Emptying the (e-) mail

With Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Dan Wheeler and Bobby Jenks (his deal is close to becoming official) now in the fold, I’m sure your outlook has changed quite a bit on the 2011 Red Sox since the last time I answered e-mails.

Here is your last chance to submit questions before the holiday break, so fire away with e-mails to redsoxinbox@yahoo.com, and I’ll get as many of them answered as I can over the next day or so. Look for this to be posted on redsox.com by Wednesday.

In the meantime, have a great holiday season. Thanks for your participation in the blog all year.


How comfortable are you starting the season with Salty & Tek doing the catching ? Are the powers to be still looking & who is available ?

Do you think the Sox will trade Papelbon now, perhaps for a proven major league shortstop? (Hanley Ramirez or Michael Young) I for one would hate too see him go, but if he’s gonna walk after the 2011 season why not get something for him besides draft picks?

Are the Sox thinking that they don’t need a lefty since they now have righties who pitch well against lefties?

The starting outfield looks set. Will Cameron be kept as a backup or will they go with one of the many options used last year.

Why is everyone all of a sudden so mad at Pap? Sure he had a down year but he is still an elite closer, why does everyone want him gone? Why is he talked about in trade rumors?

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