Gonzalez set for tee ball

Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, who had right shoulder surgery over the winter, has been cleared to start swinging a bat.

Gonzalez hit off the tee on Monday, and will do again for the next two days, and the team will evaluate the next step after that.

The slugger will have no problem at all being ready for Opening Day and is, in fact, ahead of schedule.

Here was the statement issued by the Red Sox:

“Adrian reported to Spring Training in excellent condition after working with the team training staff this offseason.  He was evaluated on Friday (February 18) at the time of his Spring Training physical examination by the team’s medical staff.  At that time, he was noted to have full range of motion, no tenderness, and excellent strength.  Based upon this examination, Medical Director Dr. Tom Gill spoke with Dr. Altchek yesterday, who performed the surgery, and it was agreed that Adrian could begin hitting off of a tee. Adrian will continue to work with Head Athletic Trainer Mike Reinold and the team’s training staff to work on his shoulder rehabilitation program, while incorporating more baseball specific activity as his progression allows.”


Did you see the headline? “Drew Bites tongue while meeting with umpires”
I wonder if he will end up on the DL?

How much longer until they actually start to play some games?
We need to get this blog going. With the moves that Theo made this winter I think it would be really difficult not to be just about jumping out of one’s skin with excitement. Judge is ready to explode with anticipation. Can’t wait!!!

Go Sox !!!!!!!!

i reached the blowin point 4 times so far…..lol…someone take the ball and someone step up tp the bloody plate…judge

4 days until first ST game, Arnie! Let’s rev up!
You’re right, Arnie– we need to get the blog going. I think we’re too busy bouncing off the walls to sit still enough to type!😉
Good to hear that Gonzo is about on schedule with his shoulder. I’m looking forward to seeing him put some holes in the Monstah!
JD on the DL? Sounds like “PFC–Par for the Course”! We have RF covered, if so.

Did JD’s meeting with the umps include Joe West?

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