New Red Sox contract info

Here are some details regarding some of the recently-signed players by the Red Sox.

Dan Wheeler will make $3 million in 2011, and has a club option for 2012 that would pay him the same amount. Interestingly, that options automatically vests once Wheeler makes his 65th appearance in 2011. The option would increase to $3.25 million if he pitches in 70 games.

Carl Crawford’s deal is for $142,683,173 over the seven years. He will make $14 million in ’11, $19.5 in ’12, $20 million in ’13, $20.25 million in ’14, $20.5 million in ’15, $20.75 million in ’16 and $21 million in ’17. The deal came with a signing bonus of $6 million. Crawford gets $50,000 if he makes the All-Star team, $200,000 if he wins the MVP ($125,000 for second place, $100,000 for third place, $75,000 for fourth place, $50,000 for fifth place). He gets $100,000 if he wins the Gold Glove, $100,000 for the Silver Slugger, $100,00 for World Series MVP and $75,000 for the LCS MVP. Crawford can purchase six premium tickets to all home games, including Spring Training and postseason.

Matt Albers was signed for a one-year, $875,000 deal, $400,000 of which is guaranteed.

Jason Varitek’s $2 million deal includes $100,000 bumps at 60 games started behind the plate, 70 games started and 80 games.

I haven’t come across the exact details on Jenks’ deal yet, but will pass along when I get it.


Anyone know where they are in regards to the luxury tax now? They must be close…

>> Red Sox sign Beltre after all <<
In a stunning move the Red Sox managed to sign Adrian Beltre to a two hundred year deal. Scott Boras called it the contract of his dreams. The package, estimated at 4.5 trillion dollars with incentive, guarantees the free agent that his children will follow in his footsteps. It also guarantees that the US government sees this as a way to pay off the deficit if Andrian will be so generous.
‘With the talent of Adrian, ” said Theo. “We have assurances that his children and grandchildren will play at that level. I’s a long term deal and scouting reports of his daughter is already already showing great talent. Granted, there is a chance he might have more girls and that could pose a problem but Scott Boras assures us that it won’t happen. That was good enough for me because Scott’s a straight shooter. ”
Perhaps but the Sox now have a player that they can’t afford forcing changes at Fenway.
“Starting in 2011, hot dogs will cost $50.00 a piece and beer 2.1 million dollars for a glass. Samples are free. Box seats are $one billion dollars a piece while bleachers are still a deal at $600 dollars for fifteen minutes. Hot dogs are free if pre-eaten.”
The Sox may look different next year but will have a stellar team. Fans will not have loss of services but the night lights will be replaced by camp fires using wood from the stadium seats to save costs. Fans will have to bring their own chairs. Uniforms will change as well. The Sox will be using the plastic ponchos with a big “Sox” written with a Sharpie instead of uniforms to save on the budget.
In addition the entire farm club will be sold to Scott Boras corporation.
So what do you think fans of this awesome deal.

How do these guys survive on that kind of chump change?

Makes me wish that I was 30 years younger and could rethink my career choice. Can you imagine what they would pay the 1st female MLB’er??

p.s. I would hire Mike Lowell as my agent!!

What kind of commission would you give Mikey???

I believe that the terms of that transaction would have to remain private!! lol

Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas & a safe Happy New Year… 50 Days till pitchers and catchers report, Go Sox!!!


Merry Christmas everyone.

Everyone, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Holiday season! Wishing a happy 2011 for everyone, incl. the Sox!
I see that Brandon Webb agreed to terms with the Rangers. Good for Webb– I hope he has a rebound year. (Just not against us, in the opening series in TX)!😉

My prayers go out to the family as well.

Brian!!! Happy New Year. We were all wondering where you were hiding. How are things on the left coast??

Sad news with the passing of Bill LaJoie. Without Lajoie acting as g.m. while Theo E. was in his gorilla suit and following Pearl Jam around in South America, no Beckett ( he was the best starting pitcher back in 2007 ) and no Mike Lowell ( lead Boston in R.B.I.’s that year ) and of course Lowell was the MVP of the WS that year. The Red Sox have a title in 2007 and LaJoie played a big role that year! Condolences to the LaJoie family.

