off season. How well have our SPs have done recently? Hmmm Beckett — off 2 years now, bad last year, hasn’t been good two years in a row since a SOX — has he?, Lackey — off last year, DiceK — definitely off 2 years, Wakefield — off since 2004 (in my book). We only had 2 of our six SPs with decent year long performances last year. I hope with all these new bats, the SPs show up this year, so we don’t have to win 8-6 and 12-10, etc. Lee will probably wind up with Yanks, so are lefties will have to deal with CC and Lee. Although Lee got beat twice by SF, in the WS, one time bad, so ya never know.

Point is SPs are not solid either as of yet. Given our SPs track record over the at least the past couple of years, wish we could get Lee or one more strong SP, even if not to keep him away from the Yanks.

DGN, how are you? Good to see you. If you were to go back to baseball in the 50’s and 60’s you find that the Yankees dominated then. Even then they had the most money, which gave them the opportunity to find and sign the good players and make trades to get more good players. The Sox have no choice but to compete with the NYY, the way baseball is set up now they have to go get an impact player or two. We all saw what happened last year when the Sox went the “pitching and defense” route.
After next year the Sox will have Crawford, Ellsbury and Kalish in the outfield. Pretty darn good if you ask me.

Yes absolutely true and absolutely grea.

That is three lefties in the outfield, yes? How many lefties in the lineup? Els, Crarwford, Drew/Kalish, Ortiz. Righties — Youk, Pedey, Scutaro. Switch hitters — Varitek, Salty, Lowrie. Guess That will probably work.

I really liked Nava (is he a leftie or switch hitter) — loved his swing. Hope he can make the team somehow.

We down to pitching now.

DGN, one thing we can’t say now with these moves is that we had “beginners luck”. Theo seems to have learned the lesson!πŸ˜‰ I, for one, didn’t think he’d pull the trigger! WAY TO GO, THEO!
You are right, though, that we still need to address the BP. Whether we do so with trades or via FA, I like what I am seeing– Theo ain’t playin’ around. (We can put that “bridge” talk to bed, thank goodness!) We might just have a solid BP by the time we’re done!
I like Nava a lot, also, as I do Kalish. I still like having one or more of them in our back pocket, if for nothing else, to slot into RF once JD moves on. Or, one or more of them might help us stock the BP in trades. We’ll see!

Now that the Sox picked up Crawford they seem to have an abundance of outfielders. They should probably hold on to Nava and Kalish and consider trading Cameron. Keeping the younger players gives them more future security in filling in for any injuries and as a replacement for Drew when he hangs it up next year. Couple Cameron with DiceK is probably their best option, particularly if they can pick up a good relief pitcher. Acquiring Gonzolez and Crawford offers any other free agents an incentive in coming with the Sox as a bonified WS contender. Sometimes that potential encourages free agents , in addition to salaries of course.

Phila — good point. Hadn’t thought about the momentum of attraction to come here with the A-Gonz and Crawford signings. Hmmm… I wonder if Damon or Manny can pitch? That would really help us in inter-league play (and in the post season) if our relief pitchers were really good with the bat!!!

Hey check this out for the holidays?

I wonder how many on this blog:
(1) Already own it
(2) Would buy it
(3) Would buy it from meπŸ™‚ ?

Barring injuries, Ryan Kalish our near future RF should get more work in AAA in 2011 and bring him up in September to qualify for the post season. Cameron and the lefty Nava should be pretty good come out of the bench. I guess the first impression is the lasting impression. Nava made a grand entry into the ML and since then is an average or adequate at best LF.
When is the last time the Sox have a predominantly starting LH lineup, 6 (5 +1 SH) out of 9?
Forget about Martin and spend the money on Down.

That’s a hilarious gift photo, DGN! I wonder how soon the toaster will imprint Carl Crawford’s or Gonzo’s likeness on the toast?πŸ˜‰

Now that he’s likely gone, do you think Beltre played harder for us cause it was his contract year? That seems to fit his trend:

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