Hi Brian:
Finally came out of the cave. I case you don’t know, the Giants won the WS. JF is no longer the pitching coach. The Sox has acquired Carl Crawford, Bobby Jenks, Dan Wheeler, and traded for Gonzo. LOL.

Since the Sox are running that bit on Nava and rookies on their web page, the other (and perhaps my favorite) Cinderella Red Sox moment was Bobby Kielty getting one at bat in the 2007 WS against the Rockies (and does anyone remember whether it was one pitch as well?) and knocked it out of the park for the game and series clinching run for Boston. Were it not for NL league rules, he might not have gotten a single a bat in that series. But you can’t top what he did with that one at bat.

Were it not for bad timing with some injuries the following year, he might still be on the team. I wish we could get him back on the roster. I liked him. Everything about the guy and his family (from the little I could see during the post game) was a pretty good story.

Happy New Year to all!!!!
DGN, as far as I recall, it was one pitch, one home run for Kielty in the 07 WS. What a story! He was a good guy.

How goes it, DGN? I agree with you on Kielty– I wish he’d been re-signed, also. Theo probably deferred on re-signing him, getting a draft pick (I suspect). I liked Kielty a lot, and I think he’d have been an asset in 08, if not longer!

Tough to hear about Harmon Killebrew. Tough road ahead for him. Prayers to him!
Condolences and prayers, also, to Bill LaJoie’s family. I’m glad LaJoie played the role he did in building our 07 WS team! GO SOX!

It appears that Oki will rejoin us after all. He signed up for one more year instead of returning to Japan, so it appears. I hope he can regain his form from previous years, otherwise he may have some competition. GO SOX!

Hi all! The ball’s fixing to drop in NY. The irony about that is that NY dropped the ball already! Everyone that I encounter (while wearing Sox gear) here in Texas says, “watch out, the Sox are for REAL!” I just smile and agree. Yankee fans are amazingly glum these days and the Ranger fans I’m surrounded by are just happy to have the title “American League Champs” for a year. I have gone as far as to let them know that the AL Champ will come from the AL East in 2011. Smile and cross your fingers, Nation! Happy New Year!

Hey, Jim! Happy New Year to you, and to everyone!
Jim, are you going to any of the Red Sox- Rangers games that open the season in Arlington?

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1…………………..i can absolutely say this will be my most anticipated year as a 40 somethin year old sox fan….i wont be shocked when the sox win 115 games in the toughest div by far in all of baseball….beckett will have a resurgent yr and lead the team in wins….lester will be a beast along with buchy….pedey and yuke comming back from injuries will rip the cover off the ball ….our defense will be the league best …and i will only have to wait this year for nancy to hit the rd…maybe the perpetually injured player will actually do somethin in a contract year or finally just give up and retire….either way im happy….ive been personally begging for agon for 3 yrs now so u all know how i feel on that note…and now i can cheer for crawman instead of curse him…someone please pinch me… dreaming rt?…..eeeeooooow….ok ellen i didnt mean literally….lol….have a wonderful new year everyone!…..its gonna be biblical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..JUDGE

Happy New Year! Oki is possibly a low risk high reward signing. Hope CY can turn him around. Oki still has to compete with other 2 or 3 LH relievers (Rich Hill, Andrew Miller) for a spot in the bullpen. Last year between Oki and Pap they blew 9 games (?). But again I don’t think the Sox could beat the Rangers in the playoffs. It was a blessing in disguise.

Happy New Year everyone.

I wonder if their are any restrictions to sign a young superstar for a fraction of the club ownership e.g., .0001%.? That way the player, since he is now part owner, is signed for life. It may be cheaper in the long run.

Glad to read of all of the Sox great signings. The Sox just might have turned themselves into the Yankees. All of that money for Carl Crawford. Way to go Sox. And the AL East the best division in baseball? Pleeeaasseee! The entire AL with the DH plays a game which more resembles an arcade attraction than a sport. Whack-a-ball anyone?

Happy New Year to all!! Only 42 (?, I think) days till p’s and c’s report. Can’t wait for the 2011 season to begin!!

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